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Three Skies Beginners Guide and Tips

A complete guide for your dungeon clearing adventures!

Three Skies is a story-driven strategic RPG via Shiny Box LLP that promises to deliver a complete RPG experience and has features such as character customizations, endless dungeons, and a total of around 60 characters to choose the main commander from. The game highlights the uniquely developed monsters which can be encountered throughout the journey. Three Skies is all about the story-driven strategic RPG that contains challenging non-linear dungeons, turn-based elemental combat, and highly customizable heroes. In this Three Skies Beginners Guide.

Gameplay Overview

Three Skies has a story-driven plot and approach to the game where there are different sequences in terms of memories with each having its own monsters and story. As of now, players can explore over 80 hours of story-driven content. Developers have decided to make the game an ever-growing game with new stories being included in terms of memories with every update of the game.

The missions and stories are diverse in nature with each offering plenty of different quests and challenges added to the game. Want to wander off the beaten path? Treasure Hunts, Realms, Excavations, and Raids are just some of the additional quest modes you’ll discover.

Experience both PvP and PvE combat

The game offers both PvP and PvE gameplay options for players to explore. There are ample amount of tournaments and events that take place and are held by the developers to test the combat power of players and make them evaluate where they stand amongst the other players in the game. There are certain PvP dungeons that can only be unlocked once you have enough experience points in the game and offer great challenges through the matchmaking process.

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

In terms of PvE, there are countless opportunities in terms of enemies you can encounter in the game. Face challenging strategic trade-offs with each journey into over 120 handcrafted dungeons. The enemies keep on coming as deep you progress in the various dungeons. Treasure Hunts, Realms, Excavations, and Raids are just some of the additional quest modes you’ll discover. Defeat other Commanders in the PVP Arena to earn your way up through the Leagues, there are many opportunities to challenge yourself against the various opportunities the game throws your way.

Understanding the combat system

To give a brief summary the combat system is turn-based, with the speed of the character determining which character would strike first and the strength with toughness defining what the outcome of the match would be. In terms of features and complexity, the game is pretty easy to play even for new players venturing out in the Turn-based RPG’s direction.

There are up to 3 characters that can be used per fight excluding the commander, which makes it a total of 4. For each player, there are certain specific action cards in the right bottom side of the screen which can be cast to deliver devastating damage to the opponent or heal the teammate. The gameplay is simple with nothing too fancy, just like another Turn-based RPG.

Three Skies Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come across the following quick tips and tricks for helping new players venturing out to try the game.

1. Utilize the Town to its fullest potential

The town, in the main menu, offers a sort of safe spot for the characters to level up and heal their health points before venturing back into adventurous paths. The townhouse features many useful buildings and amenities which can be used for different purposes like the arena where you can fight PvP battles resulting in you getting better equipment and rewards, which will be very helpful in progressing further in the storyline.

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

You also have barracks where you can organize your squad and decide who will be the commander of the troop. Then you have a shrine where you can pray to get rid of the ailments and fatigues from a returning battle.

The tavern can be used for sending out troops for having better quests to their name afar from your lands. You can also assign naval contracts to them later on in the game. Arcane Library can be used to upgrade the skillsets of the troops and finally, the blacksmith can be used for crafting better quality gear for the troops.

2. Be sure to participate in Dungeons for better rewards

The game, Three Skies banks on the Dungeon concept and has many uniquely developed monsters in form of final bosses to compete against. As stated before the game has a story-based approach to the gameplay. Dungeons in the game are the primary way of having more loot to your name, it also helps to hone the skillsets and levels of the commanders in your army of warriors.

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

Dungeons in the game as said before are the primary source of quests, hence they come in a variety there are multiple dungeon modes in the game, farming, boss, village, and many more. Story dungeons are a necessity to clear as they are linked to the story, the rest are optional.

Framing dungeons keep on spawning hence the reliable source of resources thus the name farming. Village dungeons can be played for better equipment and boss dungeons for as the name suggests to pick a boss duel.

3. Collect and Train your pack of heroes

Heroes are very important in the game they can decide your winning percentage in a duel. The usefulness of the heroes can be decided by looking at the base attributes reflected on the character cards in the barracks of town. Heroes are divided into different tiers, and it is a bit hard to understand which character is better than which one. However, we have articulated our own tier list for the best characters which you should not miss should you wish to know who the better characters are in the game.

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

New heroes can be either summoned or collected as shards from completing quests and dungeons in the game. A newly recruited hero can learn up to 8 skills in the game while reaching the maximum level. The talents are the special attacks that are special to every character in the game. The talents of the characters can be viewed from the side section of the character menu.

4. Travel through different Zones to pick up different quests on the line

Travel options present in the main town can be used by the players to pick up interesting side quests and story-related missions. Each quest obviously rewards the players with some in-game resources and other valuable crafting materials through which players can upgrade their troops and level up them to stand a better chance of survival.

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

As you will progress down the line with the story, you will unlock more opportunities and quests offering more rewards and better equipment. The tavern can also be used for quests but the rewards there are overshadowed by the ones available with Travelling.

5. Complete Daily Quests to rack up Experience points

Three Skies Beginners Guide, Three Skies
Image via Shiny Box LLP

Daily quests are repeated quests that are in place for players to get experience points and new equipment from the completion of the missions. As stated before they are repetitive in nature hence it helps the players to have a reliable source of new quests every week in order to keep on improving the squad through leveling up which requires in-game resources.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would like to add that despite having a unique collection of monsters and around 860 plus characters in the game, Three Skies gets repetitive real quick. If you are a real fan of classic turn-based RPGs you will find the game appealing else not. The quests and dungeons have more or less the same concept behind them, which does not take anything away from the age but surely makes it more repetitive than it should’ve been. With that being said, we hope that this Three Skies Beginner was able to help beginners with some basic tips and tricks.

Did you find this Three Skies Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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