T3 Arena hero tier list for October 2022

Choose from the best characters of this month!

T3 Arena is a fast-paced shooting game developed by XD ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD. This game is a 3v3 shooting game, where you will team up with other two random players when you play solo to engage on the battlefield. With 15+ heroes currently available in the game, it can be confusing when players who already have multiple heroes unlocked pick and play them on the battlefield. Here is our T3 Arena hero tier list based on their stats and abilities to give you insight on what to pick for your party for October 2022.

We will give you the tier list of the heroes available based only on their abilities since that is what is important to know about the heroes in the game, we will also give you recommendations of the best heroes to pick whether you play solo or in a team together with your friends. Remember each hero has their own ability and difficulties to play, making choosing a hero can be troubling. However, if you are new to the game, check out this T3 Arena beginners guide.

T3 Arena Hero Tier List for October 2022

In this tier list, we will give you a good insight about them in the T3 Arena hero tier list and we will give you a good insight about the best hero that is recommended to put into your roster. There will 4 tiers (S, A, B, C) based on each type. We will also provide the best heroes among all heroes included in this tier list to help you consider your lineup in battle.

Overpowered (S+)Labula,
Strong (S)Skadi,
Good (A)Ruby,
Fair (B)Sindri,
Johnny Jet,
Weak (C)Iris,
T3 Arena Hero Tier List for April 2022

Meta Heroes in T3 Arena for October 2022

The below picks are the best characters that are worth your time to farm and upgrade to their maximum levels. The effect of their presence in the battle is the factor that makes these characters recommended to add to your roster. Here, we will give a good insight into the recommended characters.

Tier S+ Heroes


An alien ambassador and a touring star from an unknown world which mostly inhabited by various Chlorella-based species. Its main weapon is the Spore gun, an alien weapon that shoots high-velocity explosive spores

labula t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Bouncy spores, an ability that launches a special spore that bounces between you and your target. With each impact, the spore will give a temporary shield if your target is your ally, and it will give damage if your target is your enemy.
  • Passive skill: Charging barrier, an ability that will make a portion of the damage dealt transferred into the temporary shield.
  • Ultimate skill: Labula has two ultimate skills, the first one is Coral Blast, Labula will create a stationary companion, but the companion will shoot at what Labula is aiming. The second is La La Pop! This ultimate skill will make Labula shoot a rapid-moving energy pulse that will temporarily turn your enemy into a smaller Labula, the duration of the turning is 4 seconds.


An adventurous girl who goes out on an adventure on her own to search for lost treasures. Gloria wields two weapons that you can switch while using her, the first is MD-2 Double-Barrelled Shotgun, and the other one is ZMR Assault Rifle.

gloria t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: In the profile, it is called ZMR Assault Rifle, the active skill is the skill to switch her weapon to the other weapon she has.
  • Passive skill: Dashing, a skill that gives Gloria increased movement speed after 2 seconds of disengagement.
  • Ultimate skill: She has two ultimate skills, the first one is called Quicksand Bomb, Gloria will throw a timed bomb that initially slows down enemy movement that walks on it before it detonates and inflict great damage, the other one is Amplifier Module, Gloria will create an energy amplifying force which enhances the damage of friendly weapons and ability when they shoot through it.


The chief trainer of BPA is here to do heavy-lifting and heavy-hitting. His main weapon is Triple-load Shotgun, a powerful weapon with a wide-spread hit, extremely dangerous in close-quarter combat.

victor t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Tackle Charge, Victor will charge forward and stun the enemy that gets hit by him.
  • Passive skill: Speed Loading, Victor will instantly reload his weapon upon using skills.
  • Ultimate skill: Victor has two ultimate skills, the first is M.G.P. Victor will jump and smash the ground when he lands, giving damage and knockback effect to a nearby enemy. The second is Ramming Speed, Victor will charge forward and knock away all enemies in his way, and Victor also damages the enemy while he is charging forward.

T3 Arena hero tier list: Tier S Heroes


With her beloved guitar in her hand, Skadi is letting go of everything but the beating of music. Her main weapon is the Kraken Heavy Pistol, Skadi wields a single pistol as her weapon which deal a decent amount of damage.

skadi t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Dub-STOP, Skadi will emit a wave of sonic pulse that deal damage and trap the enemy, at the same time, Skadi will jump backward.
  • Passive skill: Amped shot, after her third hit, her fourth hit will deal extra damage.
  • Ultimate skill: Rock Blast, Skadi will charge up her rage to emit a sonic arc wave, then she blasts it, knocking back the enemy that hit it.


A hot-headed but warm-hearted woman, she is a hero of her community and the supporting pillar of her team. Her main weapon is the Bouncy Grenade, and like its name, it is a grenade launcher that fires bouncy projectiles.

cristina t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Sticky Bomb, Cristina will throw a maximum of three sticky bombs that stick to the enemy and the ground.
  • Passive skill: Incendiary Casting, grenades from her weapon will inflict a burn effect.
  • Ultimate skill: Cristina has two ultimate skills, first is Cluster Grenade, she will throw a clustered grenade that will spread into 10 mini mines. The second is Trap Blossom, she will deploy 12 traps that will trap the enemy for 3 seconds, and the trap can be destroyed.


A notorious programmer that uses two gauntlets on her arms to do her tasks. Her main weapon is the Beam Weapon, a short-range beam weapon, the longer it hits, the more damage it will inflict.

shell t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Shadow walk, she will become stealthy and invincible for a short time.
  • Passive skill: Energy Resonance, every hit will restore her HP
  • Ultimate skill: There are two ultimate skills of her, the first is Dimension Drift, she will send an orb that damages and slow the enemy, and tap again to teleport to the orb location. The second one is Mass-Nullify, she will send the enemies within the affected area floating and unable to move.

Tier A Heroes


An ambitious agent. Her elegant bearing is just a cover for her deadly talents. Ruby’s main weapon is Bolts of Fate, she will throw 3 bolts in the shape of a horizontal line.

ruby t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Mystic Shields, she will send 3 pieces of barrier flying forward.
  • Passive skill: Reflux Barrier, she will gain damage mitigation when she is standing near a section of her barrier.
  • Ultimate skill: Seeker Bolt, will launch powerful tracking projectiles in a 3-round burst.


Being an eX-military, he likes his beer the same way he deals with troublemakers, ice cold. Mark’s main weapon is his Prototype AR, which he wields as a versatile automatic rifle that performs well in mid-range combat.

mark t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Seeker Rocket, he will launch a tracking rocket that will explode on impact and deal AoE damage.
  • Passive Skill: Battle-Hardened, he slowly restores his own HP after disengagement.
  • Ultimate skill: Proximity Sensor, he will scan and mark nearby enemies, allowing him to see the marked enemies through the wall, he also will get a damage boost if he hit the marked enemies.


Ossas is a betrayed hitman. He returns to the battlefield with strange new power. His main weapon is the Nightrust, a single-shot sniper rifle that can be charged to inflict increased damage.

ossas t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Shadowfall, Ossas will create a smoke field, blocking enemies’ view and slowly damaging the enemies inside the smoke field.
  • Passive skill: Whispers in the Night, Ossas will detect the dangerously nearby enemy.
  • Ultimate skill: Dark Surge, Ossas will unleash Dark Surge energy to blast his enemies, at the same time, a portion of the damage inflicted will be converted to self-healing.

Tier B Heroes


With her robotic buddies, this energic engineer is trying to show what she got to the world. Her main weapon is the Plasma Drill, which can fire 3 flying explosive projectiles at a time.

sindri t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Rage Ball (deploy), she deploys a Rage Ball that automatically fires at the enemy, the ball will restore her HP when being retrieved.
  • Passive skill: Rage Ball (assist), she will receive a temporary shield when retrieving her Rage Balls.
  • Ultimate skill: There are two different ultimate skills that she has, first is Rage Ball (upgrade), in this version, Sindri will deploy an upgraded Rage Ball that will give her a stronger temporary shield and automatically fire at the enemy with the powerful laser beam. The second is Rage Ball (Drop-Pod), this version of Rage Ball will provide a temporary shield to allies who are in range.

Johnny Jet

The vanguard of the team, leading his team to victory. His main weapon Power Blaster is a close-range rapid-firing spray gun, that can accumulate hit with this weapon will trigger a critical hit.

johnny jet t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Veil of Chaos, he will leap forward and create a veiled space, inside this space, he will restore his own HP.
  • Passive skill: Blending In, once his Veil of Chaos is activated, within the range of this space, he will receive boosted speed.
  • Ultimate skill: Jet Stim, Johnny will deploy a device that will be damaging and slow the enemy within range.


An EX-employee of a research facility turned into a mysterious being in a secret experiment. He returned to find out who he was and what happened to him. Super-Shocker is his main short-range weapon that deals damage in a cone-shaped area, the closer the enemy to him, the higher the damage the enemy will receive.

jabali t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Energy Barrier, Jabali will raise an energy barrier that can absorb incoming fire, the barrier can be fixed when it is broken, but it will take 10 seconds to do it.
  • Passive skill: Electro Feedback, Jabali will increase nearby allies’ weapon damage.
  • Ultimate skill: Jabali has two ultimate skills. The first is Arc Storm, when it is activated, not only Jabali will deal damage to the enemy, but he also gets damage reduction and increased movement speed. The second is called Pulsar Response, what this ultimate skill do is raise a repulsive barrier that can bounce back the damage to the attacker.

Tier C Heroes


Medical technology expert and the guardian angel of the arena. Her main weapon, the Energy Repeater is just a normal mid-range rapid-firing energy weapon.

iris t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Pie-bot, Iris will attach a healing drone to a teammate to heal nearby allies, this robot will attach to herself if there are no teammates around her when you activate this skill.
  • Passive skill: Med-sampling, this passive skill will make the defeated enemy drops health pickups that can be used by the team.
  • Ultimate skill: Healing Field, Iris will deploy an enhanced healing drone to heal all allies within range.


A seemed normal student who actually a key technician in Chacool Tech. Aleta is a wielder of Dual Auto Pistols, two fast and accurate dual pistols, which excel in close-range combat.

aleta t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Holo-Dash, Aleta will dash in the direction that you want.
  • Passive skill: Double-Jumper, Aleta can do a double jump if you tap to jump while in mid-air.
  • Ultimate skill: Aleta has two ultimate skills, the first one is called Decoy Bomb, Aleta will deploy an explosive hologram of herself to trick the enemy, while the real Aleta becomes invisible and restores her HP. The second is Holo-Burst, Aleta will kick things into high gear with speed boost enhanced self-healing and she will get unlimited but weaker ammo for a short time.


A genius child in physics and engineering. His main weapon is the Rocket launcher and as the name suggests, his weapon is just an ordinary rocket launcher.

kazama t3 arena T3 Arena Hero Tier List
Image via XD Entertainment
  • Active skill: Flight mode, Kazama will jet up and float for a short time.
  • Passive skill: Munition pack, Kazama will load one rocket for each hit to the enemy.
  • Ultimate skill: Kazama has two ultimate skills. The first one is called Cannonball Dive, Kazama will spin forward and smash the enemy in his way, giving AoE damage and knockback enemy that he hits, it will also reset his active skill cooldown. The second one is Orbital Strike, Kazama will summon an orbital strike that tracks down and follow the nearest enemy.

Best heroes to pick in T3 Arena

So now you have seen the tier list and the details about the skill of each hero in T3 Arena. Next, we will give some recommendations of the best heroes among all heroes in the game. Remember that the T3 Arena hero tier list just gives you which are the best heroes just based on their skills, their performance in the game can be different inside a team. Here are the best heroes to pick on the battlefield.

1. Skadi

The game is a fast-paced 3vs3 shooting game, so of course, you will need an agile hero for this. Skadi here is one of the best heroes for this job, supported by her active skill that can trap her enemy while she jumps backward to safety, making this hero is hard to hit. Skadi is an extremely agile hero with a hard-hitting weapon, this combination is deadly to the enemy once you mastered this hero, besides that, Skadi is a free hero that you will get from the beginning.

2. Victor

Victor is a deadly brawler-type hero. His active skill will help you in two things, fighting the enemy and escaping, his active skill is similar to Skadi’s the only difference is that Victor will not jump back to escape from the enemy, you will need to decide the direction of his skill.

If you want to stun the enemy, you will need to direct him to hit the enemy, and the opposite, if you want to escape, you can direct him in another direction away from the enemy. His weapon is very deadly at close range. Victor is in his best performance if the player is brave enough to get close to the enemy. Victor is very suitable for a teamfight, his active skill can turn the table of the battle if used correctly and his allies help him.

3. Mark

Mark is recommended because of his ultimate skill that can make him see the marked enemy through the wall. With that skill, he can relay information to his teammate about where are the enemy’s location and decide whether to attack the enemy or wait for an ambush move to surprise the enemy. His active skill is also very useful for covering his teammate in case his teammate is low in HP and needs to withdraw to the back, his rocket can slow down the enemy from chasing his allies.

T3 Game Cover Guide
Image via XD Entertainment

4. Shell

Shell is highly recommended to pick when you unlocked her passive skill. Her passive skill will make her sustain longer on the battlefield, because, her passive is a life-steal skill, every time she hit the enemy, her HP will be restored gradually, not only that, but Shell can also teleport using her first ultimate skill, so it will make easier for her to both chase and escape from the enemy.

5. Iris (conditional)

Iris is one of the best and recommended heroes to pick, but with a condition that you are playing with your friends, not with the public, because it is easy to communicate and cover your allies. Iris’s skills are might not damaging type of skills, but Iris currently the only hero that has full healing skills. Her skills also will be more effective to use if you are playing with people that you can easily communicate with.

6. Gloria

One of the best heroes for continuous damage, by using her active skill, you can switch between shotgun and assault rifle to use in the battle, using her, it is recommended for beginner to use the assault rifle because it will continue damaging the enemy and it is easier to hit the enemy with it.

What makes Gloria one of the best heroes is her ultimate skills, both ultimate skills can be used for supportive or offensive purposes, you can help your teammate from being chased using her first ultimate skill and deal a great amount of damage afterward from the explosion, you can also enhance your team attack using the second ultimate skill.

Final Thoughts

All of the heroes in T3 Arena are easy to learn and understand, it will make the players quickly learn all the skills so they can decide which hero they want to take to the battlefield. Keep in mind that every hero in this game has their own difficulty level to use, with a one-star level as the easiest.

Additionally, do remember that all the heroes available in the game are good, you just need to pay attention to the detail before using them. Especially since all of the passive skills need to be unlocked from the rumble box once the hero reached level 7. The heroes provided will be suitable for all players whether they playing solo or in a team with their friends, except for Iris, who can easily use when playing in a team compared to if you play solo.

What do you think about this T3 Arena Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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