Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide and Tips

You have been invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion!

The murder mystery action genre has brought a distinct taste for casual gamers who like to train their brains while spending their free time online with close ones. With two successful games, Zooba and Tennis Clash, this time Wildlife Studios released another game that is Suspects: Mystery Mansion. The game is based on a similar concept as Among Us but Suspects: Mystery Mansion came with some unique features, making this game more exciting and enjoyable to the players.  Refer to this Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide for tips, tricks, and strategies to be an expert player in the game.

Gameplay Overview

suspects: mystery mansion guide
Suspects: Mystery Mansion

This game invites you to solve a murder mystery at the mansion! You will play with 9 other real-time players as you try to find the killers’ identity. Complete tasks to get closer to the killer. Any suspicious movement by anyone can be subject to discussion throughout the rounds. Using the integrated voice chat feature, players will discuss everything they saw and know. Who might be the killer, whose movement was suspicious, what they were doing, etc Then, by voting, they will try to find the killer and kick him out of the mansion to win the game.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Suspects: Mystery Mansion has different game modes and ranking systems to bring a competitive feel. New skins, tasks, and other things are regularly updated to keep the game in the race. Today in this article, we will cover some guides to help you do great when playing.

1. First things first: complete your tasks

When playing as a guest, you sure don’t want to give more time to the killer. So, complete your tasks as quickly as you can to put the killer in a rush situation. He’ll start making mistakes then and you can throw him out. Divide the tasks among everyone to get them complete quickly.

2. Avoid getting distracted by others

Always judge the situation by your intelligence. The killer is hiding as a guest and he will try to make everyone confused to clear his path towards winning. Don’t listen to others completely and don’t trust anyone. Place your vote based on what have you observed and what you feel.

suspects mystery mansion gameplay
Suspects: Mystery Mansion gameplay

3. Do not follow other players

It’s the killers’ job to follow guests and kill them. Imagine you’re playing as a guest but you’re following other players. They won’t know if you are a guest or a killer. Some might feel paranoid and report you as the killer that can cost a lot by getting kicked out. Just avoid roaming around and focus on completing your tasks

4. You can be useful as a ghost

Getting yourself killed will let you know who is the killer. But if you tell it, you just ruined the game. Don’t talk over after dying. You can still complete your unfinished tasks and help your partners to win the match.

in game voice -chat
In-game voice chat

5. Unlock higher roles: Vigilante and Inspector

Players can unlock these two features after achieving a certain IQ point. Inspector can analyze and discern the movement of the killer. Vigilante has the power to kill the killer! Use these two special powers effectively. Never reveal your identity when you are an inspector, or the killer might come after you next. If you are a vigilante and kill anyone who is not a killer, then you got killed instead. So, always be sure before deciding. A faulty one might cause losing the game.

6. Don’t kill in front of others

When you are a killer, killing someone in front of others will end in getting kicked out of the playfield. Use your common sense and kill only when no one is around.

killer and player
Suspects: Mystery Mansion killer and guest

7. Bombs can be the game-changer

Use the bombs smartly to outnumber your opponents. Give them an extra task by planting bombs on each side of the map. They will get confused and you can pick them one by one. Self-report can make you stay out of suspicion.

So, we hope this guide will help you boost your entertainment and make you an extraordinary killer or a Sherlock Holmes to solve the murder mystery in the mansion. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide. Did you find our Suspects: Mystery Mansion Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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