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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

Welcome back Commander!

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a free military RPG game, in which the player plays as commander and leads a squad of 5 soldiers. The game is basically a 5vs5 shooting battle, in which you deploy your soldiers out to the battlefield in order to defeat the enemy. The soldiers are trained and commanded by the commander. The game is published by the famous Ubisoft Studios and was launched on 25th August 2020. The main objective of the game is to deploy a troop consisting of 5 trained soldiers on the battlefield who will face another troop of 5 soldiers. Your role will be as the commander of your troop and you will be assisting your them on the battlefield. So here in this Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Guide, we will provide you with all the tips to kickstart your journey in this elite battlefield.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide: Soldiers

In this game, you will be playing as soldiers who are all very well known characters of the Tom Clancy universe. Basically there are two types of soldiers:

  • Hero
  • Villain

There are 46 hero soldiers and 31 villain soldiers and all together they comprise a total of 77 soldiers.

Each soldier is then further classified into different roles.

Roles of the Soldiers

These are the various roles those 77 soldiers are classified into in this game.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide

1. Attacker (Pointman and Striker)

These soldiers have heavy damage output and are basically weak in terms of health points

2. Defender (Guardian and Enforcer)

These soldiers are highly durable and usually are the frontline of your squad. They eat up the damage by protecting their allies.

3. Specialist (Support and Technician)

The soldiers in this category usually act as support. They do inherit damage but its significantly low than other heroes. They usually heal and provide backup to their allies.

Traits of the soldiers

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, each soldier has a different trait. These are the list of traits the soldiers have.

  • Resourceful
  • Composed
  • Intimidating
  • Enduring
  • Dutiful

Unlocking and Upgrading your Soldiers

In order to unlock a new soldier, you have to gather intel of the specific soldier. The higher the stars of the hero, the more intel it costs. How to get intel? All you have to do is play the game and level up, in this way you can acquire a lot of intel for many soldiers. This is basically the easiest and inexpensive way to obtain soldiers. Another way is by spending gold bars and coins in O.R.B Depot to collect intel and other items. It usually comes in bundles.

After you have unlocked a few soldiers, its time for upgrading them. By upgrading it means to level them up and their skills. In order to level your soldier, you have to train them. The train button enhances the attributes of the soldier. All you have to do is spend the amount of the coins asked for upgrading the hero. After you upgrade the soldier you can see the skill rating and the level of the soldier it is currently in. Keep in mind the level of your account is the max level of your soldiers. You cannot upgrade your soldiers beyond the level of your account.

Equipping Gears for Soldiers

Gears are basically the types of tools you can equip to a soldier to have increased damage-causing capability, protection, and sustainability. There are multiple grades the gears can be upgraded if you have enough items for it. There are four slots for gears in each grade.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide: Weapons

In this game, there are specific weapons for every soldier. You will have 4 grades for upgrading your weapon. In order to upgrade your weapon you need to have enough materials and blueprint of the gun.

Every soldier specialises in a specific gun type to carry into the battlefield.

  1. AR (Assault Rifle)
  2. LMG (Long Machine Gun)
  3. Pistol
  4. Shotgun
  5. SMG (Short Machine Gun)
  6. Sniper Rifle
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide

Along with the soldiers equipped with these weapons, each hero has his/her special ability. These abilities are of three types – Active ability, Passive ability, and Leader ability. The moment you own the hero the active ability is unlocked but in order to unlock the passive ability and Leader ability you need to rank up to level 4 and level 8 respectively.

In-game Terms in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Here are the terms and their meaning that you will see on the main screen when you enter the game.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide
  1. Campaign energy boost– This item is required when you deploy your soldiers onto the battlefield
  2. Gold bar– It is one of the in-game currency to buy items and stuff.
  3. XP– Experience points that are obtained when you win a battle.
  4. Arena Energy Boost– It is used when you want to start an arena battle.
  5. Guild– Its a clan or a squad consisting of a maximum of 30 commanders, who can team up to fight in battles.
  6. Vendor– It’s basically a shop where you can spend actual money to buy certain items.
  7. O.R.B Depot– It’s a shop too, but here you don’t have to spend actual money to buy certain items. The in-game currencies are used to buy the items.
  8. Objectives– This is like a daily task, which is compulsory in order to level up your account and it gives a lot of items which needs to be collected by completing the given task.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide: Modes

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you can choose different modes of game to play for. Here are the various modes in the game.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode consists of 4 chapters and each chapter has sub-chapters too. Here are the 4 chapters under campaign mode.

  • Umbra
  • Allies
  • Underworld
  • Close Quarters

Umbra is open instantly from level one and the rest can be unlocked in levels 10, 25, 35 respectively.

In Umbra mode you can earn special rewards and it helps to earn XP points which will ultimately help you in upgrading your commander level.

The Allies mode is only restricted to the hero soldiers. You must obtain or play with a hero soldier only, a villain soldier can’t be used in this mode.

In Underworld mode, it is just the villain soldiers who can be used in this mode.

Lastly, we have Close Quarters mode. It doesn’t matter if you choose hero soldiers or villain soldiers, the guns which can be used in this mode is restricted to SMGs/Pistols. You cannot use other guns in this mode as they are not allowed.

Arena mode

This is the ranked mode of the game which unlocks after you reach level 15 in your account. The first base rank is Bronze I and it goes up as you win the matches. This is where you fight with real opponents in the game.

Events mode

In this section of the game, you can choose an event to participate which only unlocks on a particular date and remains for a certain period of time. The event comes with a special task that needs to be completed and you get rewarded for the same.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide

In order to unlock the event mode, you need to be at level 5. After unlocking the event mode, various events still need a particular level to unlock them.

Always participate in the events as they contain a lot of exclusive items and special rewards. You can also get special rewards that can be obtained from time-limited events. Do check them timely and participate.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide: Battle of the Elites

Finally, we arrive at the battlefield where your elite squad fights it out against opponents. Let’s go through the different stages of the Battle in this game.

Preparing for the Battle

  • Train your soldiers – Before you hop into the battle, always remember to train your soldiers. Training your soldier means enhancing or increasing their stats, all you need to do is spend the coins to upgrade, the game will automatically enhance skill uniformly.
  • Choose the perfect line up for your squad – By saying choosing the perfect line up means you have to choose a perfect squad for the battlefield. As mentioned above about the different roles the soldiers have, you have to choose wisely the types of soldiers you take into your squad. A perfect squad mainly consists of one defender, three attackers, and one specialist. You will be able to know how to balance your team set up as you gradually play more matches.
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide
  • Always choose the maxed soldier – By choosing a maxed soldier it is more likely that you will win the match. Moreover, it is good to max out the soldiers whom you use frequently so that they can dominate the game as they have enhanced abilities and stats.
  • Choose the perfect gear layout – It means every soldier has his own base armor, damage, sustainability, and power. Using gears greatly enhances his base stats which can be clearly seen on the battlefield. Always try to collect items and craft your gears to have a huge impact on the enemy.
  • Use leveled up weapons – As mentioned earlier, every soldier has his/her specific weapon. An upgraded weapon is always good for battle. Try to upgrade your weapon to its maximum.
  • Always level up your commander level – By commander level it means your account level. Always remember the account level is the max level for the soldiers. The higher the account level is, the better it is for leveling up the soldiers.

Stepping into the Battlefield

After you are all set, its now time to hop into the battleground. Before you deploy your soldiers to the battleground, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Always compare your squad rating with the enemy squad rating. The squad rating is determined by the levels of your soldier. The higher the levels of your soldiers, the more is the squad rating. Make sure you have a higher squad rating while facing the opponent so that it will guarantee you a victory.
  • Before deploying your soldiers, make sure you choose the right squad and the correct combat orders. You can always modify your squad and the combat orders before engaging.
This is how the battle looks like
  • Before deploying your squad if you have an option to upgrade the soldier then you must do it.
  • The soldiers have their predefined spots on the battlefield, you won’t be able to swap their places or do any sort of movements on the battlefield.
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide, TC Elite Squad Guide
You can see the cooldown of the combat order on the bottom right of the screen
  • You can go for an option to retreat from the battle in the pause menu. It means you surrendered the match and you retreated with your troops. You won’t gain any XP and rewards from the battle you retreat.
  • Furthermore, the selected combat orders have a cool down duration, use them efficiently.

Tips and Tricks to progress quickly in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

  • Keep grinding in the campaign in order to gain XP so that you can level up faster, and acquire intel to buy new heroes.
  • Always remember the commander level (Account Level) is the max level of your soldiers. So be sure to upgrade it regularly
  • Moreover, always participate in events to gain extra perks and special rewards by completing the event.
  • There’s an option to complete the mission by using Auto win token, it instantly completes the mission for you without even playing it.
  • Also, check the objectives section always, and claim your rewards timely.
  • Joining a guild will allow you to gain extra perks. By playing, you can obtain guild ranks and compete with other guild members. Guild members can donate you and you can represent your guild by participating in inter guild wars.
  • To join a guild, you must meet the minimum requirements. Every guild has its own requirement. So be sure to play regularly to keep your requirements ready.
  • Craft your weapon judiciously, do not waste crafting materials on the weapon which you don’t use or is not in need of upgrading.
  • Buy the bundles from the O.R.B Depot by exchanging the gold bars. The bundles obtained have different special items in it.
  • To level up faster play campaign mode and complete the chapters and subchapters. Difficulty increases when you finish the previous chapters but it’s also very rewarding.

Did you find Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Beginner’s Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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