Top Eleven Beginners Guide: 7 Essential tips to succeed as a manager

All the tips and tricks to give you a head start

Winning and losing is a part of the game, but winning a game in Top Eleven is not that tough. What the players need to do is follow some basics which will help them immensely. In this, Top Eleven beginners guide we will discuss the most important tips and tricks to succeed as a manager in the Top Eleven game.

1. Build an all-round squad

A squad doesn’t always mean a super strong team, the good squad may be a 90-95% rated team also, below this percentage the squad will be considered as an average one. At the same time, if the club doesn’t have enough bench depth, then they may suffer at the crucial point of a match or a season due to the suspension of players.

2. Attend matches

The trend in the game shows that there are more chances of winning if the manager attends the game. So the players should try to attend the matches whenever it is possible. They can use reschedule options to the home match to set the matches at their favorable time.

Attending a match also helps when a key player gets injured or suspended and a change of formation or tactics needed. But if they are not present during the match then It will simply replace the injured players with a player from the bench. In case of suspension through a red card during the match, the position of the player will remain vacant. So attending the match is important in many cases to secure the win.

3. Formation and Mentality

Top Eleven Beginners Guide
Top Eleven Beginners Guide: Formation and Mentality

These two things in a game should go hand-to-hand or you may suffer badly. Players need to have a balanced formation to face any kind of opponent. Most of the time they should prefer a normal mentality to start with but if they have an Attacking or Defensive formation then they should go for Attacking or Defensive mentality respectively. Hard Defending and Hard Attacking are always risky or not recommended as beginners.

4. Training and Team bonus

The next two key factors are to have good training and team bonus. Most of the managers have good teams but still, they can’t get success just because they don’t maintain a healthy bonus. Managers should keep training and team bonus as close as 10% for easy opponent and must 10% for equal or stronger opponents. Players need to keep these bonus as high as possible for entire squad. Train the players with the perfect training session to reach 10% with least energy cost.

top eleven, top 11, top eleven training bonus
Top eleven training bonus

5. Health and Morale

A player’s condition should be at least 80% so that he can play a full match without getting exhausted. If the players start with less than 80% health condition then they will get tired at half time and results in poor performance. Morale is also a very important factor for players and it has an indirect effect on the game. So before going to a match players should check the condition and morale and need to give the team the required rest and morale boost.

6. Winning bonus ($)

A winning bonus is necessary to keep players’ morale high. A good bonus will definitely motivate the players to perform well. Hence, what the players need to do is to give them a suitable amount of bonus considering the manager level as well as budget.

7. Fans and Managers’ support

Support from the fan and as well as player’s Top Eleven friends/managers are always handy to have better possession. All the players need to do is to have a good number of friends who can support you during a match. To get an extra 5% possession from fans in a game, players need to keep the ticket prices at a low rate and parking should be updated according to the stadium/manager level.

Let us know if you have some other suggestions for the top eleven beginners guide. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any doubts.

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