T3 Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

T3 Arena is a fast-paced shooting game developed by XD ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD. This game is a 3v3 shooting game, therefore, the game will automatically team you up with other two random players when you play solo to engage in the battlefield, or you can just invite your friend to join you in the battle. To make it easier to play the game, we will give you some tips and tricks in this T3 Arena beginners guide so you can understand and enjoy the game.

This game will offer you different modes of gameplay for you to play and enjoy, not only that, but there are also fourteen heroes that you can choose and upgrade, and because of these heroes, you will experience unique gameplay.

Introducing the Basics of T3 Arena


The gameplay in this game is simple, using analog control you can move your hero in any direction you want. Depending on the game mode, the condition to winning the game is different, you will learn it in your game.

Gameplay T3 Arena Beginners Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

To attack the enemy, you need to aim at them, and your hero will automatically attack them but do not forget that all heroes have their own unique skills, use them effectively and you will win the game, to use their skills, you will need to press the skill button manually.

Attack Control Settings

The basic attack control is just to aim at the enemy and your hero will automatically attack them, but what if you do not want it? you want to attack them manually not just by aiming at the enemy, the answer is that you can change it at the setting option.

Attack control settings
Image via XD Entertainment

To open it, you need to tap the three bars button on the top right of the screen and choose options, you will see the controls option and you can choose the layout option, there you will find four different control layouts:

  • Casual Layout is where you fully depending on auto fire
  • Two fingers Layout is where you can do both auto fire and tap the fire button using your right thumb manually
  • Three fingers Layout is the similar with two fingers layout, but there is an extra firing button on the left side of the screen that you can tap using your left-hand index finger
  • Custom Layout is for you who feel more comfortable using your own layout setting, you can customize your own layout by using the custom layout option

Getting your Heroes

At the start of the game, not all heroes are playable, you will get only one free hero to play and the rest you will need to unlock. There are several ways to get those locked heroes:

1. Opening Rumble Boxes

This way of getting a hero is like pulling gacha slots, in this way of obtaining a hero, you can get a normal hero up to the rarest level of hero, an all-star rarity hero.

opening rumble boxes T3 Arena Beginners Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

You can get the rumble box by getting it for free in the store daily or you can increase your level in the gear up. To increase your level in gear up, you will need battle points, which can be obtained by participating in battles and completing tasks.

2. Through the Hall of Fame

hall of fame
Image via XD Entertainment

This way is more promising because with a certain number of trophies you will obtain a new hero. To gain trophies, simply you just need to participate in battle, the result will determine the number of trophies you will get if you win you will get more trophies, and if you lose you will get fewer trophies.

Choosing and Upgrading your Hero

Choosing a hero to take to the battlefield will determine your gameplay, each hero in the game have two skills, the first skill is their main skill, and the second skill is a skill with high damage, let’s just say that the second skill is their ultimate skill since they mostly deal a high amount of damage.

We said that it will determine your gameplay because every skill is different in the purpose of the usage. Some heroes have the restraining skills as their first skill such as stun, while some have enhancement skills, such as changing their weapon or increasing their attack speed. Check out the T3 Arena hero tier list to know who are the best heroes.

T3 Arena Game Characters Cover T3 Arena Beginners Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

Every hero also has different weapons, so you will need to be careful when charging the enemy team. If you have ever played shooting games before, you will easily understand that not all weapons are suitable for charging the enemy, some weapons are meant to be supportive weapons, and some are purposely built as main offensive weapons. The same applies in the gameplay right after you choose your hero and start the game.

The next thing you will need to see is that every hero has their own difficulty to use, which means that using one hero might be harder or easier than using the other one, this is because of the factor of the weapons that they are using and the skills they have.

upgrading your hero
Image via XD Entertainment

Upgrading your hero will give you benefits to win the battle, upgrading your hero will certainly increase your hero’s damage, and other stuff depending on the hero that you are upgrading. To upgrade your hero, you will need to open the rumble box, and get the hero’s power core, remember that a certain amount of power core is needed to upgrade the hero, and also coins, you will need certain coins also to do the upgrade, coins can be obtained by opening rumble box.

T3 Arena Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our T3 Arena Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Master your Heroes

Master the hero T3 Arena Beginners Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

There are a total of 14 heroes available in the game for you to use, so in some cases, if you have multiple heroes you will change the hero that you will take to the battlefield, the first thing you need to do is to learn the characteristic of the hero and their weapon first before joining the battle, there is a game mode called practice mode for you to learn the characteristic of the hero that you want to use.

2. Upgrade the Hero that you feel comfortable with

With many heroes to choose from and a limited number of coins you have, sometimes you feel unsure who you should upgrade first. To avoid that feeling, you need to know what hero you feel comfortable with and feel confident to win when using them, preferably you have two of that kind hero. When you found the hero, prioritize them to upgrade, that way you can play more confidently.

But what if you want to upgrade another hero? Simply you halt one of the two heroes that you are upgrading, continue upgrading your main favorite hero, and pause the other one, then use the spare gold from the other one to the new hero that you want to upgrade.

3. Mastering the Map

Since this game is a 3v3 game, the map size is not very big, therefore you can control and dominate the map. To do that you will need to get a lead of 3-to-5-point kills because mentally, players who have led in point will become more dominant and confident. Once you got the lead, you will need to get control of the map facility, such as recovery points, that way you will sustain longer in battle, while the enemy losing HP.

Map control T3 Arena Beginners Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

Team up with your team and stay near the recovery point and enemy base, that way you will make the enemy harder to move because basically you are trapping the enemy in their base and limiting their room for moving.

Final Thoughts

T3 Arena is a game for people who like the fast-paced game but are still competitive. The game will make you think fast and train you to make fast decisions about your next action. The game will offer you numerous strategies to learn by playing with friends and with different heroes in one team.

That’s all for today’s T3 Arena beginners guide. Did you find our T3 Arena beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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