Top Eleven Ticket Price: Setting up ticket prices according to manager level

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During the start of a managerial career in the Top Eleven Be a Football Manager game, the managers stumbled upon many challenges at the same time, one of the biggest challenges is to manage the fund. Sometimes managers will have tokens but not enough funds and due to lack of funds, they can’t buy the desired players. There are many ways to raise or gather funds but one of the most important ones is to set the optimum ticket price for various competitions and the ticket price depends on these factors

How to set up the optimum ticket price in Top Eleven

Deciding the exact ticket price is a trial and error method. We have tested various situations and conditions for several seasons and are able to conclude that. There are two models managers can try out.

Model 1

If the club has a good win to loss ratio like 3:1 or higher and the club is doing very well in all three competitions then the ticket price can be set up to

  • 2.0x of the manager level (for level 20 manager and below)
  • 2.5x of the manager level (for level 30 manager and higher).
  • 1.0x for friendlies, Association matches, and other competitions (Other than League, Cup, and Champions League/Super league)
Top Eleven Ticket Price
Top Eleven Ticket Price (Image via Nordeus)

The picture shown above is from a level 50 club or the manager level is 50. Therefore, the manager has set the ticket price at $150 (for league and CL/CUP) and $50 (for friendlies).

Note: the manager has a great winning rate and his/her ‘manager/club level’ is way above 30, that’s why he/she is able to set 3x ticket price of his/her manager/club level.

Model 2

If the club is performing average in various competitions then managers can implement this model

  • 1.0-1.5x for manager level up to 10
  • 1.5-2.0x for manager level up to 20
  • 2.0-2.5x for manager level up to 30
  • 1.0x for friendlies, Association matches, and other competitions [Other than League, Cup, and Champions League/Super league]

Top Eleven ticket price deciding factors

  • Match win ratio
  • Situation or Position of the club in various competitions
  • Manager’s Level
  • Stadium level and Facilities
  • Parking and Utilities

Bonus tip

These are the two most successful ways to set up optimum ticket prices in Top Eleven Be A Football Manager. Managers will/may face a fund crisis at the starting of their career however after several successful seasons there will/should not be any fund crisis. And after having sufficient funds manager can set win bonuses for players (you can see in the picture) which motivate the players and have an indirect effect on the match.

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