Tank Hero: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

The tank war has begun, use your special ability to beat enemy tanks!

Tank Hero is a brand new fun and addicting mobile game coming from the house of Betta Games. Another release in the action category, it is currently in early access. So, you may encounter some bugs to start with. All round, this seems a relatively well-made game. In this Tank Hero Beginner’s guide, some important tips and tricks are discussed to help you out while playing the game.


The concepts are basic, you control a tank through levels of enemies, with the sole purpose of getting as far as possible. There are multiple maps you can take on, each containing an abundance of levels, getting all the way to the end will unlock the next map in sequence. The controls are also very simple, you use a simple joystick to traverse levels with your tank. Once you stop moving, your rank will automatically fire at the enemy closest to the direction you are facing.

Before you jump straight in, you may need a little bit of guidance on how to get the biggest advantage in-game. This Tank Hero beginner’s guide will guide you with the necessary tips and tricks, in order to easily fly through the levels.

Tank Hero Tips & Tricks

1. Choose the tank that works best for you

Different tanks in the game

Tank Hero gives you the ability to choose from a range of tanks that you can unlock through playing the game. You should aim to play a few games with each tank in order to get a feel of how they play out. Whichever tank fits your preferred play style best, you can begin upgrading that tank.

Upgrading tanks requires Tank Materials, which can be earned from playing the game. Try to stick with one tank only in order to preserve tank materials.

2. Keep upgrading your tank

Guide to manage your garage

As well as upgrading the tank itself, you can also apply and upgrade external features, this includes Ammo, Armour, Chips and Helper Bots. These come in different rarities and can be obtained through chests, crates and other rewards. Whenever you obtain a new item, always check your tank, to see if you can improve it. These external items help in increasing your tank’s damage and health, and the Helper Bots can provide assistance in-game.

Upgrading these items requires item-specific materials, use these on your tank as soon as you can. If you manage to obtain a new item of a higher rarity, you can use your current item in order to enhance the newer one. So don’t be afraid to upgrade a low rated item, it can always be burned into a higher-rarity one.

3. Use your talents properly

Tank Hero - A new Tank action game

Talents are a section in the Tank Hero main menu, here you will be able to use your coins to obtain one random talent. This will provide a bonus to you in-game. Talents also have a chance of being upgraded, this will increase the bonus they provide. Make sure to spend a few coins in this section every once in a while, the bonuses they provide can be very useful to you in-game.

4. Learn to prioritize your upgrades

Tank Hero - Skills

Every few levels in the game, you will be given the opportunity to pick an ability from a random choice of 3. These abilities range from damage boosts, health boosts and other additional effects.

At the beginning of the game, when the levels are relatively easy, it is recommended that you choose everything attacking-minded. Anything that is defensive, such as health boosts, defensive effects etc, you can ignore. As the game progresses, levels get harder with more stronger enemies. By then, you should have an already powerful tank with some good attacking abilities. You will then be able to focus on defensive abilities, in order to help you survive longer.

5. Organize your attacking methods

Organise your attacking methods in Tank Hero

There are 2 types of enemies in Tank Hero, Ranged and Melee. Ranged enemies, will attack from a distance and shoot projectiles towards you, whilst melee enemies actively try and chase you down. Dealing with each one can be difficult, especially if you come up against a combination of them both.

Against Melee

Since these enemies tend to group up while chasing you, area damage is likely to hurt them most. Even if your tank does not support area damage, you will still be able to obtain alternatives from abilities. Anything that involves damage to surroundings, such as the Shrapnel upgrade, or the kill explosions will help against melee enemies.

Against Ranged

These enemies usually sit stationary and attack at a distance. They also tend to have a fixed attack pattern. If you can learn this, it will be much easier to kill ranged enemies. Abilities that involve damage over time, such as poison or fire effects can help in taking out ranged enemies, it is a good idea to have at least one to help.

6. Keep an eye on the level layout

Tank Hero - A new Tank action game

Each level in a map may contain some objects. This ranges from fixed blocks, destructible blocks, landmines and fire emitters. Each different map contains different types of objects. It is important that you keep an eye out on these.

Be aware of the objects that deal damage, landmines explode and deal damage on contact, whilst fire emitters can light every few seconds and they will deal damage if you are in close proximity. While running away from a gang of melee enemies or while dodging projectiles from ranged enemies (or while doing both) it is very easy for you to simply step onto one of these objects, so you have to be careful.

7. Strategize fighting against bosses

Powerful Bosses

In Tank Hero, there are certain levels which are boss fights. These are much harder than regular levels because of their powerful attacks, strong defensive stats, and their complex abilities. We will guide you with some of the basic steps in how to win boss fights in Tank Hero.

At the beginning of a boss fight, you should spend a little time learning the attack pattern of the enemy boss. Don’t dive straight into combat, just move about a little, dodging the various attacks and memorizing the abilities. Always stand at a distance from an opponent boss, they can attack with some very confusing abilities towards you and predicting them is difficult. If you were to stand at a distance, it will be much easier for you to dodge the enemy.

Some bosses can spawn their own mobs, you should aim to take out these first. If you don’t, the map will slowly be filled with enemies and dodging attacks will be near impossible. If mini mobs spawn, switch your target to them, take out all of them, then refocus on the boss.

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