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PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration: Tips to become Spider-Man in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

Swing your way into Erangel with Spider-Man

After the recent launch of the superhero movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, PUBG Mobile announced that they are going to collaborate with the film. They confirmed this on their social media handles. PUBG Mobile is known for its exclusive collaborations with big films and titles, just like they did with Godzilla vs Kong, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil, etc. Along with the new collaboration, a brand new in-game mode named the Spider mode is set to come in the game. In this mode, players will be able to get spiderman’s power and use those powers in the classic mode. This mode will come in the version 1.8 update of PUBG Mobile. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways to become Spider-Man in PUBG Mobile.

About Spider Mode in PUBG Mobile

It will be a theme mode in the game, players will have to select this mode to play in the classic mode. It will replace the Mirror World mode in PUBG Mobile. In the plane path animation at the starting of a match, players will see spiderman trying to maintain his balance on the top of the airplane.

Spider-Man PUBG Mobile
Spiderman on the plane

Players will see small shopping trolley logos on the map. Those logos are basically loot vending machines where players will be able to redeem in-game items like utilities, guns, ammunition, tactical gadgets using a currency named golden coins. These coins can be found on the map.

Spider-Man PUBG Mobile
Loot vending machine

The main fight will take place inside the broken nuclear reactors of Mylta Power of Erangel. This location will remain the same in every. There will be an alien monster that will be running riot in that area with its robot army. Then Spider-Man will come and defeat this monster. Players will be mere spectators in this battle. Though they will be able to shoot down the robots.

Fight between spiderman and monster

After defeating the monster, Spider-Man will take it away using his webs. After that, the player will get one or two glowing red crates. By opening that players will get lots of golden coins and good loots. They will also get two Spider tokens and web bombs.

How to become Spider-Man in PUBG Mobile

Supply Crate Spider Man PUBG Mobile

Web bombs will create Spider webs which will slow down the movement speed of enemies and the player. This will be a great feature in the battle. By using the Spider token, players will get superhero abilities like Spider-Man. They will be able to climb tall buildings using Spider webs, their movement speed will increase. It will be awesome for hardcore Spider-Man fans.

Are you excited about the recent addition of Spider-Man in PUBG Mobile with new gamemodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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