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The Legend of Neverland Beginners Guide and Tips

The world is eternal. It begins here and ends here

The Legend of Neverland is an RPG game developed by a Hong Kong-based company Game Ark Global which was released in July 2021. This anime game has many exciting features and lets the player explore the unknown mysteries of the flower fairy world. The Legend of Neverland will take players into a lifelike adventure, where they can experience all kinds of leisurely and exciting gameplay elements like fishing, insect catching, cooking, and mining. In the Legend of Neverland, players can become fishing experts and cooking masters without noticing it. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in The Legend of Neverland, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting Started in The Legend of Neverland

After joining the game, players have to select the weapon, where they will get three choices. To make the selection simple, players can refer to the skill tree and collect the passive skills. Now, players have to choose the build among these types, such as critical, pierce, and tanky build.

After the selection, Players have to adjust their level up to 100 to unlock the system features to enhance the power. After this, players will receive the bonus CP, equipment ranks, and more. Then, players can select the fairy that will help boost the damage made in the game.

Characters and their Abilities

The Legend of Neverland characters
The Legend of Neverland characters

Being a follower of The Legend of Neverland, players might have noticed the news about the appearance of the Genshin impact clone in the Legend of Neverland, which gives the player the strength to freely combine and mix the powers and types of the character at any point in time.

The main four characters are Ranger, Gladiator, Scholar, and Craftsman. All of them have their abilities and skills with unique weapons.

Gladiator Skills

  • Air Raid: Deals with the damage when players get closer to the target. 
  • Combo Hit: This skill has a cooldown capability that helps to deal three times as much damage to the enemies in the front area.
  • Land: This skill deals four times as much harm to the enemies in the nearest area. 
  • Instability: This skill can cause double damage and hits the target for 5 seconds.
  • Punitive Chop: This skill can launch an energy sword in the front of the target, hitting it back and causing damage.

Ranger Skills

  • Arrow Vortex: This skill can apply the hunter marks effect (It will help deal 30 per cent of the damage to the target for every 5 seconds and last for 20 seconds) while dealing damage to the target.
  • Arrow Of Shattering: The hunter marks effect is applied to the target when dealing with the damage to the enemies in the front area.
  • Kick in The Roundhouse: The hunter mark effect is applied to the target when dealing damage to the enemies in the front areas and hitting them back.
  • Bolt Shifting: This skill can do three times damage to enemies and immobilize them for 5 seconds. The target will mark the hunter mark effect as a result of this ability. 
  • Many Arrows:  The hunter mark effect is applied to the target when players deal five times of damage to the target

Craftsman Skills

  • Blasting Sparkle: This skill directly bast power to the front area causing damage to the target for five seconds, which blocks the healing effects and cause vulnerability on the targets.
  • Flamy Charge: This skill charges to the target position, causing two times as much damage to the target and the nearby opponents, which inflicts vulnerability effect on the victim. 
  • Blazing Fire: This skill deal damage every second to the targets in the range of hydra (blocking the healing effects) and cause Vulnerability on the targets for five seconds.
  • Restraint Of Blood: This skill helps deals damage to the nearby enemies while restoring HP equal to 15% that lasts for five seconds. This skill also causes the Vulnerability Effect (the damage increases by 4% for and controls up to 20%) on the victim.

Scholar Skills

  • Fireball: This skill launches large balls at the target area, causing damage to the opponents within.
  • Freezing Spell: This skill freezes the nearest area into the ice for 1-second when inflicting damage.
  • Sacrifice Of The Thunder: This skill releases a lighting effect when dealing six times the damage to the target area. 
  • Pious Light: This skill helps in the healing process at the same rate as the attack. 

How to choose the best character in The Legend of Neverland

If we compare all the four classes of The Legend of Neverland, Gladiator will be the best class for the battling purpose. They are more capable of battle and have the highest power to destroy their enemies. 

Secondly, the Ranger class is more suitable for the middle line of the battle. Ranger class is also good at finding out the weakest point of the enemies. Players can also choose this class as an alternative for the Gladiator class as they have good skills to handle the enemies. 

Thirdly, the Scholar class can attack the enemies while hiding. They can also trap the enemies and have the magical power to heal the damage done by the enemies. 

Finally, the Craftsman Class has the power to control the crowd as they can wipe out their enemies very fastly. They are also good at attacking the enemies in the front area. 

Overall all of these classes are good at their specific area, but if players are looking for the best class, they can use Gladiator or the Craftsman.  

Special Character Of Flower Fairies

The Legend of Neverland flower fairies
The Legend of Neverland flower fairies

Like the character of The Legend of Neverland, there are also fourteen flower fairies with their well-known name. Here is the list:-

  1. Twin Lotus:  These twins’ characters have similar appearances with different personalities.
  2. Camellia: She is an elegant lady with modern thoughts. She is always worried about what people perceive about her. 
  3. Anthurium: He is a handsome man who loves wine more than his life. 
  4. Lilium: She is a fearless character who offers a warm smile and believe in achieving her family dream. 
  5. Oleander: She is a romantic-kind girl yet dangerous. She is also an independent woman who has a tough mind. 
  6. Candock: She is just like lily, who likes staying in water without keeping any connection with the humans.
  7. Balloon flower: She is a desperate and hopeless love character yet an excellent and loyal friend. 
  8. Iris: She is like a rainbow, who is gentle and loves cooking and designing clothes.
  9. Gladius:  She is a short-tempered girl who has her idea about justice. At the same time, she also loves food. 
  10. Primrose: She has a warm heart and has lost motivation towards her opportunity.
  11. Nymphea:  She is a sensitive nature who wants happiness to return in her. She also uses ruthless words to hide her pain from others.
  12. Ajisai: is an unpredictable character who introduces others with a look of innocence and the curiosity of sharing happiness.
  13. Cornflower: She is an apathetic alchemist character who has no faith in love and always prefer to stay alone.
  14. Marigold: She is a sad kind of girl and believes in luck.

The Legend of Neverland Equipment Guide

The Legend of Neverland
The Legend of Neverland equipment guide

Special quest

Special quests are the best ways to earn rewards. All a player has to do is to participate in the quest and win. The third quest has special rewards, don’t miss it. Once a player reaches fifteen levels, they will be eligible to earn extra rewards. When a player accepts the special quest, corresponding items will drop and then, players will get the monsters whose level is five times more than the players. Offline auto-battle has no drop.

Feeding Spirit

By using this Feeding Spirit, players can upgrade the level of the spirits. It can also utilize the unwanted equipment or Exclusive EXP unit to feed the spirit. As the spirits get higher level, players can unlock the events, which bring more added advantages to the characters. If players need more details regarding the spirit unlocking process, they can tap on the icon next to the spirit. Spirit is responsible for managing the system growth-related equipment. Players can also click on the info button to get more details. Want to become stronger, but don’t know how? Click on the GET STRONGER on the interface to check the growth strategy.

Active and passive skills

There is one special weapon for each class, which allows a player to switch the weapon. It will automatically change the class and will activate the skills. To be on the safer side, choose three types of weapons that a player can switch at any time. It will help the player during the battles. Apart from the active skills, passive skills are more productive to use with the other types of equipment. To make the original skills more powerful, activate the active skill. To increase the character’s attributes, activate a passive skill.

Miasma Zone

The Miasma zone is the zone where players can expand more areas. After the Cabala gets infected by the Miasma, players will find a map leading towards the Miasma zone. In this situation, sunlight plays a major role because players can only go to the Miasma zone when they have Sunlight. The player can grab the sunlight through sunlight drinks. Remember, once players get inside the Miasma zone, their sunlight will keep on reducing, so keep an eye on that. Once the sunlight is over, players have to leave the Miasma zone. 

Players can also ask for a blessing from the Miasma to reduce the consumption of sunlight. But, once players have with Miasma, they will face an uncontrollable situation of controlling their evil desires. Two players who hold on with Miasma will become PVP enemies. Rare monsters in the Miasma zone will appear once every fifteen seconds, where players can destroy the monsters and win the rewards. If players kill them, they will get more loots. Once in every time, you will see rare monsters in the Miasma zone. If you destroy one of the monsters, you can get rewards every fifteen seconds. In addition, if Miasma holds your killing strategies, you can get more loots.

Advance equipment

The advance items include rare or purple equipment. After the advancement, players can see massive development in their essential attributes.  Different materials require different advanced tiers. Advancement is necessary for each piece of equipment. Players can easily reset the equipment to the initial tier, and all the invested items will return

The Legend Of Neverland Scenic Quiz Guide

The scenic quiz is also known as the XO game. Players can gain access only after the players unlock the Garden party at level forty. It is where players can find events such as Dance Frenzy, Miru Party, or said Scenic Quiz. It opens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday between 9:00 and 23:00.

The method of the quiz is simple. The statement will display on the screen, where players have to move their character to choose one of the answers.  If players think that the statement is true, they have to choose (O) and if false, choose (X). This Scenic quiz’s benefit is that if a player answers all the ten questions correctly, they will get up to 300 Cabala Sapphire (Game currency).

answers (O) and (X) to few questions

Q: Death rate is one of the decisive factors for population reproduction? A: True (O)

Q: China is the first to form strategic and tactical missile forces in Asia? A: True (O)

Q: Mazurka originated from Poland? A: True (O)

Q: The most commonly produced and widely used battery in the world is a Zinc-carbon battery A: True (O)

Q: The Internet came to China in the year 1994? A: True (O)

Q: Potato is a Stem of a plant? A: True (O)

Q: The best way to put out the fire of alcohol lamp is put out with water? A: False (X)

Q: Graf was the only tennis player who won 2 championships of the Grand Slam? A: False (X)

Q: Among the “World’s Top 3 Tenors”, Pavarotti is Spanish? A: False (X)

Q: South Korea is the first to form the strategic and tactical missile forces in Asia? A: False (X)

Q: Apples contain a memory strengthening micro-element which is lodine? A: False (X)

Q: The first shot that symbols the freedom of the United States of America started in Washington? A: False (X)

To sum up everything, The Legend of Neverland is a new MMORPG with amazing graphics and scenery design similar to Genshin Impact. Players can also ask Their Flower Fairy to help fight dangerous monsters in the battle. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this The Legend of Neverland Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s The Legend of Neverland Beginners Guide. Did you find our The Legend of Neverland Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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