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Tales of Yokai Character Tier List for September 2023

Choose from the top classes and find the realm to heaven!

In Tales of Yokai, you’ll be transported to a world where yokai are mysterious, supernatural beings from Japanese legends roam freely and their tales are carefully woven into the landscape. The characters in this game are more than just tools for fighting. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities, so you can create a team that suits your playstyle. This Tales of Yokai Tier List will help you to choose and play with the best characters.

Tales of Yokai Character Tier List for September 2023

This Tales of Yokai Tier List helps players choose their characters by helping them distinguish between other characters. So let’s find the characters and further divide them into categories. The Tales of Yokai character Tier List’s classifications are SSSA, and B:

Overpowered (SS)Hannya, Muramasa Bloodlust, Shuten Doji, Tamamo no Mae, Yamata no OrochiAmaterasu, Yaguyahime, Yuki Oona, Ingami
Strong (S)Sinn,
Wave Monk
Fortune Cat,
Ittan Momen,
Barren Skeleton,
Torch Dragon,
Hell Bringer,
Ghost General
Ootengu, Kodama, Yamabiko,
Good (A)Kawahime,
Book Fairy,
Fair (B)Devil DarumaMarine DarumaHeya DarumaHades DarumaDivine DarumaSylvan Daruma

Best Characters for Tales of Yokai in August 2023

Based on the strongest characters in the whole game we have noted down the top 5 most used characters that you can’t ignore at any cost. Here are they:

1. Hannya

Tales of Yokai character 1
Image via Leniu Games

Hannya is a special character in the game Tales of Yokai. Hannya is a bit mysterious and interesting. They can do powerful fighting with both their hands and some magical yokai abilities. But Hannya has a secret past that makes them sad sometimes.

2. Muramasa Bloodlust

Tales of Yokai character 2
Image via Leniu Games

Muramasa is a skilled Sword Maker and Warrior. They’re famous for making really strong and sharp swords that help in battles. Muramasa is serious and focused, always trying to make the best weapons. Choosing this character would be one of the best decisions.

3. Shuten Doji

Tales of Yokai character 3
Image via Leniu Games

Shuten Doji is a powerful and big Yokai. They have a fearsome appearance but deep down, they’re not all bad. Shuten Doji loves stories and can be a good friend once you get to know them. He is very strong and possesses a lot of skills.

4. Tamamo no Mae

Tales of Yokai character 4
Image via Leniu Games

Tamamo no Mae is a clever and magical Fox Yokai. They can do tricky spells and shape-shift into different forms. Tamamo no Mae is friendly and enjoys playing pranks, but they also have a caring side. All the magical spells used by him are very dangerous for the opponent.

5. Yamata no Orochi

Tales of Yokai character 5
Image via Leniu Games

Yamata no Orochi is a gigantic serpent with many heads. Despite their scary look, they’re not evil. They guard important places and have a wise and ancient presence. Being big in size it can automatically tackle too many enemies at a time thus making him more powerful.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Tales of Yokai is a great game with a lot to offer. The characters are well-designed and the gameplay is challenging. You will need to use your skills and strategy to overcome the enemy teams. Each character here has their own unique skills and abilities, so you can create a team that suits your playstyle. Choose the one that suits your gameplay and dominate the gameplay.

Did you find this Tales of Yokai Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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