Age of Empires Mobile Hero Tier List for April 2024

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Age of Empires: Mobile, a thrilling strategy game provided by Level Infinite that plunges you into the heart of ancient civilizations, epic battles, and conquests. As you lead your empire to glory, assembling a formidable lineup of heroes is crucial for success. In this Age of Empires Mobile Hero Tier List, we’ll explore the variety of heroes in the game, offering tips to help you build a strong team for success in battles.

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Age of Empires Mobile Tier List for April 2024: Best Heroes Ranked

To simplify things, we’ve categorized the heroes into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This helps players understand each hero’s capabilities and build a formidable team. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Strong (S)Leonidas I,
Hua Mulan,
Joan of Arc,
Darius the Great,
King David,
Harald III,
Rani Durgavati,
Frederick Barbarossa
Queen of Sheba
Sun Tzu,
Philip IV,
Justinian the Great,
Good (A)Attila the Hun,
Miyamoto Musashi,
Constantine the Great,
Richard I,
Guan Yu,
King Arthur
Julius Caesar
Yi Sun-Shin,
Queen Seondeok,
Suleiman I,
Cleopatra VII
Average (B)Kaso,
Wu Wei,
Cui Ruyi,
Gao Meng,
Li Daoxun,
Yuan Xia

Best Heroes in Age of Empires Mobile for April 2024

Best Warrior Hero – Leonidas I

Leonidas I stands out as one of the best heroes in Age of Empires Mobile for several reasons. His skills are impressive, particularly the Vigilance, which allows for immediate counterattacks and inflicts significant damage when normal attacks strike.

Age of Empires Mobile Leonidas I
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, Unyielding Soul enhances counterattack damage, especially as troops diminish. His Firm Strike skill damages multiple enemy troops, making him formidable in battles. Overall, I think Leonidas I is a must-have hero for winning battles, especially for beginners.

Best Marshal Hero – Cid

With a versatile skill set, I can say that Cid is one of the top heroes in Age of Empires Mobile. His Infuriation ability deals damage to enemies while boosting my might. His Armor Piercer reduces enemy heroes’ armor, increasing their vulnerability to attacks.

Age of Empires Mobile Cid
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, Patriotism lets Cid deal extra damage to slowed enemies, maximizing his offensive capabilities. Lastly, Anthem of the Knight slows enemy movement, reduces their healing, and decreases damage taken. These skills make Cid invaluable in battles, whether against barbarians or other players.

Best Tactician Hero – Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu proves to be one of the best heroes in Age of Empires Mobile, and I can attest to his skill set. With his Boulder Trap skill, he lays down a tactical advantage by damaging enemy troops after a charging phase. Deception amplifies his offensive prowess by inflicting strategy damage on enemies.

Age of Empires Mobile Sun Tzu
Image via Level Infinite

Furthermore, his The Way of War ability not only inflicts damage but also extends the Ultimate Strategist state, enabling sustained damage output. Additionally, Strategy Cuts Deeper enhances its dominance by dealing damage and granting the Ultimate Strategist state.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this hero tier list offers insights to help you build effective teams and succeed in battles. Remember that strategies and preferences vary, so adjust your choices accordingly. By understanding each hero’s strengths and weaknesses, you can create a powerful team tailored to your playstyle.

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