The Walking Dead No Man’s Land: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Know all about the in-game resources!

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a survival-based RPG title where resources are one of the most vital factors to cling to life. The resources here are used for various in-game activities such as constructing buildings, upgrading survivors and weapons, and many more. Due to the extensive usage of these items in this game, the players must know about the various resources and their attributes. Therefore, we present a detailed piece on all the important resources the players will get to witness in The Walking Dead and how to earn them easily.

Paid Resources in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead includes two types of resources. The first one includes the Paid Resources:


Gold is the only paid resource players can witness in the game. It is used for healing injured or bruised survivors and Heroes after combat and is exchanged for other free resources in case of shortage. The players can also use Gold for speeding up the training process and instantly upgrading weapons and several buildings in the camp.

How to Earn Gold in The Walking Dead

1. Completing Quests and Achievements

The Walking Dead Daily Quests
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The Walking Dead provides the players with a handful of daily quests and achievements to complete. The players can earn Gold by finishing all the tasks assigned to them daily. The players completing each stage will be rewarded with a handful of Gold that can be further used in various activities throughout the game.

2. Kill Zombies attacking the Camp

The Walking Dead Kill Zombies
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The construction of a safe camp is very important for the survival of players in the game. But, the safety of the survivors and other Heroes can be threatened by the Walkers trying to break through the camp. Killing off all walkers surrounding the camp can guarantee the players a certain quantity of Gold that can be useful in progressing further in the game.

3. Purchasing with Money

The Walking Dead Shop
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The easiest way to get your hands on plenty of Gold is by purchasing them using real-time money. The players can own a desired amount of Gold by directly purchasing them from ‘Resources’ in the ‘Shop’ section. The purchased quantity will automatically be transferred to your account in no time.

Free Resources in The Walking Dead

The second type of resource found in the game includes Free Resources:

1. Gas

Gas is one of the most important free resources in The Walking Dead which is used to unlock stages in a mission. Whether it be the Main Storyline missions, Challenge, or other extensive game modes the players can only start a battle against zombies after exchanging a certain amount of Gas for it. Gas is refilled every 10 minutes and can also be obtained through other activities.

2. Supplies

Supplies are a form of basic resources in the game that are used to construct buildings and develop the camp so that the players can survive the attacks of walkers. The Supplies can also be used to upgrade all buildings such as Tents, Training Grounds, Farm Plots, and many more to move ahead in the game.

3. Experience Points (XPs)

This resource is also the most basic kind of resource the payers can witness inside the game. XPs can be used to train and level up survivors, and also for upgrading different equipment such as weapons, vests, and armor to live against the zombies. The players can gain XPs by killing off all walkers in combat.

4. Trade Goods

The Trade Goods are used to purchase items such as weapons and vests from the Trade Goods Shop. This resource can also be exchanged to obtain other necessary resources such as Gas, Supplies, and XPs. The players can obtain Trade goods by playing the Challenge and the Outpost game modes.

How to earn Free Resources easily in The Walking Dead

1. Complete Main Storyline Missions

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The easiest way to get hold of the free resources is through completing the main storyline missions. The players in a fight need to kill all walkers to gain XPs, Supplies, and other items. Winning each stage of a chapter ensures the players with a significant quantity of resources that can be helpful for the players to survive in a dead city.

2. Go for the Challenge and Scavenge Stages

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The players must participate in the Challenge, Scavenge, and other miscellaneous missions to gain all the necessary resources such as Supplies, XPs, and Trade Goods in the game. These items can be used ahead in activities such as training survivors, upgrading weapons, building shelters, and in the overall progression of the game.

3. Do not forget the Survival Pass

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The Walking Dead consists of two Survival Passes namely Silver and Gold. The Silver Survival Pass can be accessed freely whereas the Gold one is purchased using real transaction money. Each stage advancement levels up the Silver Pass which in turn guarantees the players with resources such as Gas and other items. This can be mainly used later in assessing missions in the game.

Final Thoughts

The Walking Dead is a note-worthy RPG game gaining popularity in the mobile gaming industry. The unique in-game features and necessary resources for survival are the key factors that attract players to this game. The Walking Dead holds up many exciting resources and also some certain guaranteed ways to grab them. Hence, go through this detailed piece to know about all resources present in the game and how to own them effortlessly.

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