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Tales of Yokai: The Complete Deck Building Guide and Tips

Build the strongest deck ever!

Tales of Yokai is a very interesting game where you need to battle in the enchanted world and take on a special shape as they develop through the mastery of cards. The game’s card-based battle system allows players to set out on an epic quest where Yokai spirits, tactics, and careful preparation rule supreme. It is a magnificent blend of strategy, legends, and imagination. In this Tales of Yokai deck building guide, let us discuss more about the decks and cards that have the main significant role.

Starting with the decks in the game

To start with, players should get really accustomed to the 50 cards they are going to hold during the game. If possible, take screenshots of all the cards, and think about strategies in your leisure time. Also, several ready-made decks are already available in the game.

For further additions, players may purchase packs from the shop in exchange for gems, or receive card packs as rewards. Once you are all set with your cards, try building a new deck, or modifying the previous ones. Remember that, among the 50 cards, there should be a proper ratio between Power, Energy, and Skill cards. It doesn’t require to be of equal proportions, it just needs to suit your tactics.

Building the best Beginner-Friendly Decks in Tales of Yokai

In the initial stages don’t try to implement expertise, instead, stick to the decks already there in the game. Gradually start altering a few cards from those available decks. Here are some of the points players should keep in mind while building their Tales of Yokai card decks:

Choosing the Yokai Cards

  • Keep in mind that, only the relevant cards, which would come to use according to strategies should be there in the deck. Don’t just add a Heya just because you like the Yokai, while your deck is based upon Beast. Heya goes well with Sylvan.
  • Set up a base attacker in your mind. Try to have that Yokai base cards as many as possible. Only 5 similar Yokai cards are allowed in a deck. Hence, if you have plans of making a Divine card your base attacker, have 4 Beast cards in your deck.
Tales of Yokai Sikhigma
Image via Leniu Games
  • In case your Yokai has to evolve, choose the number of SSR and SR Yokai cards of it in equal proportion.
  • Our suggestion would be, to select SSR, and SR cards, besides their high HP, their damage would be maximum too. Dealing with damage to your opponent is the primary objective of this game.
  • Try to keep at least 4 Yokai cards in your deck, excluding the evolving stage 1 or 2 cards. Try to find Yokai which doesn’t have to be upgraded, choosing such cards would save your space for other cards.

Choosing the Daruma Cards

Once you have a strong foundation, you can start to add some specialized, daruma cards to your deck. These cards will give your deck a particular focus or strategy. Some examples of specialized cards include:

  • Darumas that can buff your allies. Buffing your allies will make them stronger and more effective in battle.
  • Darumas can debuff your enemies. Debuffing your enemies will make them weaker and easier to defeat.
  • Darumas can control the board. Control cards can give you an edge in battle by manipulating the board state in order to win battles.
Tales of Yokai Deck
Image via Leniu Games

Here are some additional tips for deck building in Tales of Yokai:

  • Consider your playstyle. What kind of player are you? Do you like to rush your enemies down, or do you prefer to play a more defensive game? Your playstyle will influence the cards you want to include in your deck.
  • Think about the meta. What are the other players in your guild using? If you know what your opponents are playing, you can tailor your deck to counter their strategies.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your deck. The gameplay is always changing, so it’s important to be able to adapt your deck accordingly. If you’re not winning, don’t be afraid to make changes to your deck

Best Beginner-Friendly Decks in Tales of Yokai

Since there are so many types and numbers of cards, it is not possible to talk about each and every one of them. However, here is a deck suggestion from our side, which might be helpful. This deck is readily available in the game, however, some changes have been made to it. Hope this would help the beginners to some extent. Any beginner must at least try this set to enhance the start of the game.

1. Yokai Cards

Tales of Yokai character 5
Image via Leniu Games
  • Hannya x1
  • Muramasa Bloodlust x1
  • Shuten Doji x2
  • Amaterasu x1
  • Yaguyahime x1
  • Yuki Oona x1

2. Daruma cards

  • Devil Daruma x1
  • Marine Daruma x1
  • Heya Daruma x2
  • Hades Daruma x2

Remember that deck-building is both an art and a science. It requires a good understanding of the game’s mechanics, strategic thinking, and adaptability. As you gain experience and get to know the game better, you’ll be able to fine-tune your deck-building skills and create more powerful and effective decks. So play the game and use various cards as many as possible to see which suits you the best in terms of gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Tales of Yokai is a really interesting Card based game that requires high analysis and good strategies before playing the cards. For winning, every player must have a reliable deck of cards that contains all the cards that can save them from getting defeated and losing up rank. Players must also have proper knowledge about the locations and thus, must be prepared with the best sets of cards that can face every location.

That’s all from us for the Tales of Yokai Deck Building Guide! Did you find our Tales of Yokai Deck Building guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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