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Summoners War: Chronicles Guide: List of all the Ravens in the game

Best Ravens in Summoners War: Chronicles!

Summoners War: Chronicles is set to release its next monster on December 7th, 2022. Raven will be the newest and first exclusive monster in Summoners War Chronicles. Certain elements of this monster appear to be key in helping defeat the newest raid monster Naraka; like the Pioneer that was released for the Elite: White Shadow Castle raid. Here’s a complete guide on Ravens in Summoners War Chronicles.

List of all Ravens in Summoners War: Chronicles

1. Fire Raven: Karambit

Karambit is the only Raven that doesn’t appear to have any form of crowd control. However, according to the KR version of Summoners War: Chronicles, all of his skills will ignore beneficial effects on the target and deal damage through any reinforcing effects.

Summoners War: Chronicles Ravens
Image via Com2us

This includes Karambit’s auto attack. His main stats appear to be based on both Attack Speed and Evasion, making him the perfect assassin. If Summoners War: Chronicles NA follows suit with the KR version, Karambit will be available in the monster storybook after the update. 

2. Water Raven: Rondel

The water Raven is an assassin-type unit that excels in CC while reducing its cooldown. Rondel inflicts frostbite onto targets both slowing their movement and attack speed. These CC abilities make him great for the new Naraka raid as well as other areas of the game such as Forgotten Earth Shrine and Lava Cave as well as the Arena.

Karambit Water Rvaen
Image via Com2us

Runes should vary based on his use from Damage, and Evasion to Swift sets. Rondel appears to be very versatile. 

3. Wind Raven: Khukuri

Khukuri seems like he could be built into the ultimate assassin. Not only does he increase his evasion but also inflicts the increased damage taken debuff onto his enemies.

Summoners War: Chronicles Ravens
Image via Com2us

In addition, his skills have a defense penetration aspect to them. While his kit does contain a root CC skill, many opinions from his release in the KR version of Summoners War: Chronicles state that he is very underwhelming compared to the other elements. Khukuri can be a powerful monster, but unlike most, it will take much more investments in both runes, effect stones, and enchantments.

4. Light Raven: Laguiole

The light Raven can be a bit overwhelming. His currently released version in Korea has mixed opinions. Many say his skills leave little customization to the monster as a whole. Laguiole does have a stun skill, meaning he could potentially be good in the new Naraka raid.

Image via Com2us

However, it appears to only stun one target. Laguiole’s skills look to be based on his HP ratio. If his health is above a certain percentage, his attack will either buff himself or inflict status effects onto the enemy. While still an assassin-type monster, his skills could potentially have him fill other roles if runes are selected correctly.

5. Dark Raven: Jamadhar

Although Jamadhar is a hard monster to acquire. He appears to be one of the strongest Ravens. After his five-star awakening, Jamadhar gains a passive that allows him to heal a certain amount per hit if his attack deals a certain amount of damage.

Summoners War: Chronicles Ravens
Image via Com2us

His survivability at this stage is very high if run correctly for high damage. Jamadhar also has a Stun as well as several other debuffs such as heal down and HP destruction. If powered up enough Jamadhar can fit into any scenario.

Final Thoughts

All and all, the Ravens will be a great addition to the already vast monster collection Summoners War: Chronicles has to offer. Each raven has its strengths and weaknesses, but all have their uses when run and enhanced correctly.

What are your thoughts on our Ravens guide in Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below!

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