The Ants: Underground Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the ultimate Ant Ruler to lead your Queen and build your Ant kingdom!

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a new popular base-building strategy game developed and Published by a Hong-Kong Based Company, Seven Cities. The game offers a Rich Multilayered strategic gameplay and graphics experience. Unlike most modern games, it is lightweight in size which thereby makes it accessible for lots of players. In this game, the Player is the Ultimate Ant Ruler who leads the Queen, Builds the Anthill, grows the colony, and defends against the enemies. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies to outlive their enemies.

Getting Started

In this game, the player has to Focus on the following tasks. Upgrade the Queen, Build the Colony, and Hatch Ant Troops. A player also has to get Special Ants, Expand the Base, Join the Alliance, and once the player reaches level 8, they can start participating in PvP, Alliance Battles, and Events. In PvP, a player gets to loot lots of resources by attacking another player base.

Chapter Quests

The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides a plethora of information that helps the player to know the game. The player’s main objective is to grow the ant colony as fast as possible, and for that, a player needs to prioritize completing the chapter quests, which will open new opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom quests

Players can choose which objectives they want to accomplish in whichever order they want, but it is advisable to follow the chapter objectives tab during the initial levels. A player gets to earn Rewards by completing each objective. In some of the Chapter Quests: structure upgrades have prerequisites and are dependent on other structures or the overall population of the ant colony. The redirect button will help to find these structures.

Special events

In the Ants: Underground Kingdom, a player can take advantage of the special events and benefits that help to boost the progression in the game. A player can find Both the Benefits and Events icons on the upper right side of the screen. A player can earn benefits from the Planet Ant Feature that spans over 5 days, where a player gets 7days to complete various targets.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Plan your colony layout

Like all base builder games, The Ants: Underground Kingdom requires the player to plan and organize the layout of their colony. As the player progresses in this game, more space and new structures will be Unlocked to be Build, within the territory.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom colony layout

A player might find it challenging to locate a specific structure so, an organized layout will give the player an edge over others. Once vast portions of the map have been cleared up, it is time to rearrange the existing structures as everything can be moved, except for the Queen and the resource spots. A player can long-press the structure to move.

2. Dig and earn resources

In the Ant Underground Kingdom, a player needs to build some necessary structure, and for that, a player needs to dig a lot. Some areas are optional and up to the player to decide when to explore. The best time a player can explore these areas is when a player is waiting on their build queues to finish. Digging new spaces is the best way to free up space, but this might uncover resource spots, treasures, or enemies. Once the players build the Sentinel Tree, It will highlight the locations on which a player can explore.

3. Keep a check on Ant Population

In this game, the ant population is the tool that is required to build the anthill and produce more Honeydew.
Aphid is the facility that provides a constant supply of Honeydew. To upgrade the aphid facility, players need to have at least a 6.5k Ant population. Feeding Ground is one of the other facilities at the base (anthill) where players need to supply resources like meat and water to maintain the ant population.

checking ant population

If the supply is enough, the ant population will grow and reach its max capacity. To increase the ant population in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, upgrade the ant nest facility at the anthill. To do so, tap the build button option in the lower-right corner -> ant population -> worker ant nest -> build. Once that’s done, start upgrading it.

4. Complete daily tasks for rewards

In the game, a player gets to earn rewards for completing the objective from chapter one to the upcoming chapters of the campaign. There are other tasks like daily tasks and the main task, which have some objective to be completed through which a player can earn daily rewards. Daily rewards are usually easy to get.

complete tasks for rewards

5. Prepare to attack the enemy camp

It does not matter how strong a player has built the colony or the number of potential colonies in the outside world. It is still necessary to do a lot of preparation and double-checking before engaging in any battle against different Colonies or attacking any enemy camps. A player can also port their colony to their alliance members as it is part of the duty to protect the friend and provide support when needed.

6. Stepping Outside the Anthill

In the Ant Underground Kingdom: The players’ foremost objective is to upgrade their colony by an overabundance of activities, but it is an equally important aspect of management to venture through the outside world.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom anthill

Here a player can attack the enemy nest those who are without the shield. All a player has to do is to go outside the map and look for an enemy nest, then scout. Scouting is necessary if a player wants to get the enemy information. Remember to check the power before attacking the enemy.

7. Know your Special Ants

There are two types of Special Ants in The Ants: Underground Kingdom: War type and Develop type. War Type Special Ants are for attacking the enemies or for a battle, whereas Development Type Specials Ants are good at gathering resources outside the nest and provide special bonuses when a player assigns them.

There are other types of Special Ants with different Special Qualities:

  • Green ants: Common Grade
  • Blue ants: Rare Grade
  • Purple ants : Epic Grade
  • Orange ants: Legendary grade.

A player can get Special Ants from the Special Nest. Just tap on the Special Nest facility in the Nest Base, then chooses a banner; Normal Hatch, Advanced Hatch, and Supreme Hatch.

special ants

Hatch Ants are the number of ants that represent the rise and fall of an ant empire. For the development of the ant empire, a player must hatch as many ants as possible. Lead them to fight, plunder resources, and expand their territory!
Remember to check out the Special skills in the profiles before assigning them the task. Different Special Ants have different abilities like some are good at gathering meat or some at attacking, so make sure to get familiar with their skill/ability.

8. Form a strong alliance

In the game, creating an alliance is a powerful strategy as Fighting alone will not be easy. By creating or joining an Alliance, a player can help each other to grow and fight together. With the help of allies, the ant empire under a player command will surely take its place in this Ant Kingdom!

forming an alliance

There are multiple benefits of joining an alliance; alliance members can help each other in reducing the construction time, assisting in resources, and also players get access to daily tasks, alliance store, and alliance rewards. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this The Ants: Underground Kingdom Beginners Guide for tips!

That’s all for today’s The Ants: Underground Kingdom beginners guide. Did you find our The Ants: Underground Kingdom beginners guide and tips useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Syafiq Razali

may i know how much diamonds is needed to create an alliance?


No diamonds are needed to create an alliance


Where do I get strawberries from


you get them from the warzone event. Your alliance must score at least the phase 1 reward to get a strawberry


How do we increase the soldiers defeat?


Yes i need this answer too


by invading/attacking other hills

Joe mama

How do you get your attendance score up?

Charlie Dolembo

By donating to alliance research

Tania crawford

Were do you find the hills in the ants game


guys why when I’m trying to spend this is came out “error: connection time out”?


What is “Likely to get “reference to ? Because I want to get an egg

Xin Loi

How does one set up a rally, when someone asks for help in attacking a lizard? Can’t find any info about it.

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