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Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters Tier List for November 2022

Choose from only the best monsters of this month!

Summoners War: Chronicles is a new RPG open-world game that belongs under the Summoners War Universe. The Universe consists of three other Summoners War games which are thus interconnected and have a great fanbase. The game comes along with so many companions which are called Monsters that fight alongside the main Summoners and help them to conquer the victory. Fret not, we have summarized the monsters from Summoners War: Chronicles according to their strengths in this Tier List.

As the game has a lot of Monsters, it’s obvious for that beginners to get confused about them. Thus follow up the Tier List and get to know about the Monsters in detail so that you can use them respectively along with the Summoners.

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters Tier List for November 2022

Summoners War Chronicles has more than 150 Monsters which are thus categorized into further Tiers. Remember that every monster belongs to all types of powers; that is Dark, Light, Water, Fire, and Wind. Thus, players can summon the monster they love with the exact type of power they want. This Tier List is divided into categories of SS, S, AB, and C.

Overpowered (SS)Monkey King,
Polar Queen,
Occult Girl,
Panda Warrior,
Dessert Queen,
Pirate Captain,
Kobold Bomber,
Beast Monk,
Sky Dancer,
Magic Knight,
Strong (S)Penguin Knight, 
Mystic Witch,
High element,
Battle Mammoth,
Martial Cat,
Cow Girl,
Imp Champion,
Epikion Priest
Good (A)Fairy, 
Living armor,
Grim Reaper,
Charger Shark,
Fair (B)Maned boar,
Monster Flower,
Skull Soldier,
Mischievous bat,
Battle Scorpion,
Surprise box
Weak (C)Forest Keeper,
Horned Frog,
Low elemental 
Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters Tier List

Best Meta Monsters from each class for Summoners War: Chronicles in November 2022

Warrior Class – Monkey King

Warrior class monsters are the best frontline attackers in the game. These companions go to the frontline along with the Summoners. They are best to be used with Healer and Mage class Summoners as the Summonbers provide the best set of support where the Companion fights easily at the frontline. 

Image via Com2uS

The Fire-type Monkey King is the best Warrior class monster in the entire game. The Monster has one of the best sets of ATK and DEF skills. The rage skills used by Fire-type Monkey King are just extraordinary. The Fire stick used by the Monster provides him the extra potential of power that helps him to take down enemies easily.

Knight Class – Chimera

Knight Class monsters are mostly considered as the second frontline fighter that goes up to provide physical support to the Warrior class heroes. These class heroes also have some similar stats just like the Warrior class heroes.

Image via Com2uS

The Water-type Chimera is one of the best Knight Class monsters present in the game. The hero flies along with the Warrior class heroes and fights with its extraordinary powers against the enemies. The Water-type raged skills help Chimera and the Summoners to take down the enemies and claim a victory over the stage of the story.

Assassin Class – Archangel

Assassin class monsters are the best silent killer and a nightmare for the enemy troops. These class heroes get into the enemy troop and just clean it up from the root. They have the best set of stealth and DEF powers. 

Image via Com2uS

The Dark type Archangel is undoubtedly the best Assassin. The hero has immense stealth mode and the best sets of raged skills. Archangels are also known for their physical strengths. The best part is that Archangels can play the role of a knight and an assassin all together at the same time. 

Mage Class – Polar Queen 

The extraordinary magical spells from the Mage class monsters help the Summoners and other companions to move up into the frontline and fight against the villains. These companions just cast their spells and create an illusional scenario for the antagonists.

Image via Com2uS

The Fire-type Polar Queen is the best Mage-class monster among all the Monsters. The special spells cast by her over the battlefield just manifest the enemies and create an advantageous situation for their fellow mates. She lacks ATK and DEF skills a lot but has the best sets of Rage skills that can even hallucinate the best Warrior class monsters as well. 

Support Class – Occult Girl

Support class monsters are well known for their long-distance attacks that help the frontline monsters and the Summoners to fight against the villains with more ease. These sets of attacks let the enemies deal a lot of damage and thus frontline fighters get into a huge margin of profit.

Image via Com2uS

The Water-type Occult girl is the best Support class monster so far in the Universe of Summoners War Chronicles. The tiny little girl jumps over the area and throws up her powers, weakens down the enemies, and helps the Summoner and the other companion to snatch away the victory. She has the best sets of range attacks which are so extraordinary while getting combined with the manipulation of Water. 

Archer Class – Ifrit

Archers are one type of Support class monsters only. The only difference is that they act as the sniper of the team and help to take down the distant enemy that is involved in weakening the Summoner and Warrior/Knight class monsters

Image via Com2uS

The Fire type Ifrit is the best Archer class monster and has the best aim so far. It is best placed at a distance from the enemy troops as it cannot deal much damage from the enemies. They help to take down the sniper of the opposite side and thus help the frontline fighters to fight with ease while dealing with a lot of damage.

What do you think about this Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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