Thetan Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

Earn cryptocurrency by playing and trading Heroes on the marketplace!

Thetan Arena is a play-to-earn game launched globally which uses blockchain and crypto technology. It is a blockchain-based MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game where players can team up with their friends, join other players around the world to play against other players around the world for exciting rewards both in the game and for the real world. The game requires individual skills and a sound strategy to achieve more from the game. Like most MOBA Games, Thetan Arena has maps for different game modes but the popular MOBA mode is similar to most MOBA games. For new players trying to get along with Thetan Arena, we have prepared this detailed beginners guide along with some Tips and Tricks.

Gamemodes in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena offers five modes for players to compete against each other. The gameplay modes are Deathmatch, Battle Royale, Superstar, Tower Siege, and Custom mode. A player can play with their friends or match randomly with other players around the world for playing different gameplay modes.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide
Gameplay Modes available in Thetan Arena
  • Deathmatch – The gameplay mode involves eliminating the other team in under 3 minutes to accumulate elimination points and be the winning team. A team of 4 players will go against each other.
  • Battle Royale (Solo or Duo) – 12 players in total try to compete to be the last one standing in under 4 minutes. Just like typical Battle Royale game, this also includes an enclosing area that gets smaller and smaller as time passes.
  • Superstar – 8 players compete to collect match points, maximum of 50 from the “mother” Superstar who keeps producing Point stars, in under 4 minutes.
  • Tower Seige – Each team of 4 players are given a tower to defend and their goal is to also bring down the opponent’s tower while defending theirs. If none of the towers are destroyed by the end, the team with the most health points wins.
  • Custom Battle – Players can also customise the gameplay to play in any mode you choose, with any number of players, on any map you desire.

How to master the Heroes in Thetan Arena

At beginning of the game, each player is offered a free hero, to begin with, the game. There are 3 categories of Heroes in the game, i.e., Assassins, Marksman, and Tank.

Thetan Arena Heroes
  • Assassin Heroes: Assassins are played as killers who can enter a fight, eliminate enemies with combos, and then flee from the area. They usually have lower health and attack speed, but have great mobility.
  • Marksman Heroes: Marksmen have the maximum DPS in the team, and are very critical in dealing critical damage to the enemies. Their health is usually in the mid-normal range, the same can be said for their speed.
  • Tank Heroes: Tank heroes are the shield of the entire team and with proper skills can become gamechanger in team fights. They have to take in lot of damage, and therefore their health is the maximum out of the three while their attack is normal and speed is comparatively low. 

Apart from the Hero categories, Heroes are also classified based on their rarity and skin type. But this basically can be explored when one player invests real money to get these special heroes to play with. The Heroes can be traded in the Marketplace established online by the developers.

Understanding your Hero Skills

Each Hero in Thetan Arena has a particular skill specialized for himself. In addition to that skill, a player can choose 2 more skills to use in battle, irrespective of the Heroes.

Thetan Arena Skills

There is a total of 15 skills available to choose which gets updated on weekly basis. The skills are also classified according to their rarity and complement different hero types differently.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our additional tips in our Thetan Arena Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Know the Arena well

Depending on the gameplay mode, a player should approach the strategy to triumph in the game. To make that happen, a player has to get the idea of the arena available for play in Thetan Arena. As the arena for battle royale is different from Deathmatch and the approach for the two gameplay modes has to be different. The team members should also spread out during the battle to have an eye on the entire battlefield and at the same time support other members of the team.

2. Use Bushes and Covers wisely

The game maps offer various objects like Bushes, Walls, Gift boxes which can be used to take cover, plan surprise attacks or get away from enemies. To use them optimally, a player has to know about the weapons and their attack style, so as to have an advantage over other players.

3. Heal Yourself from time to time

Only farming and killing enemies wouldn’t matter. healing during the same time can also be a very important factor in the game. Especially for Assassins type of Heroes, who have low health bar but can go in for critical kills.

4. Team Game is the key

The Deathmatch offers the maximum reward in the game and in that mode, playing as a team becomes very much important for every player. With proper team coordination, one team can easily have an advantage over other teams that can climb to the top of the leaderboard. Therefore, it is always beneficial to play with friends and family to get more from the game.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide: Tips on how to earn money by playing

The most important topic of Thetan Arena is that it offers players to earn real money for playing the game. But this isn’t that easy as it sounds. The game does offer players to earn for playing but the earnings depend on various factors. Let’s understand each one of them to have a better idea if everything works.

1. Earnings for Free-to-play players

Thetan Arena has two currencies in the game, i.e. Thetan Coin (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG). Every player is rewarded THC and THG when they win in any game. Basically, this is the game mechanics of rewarding players, where these THC can be used to trade on the online marketplace. The mechanics are based on the Binance Crypto network, which is smooth and simple to use by most.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide

At the beginning of the game, each player gets 3 Heroes for free to play with. These Heroes can be used to play every game mode and any number of times, but these Heroes wouldn’t offer any additional benefit on winning the game apart from the trophies.

These trophies will determine the rank of each player, which offers THC on clearing certain milestones. This THC can be traded for buying boxes or trading out for real currencies. But there are limitations to trading out the THC also. However, this is the only way a Free2Play play can earn from Thetan Arena.

2. Earnings for Pay-to-play players

Heroes brought from the marketplace or dropped from boxes have added advantages on the battlefield. In the online marketplace, each player can purchase boxes using real money or in-game currency. The three types of boxes, i.e. Common, Epic, & Legendary, have a certain chance of dropping a particular rarity of Hero. These Heroes now can be traded directly, or used for earning the in-game currency.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide

If opening boxes doesn’t sound good to many players, then they can also directly buy the heroes from the marketplace. These Heroes when played in the game, ensure certain THC & THG after each win in the game. The daily winning amount a particular class of hero can earn has been described below.

Thetan Arena stats

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the maximum amount of battle a particular class of hero can be play as described in the above table. Like an Epic Hero rarity with Rare Skin, can play a maximum of 402 battles to give you the earnings. After that, one can play with the Hero, but cannot earn THC/THG from the wins. Therefore, it is important to know the potential the particular Hero has before deciding on buying it. There are other factors such as Hero level and Trophy class to compare.

Thetan Arena Beginners Guide

This is basically, all about Thetan Arena and how the Play2Earn mechanics works. Our suggestion would be to get good control of the gameplay in the game using the free heroes and try to figure out a strategy to win the games. Winning is a very important factor to earn good and this requires skills and strategy. Once, you get good at the game mechanics, invest money to buy heroes or opening boxes, and then capitalize on your investments.

That’s all for today’s Thetan Arena beginners guide. Did you find our Thetan Arena beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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