Teamfight Tactics: Xayah Shredder Comp Guide

Teamfight Tactics Mobile has gone through different metaphases since its release on 19th March this year. At the very beginning, Mech-Infiltrator was everywhere. Towards the end of March, Star-Guardian-Sorcerers were prevalent. At the beginning of April, and for some time afterward, Dark Stars was the best comp to climb. In the current meta of Teamfight Tactics, there are about 5 main, top-tier comps that are suitable for consistently getting top 4 – Candyland, Brawler-Blasters, Space Pirate-Mana Reaver-Celestials, Mana Printer comps with Sona and Vel’Koz, and Xayah Shredder. This guide is about the Teamfight Tactics Xayah Shredder comp, because all the primary 3-stars in it are 1-costs, and hence, easy to get. So without further ado, let’s get straight into this Teamfight Tactics guide.


In the meta right now, Candyland and Mana-Printer comps have high usage rates. If the Candyland user gets a 3-star Poppy with Bramble Vest and Dragon Claw, she can become almost un-beat-able. Many players have tried to beat Candyland with other comps, but have failed. Then, Xayah Shredder emerged. With a Last Whisper and Rageblade on Xayah, she can tear through Vanguards and tanks very quickly. Thus, it was established that Xayah Shredder is a strong counter to Candyland. It can also sustain 2 or even 3 players at the same time, because of the 3-stars being 1-costs. Hence, it is a very feasible build.

When can you build this

  1. If you get a Last Whisper for Xayah.
  2. When you have any of these 3 – Xayah, Jarvan, and Caitlyn, at 2-star in the beginning.
  3. See to it that no more than 2 people are contesting you. If this happens, you will have to out-roll them to get the 3-stars first.

Champions and Items

Jarvan IVZz’Rot Portal, Frozen Heart, Bramble Vest (If possible)
XayahLast Whisper, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Quicksilver
CaitlynDoes not need items
ShenDoes not need items
IreliaInfinity Edge, if you can get one
KassadinDoes not need items
AsheSpear Of Shojin, if possible


Prioritize Brawler’s Gloves and Recurve Bows on the carousel.

Early Game

Pick up every Jarvan, Xayah, and Caitlyn you find. You will more often than not, get them to 2-stars before Krugs at Round 2-7. After you have your primary comp on board, add Rakan, for the Protector and Celestial bonus. Level to 5, and add Shen for the Chrono bonus with Caitlyn. Do not slam many items early, except the Brawler’s Gloves on Xayah. Then, after Krugs, you’ll have at least one Xayah item. So, your ideal early game comp is – Xayah, Jarvan, Caitlyn, Rakan, and Shen.

Mid Game

Once you beat Krugs, roll for 3-star Jarvan, Caitlyn, and Xayah starting at Round 3-1. Do not level to 6 until you hit them. Once you get them to 3-stars, level up, and add either Kassadin or Ashe. It is recommended to add Ashe because she grants the Sniper bonus. Then, save gold, and level up to 7.

Add Kassadin to get the 4 Celestial bonus, and econ-up again. At the end of the mid-game, you should be very near to level 8, with sufficient gold to roll for Irelia 2-star. Your mid-game comp will be – Jarvan, Xayah, Caitlyn, Rakan, Shen, Ashe, and Kassadin. The synergies will be – 4 Celestial, 2 Sniper, 2 Protector, and 2 Chrono.

Late Game

Level up to 8, and add Irelia to the board, to get the 3 Blademaster bonus. Since you have your entire comp on the board, roll for getting them to 2-star. Irelia with an Infinity Edge is strong, even at 2-star, while Kassadin will help you by disarming enemies. Your Jarvan will be tanky with a Bramble Vest, while the Zz’Rot Portal will generate a durable Construct that will help you fight after he dies.

All of this, while your Xayah is shredding through the frontline. If you position Rakan like in the Positioning section shown below, he has a high chance of targeting the enemies’ backline carries. Meanwhile, your Snipers are continually firing away. In the end, your final comp will be – Xayah, Jarvan, Caitlyn, Rakan, Shen, Ashe, Kassadin, and Irelia.

Final Comp Positioning

TFT Mobile Xayah Shredder


It can be said that Xayah Shredder comp is a good one in Teamfight Tactics. With perfect items, it is a guaranteed top 4 and has the potential to be top 1. It does well against the other meta comps in the game at the moment, and, overall, is a strong and decent comp.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Xayah Shredder guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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