Top Eleven: Tips to collect 1000+ Rest Pack (Green Booster) in a Full Season

Collect rest packs from every possible sources

In Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager, Rest Pack (Green Booster) is the most important booster among the three available boosters. Managers would need Rest Packs for mainly two reasons in the game.

  1. To train players for gaining skills
  2. To maintain a high condition level of the players for playing matches

Although it’s important to train players using rests, it can be seen that many managers ignore the second point and invest all the rests packs to train players. But a high-level condition of players is necessary to get a satisfactory result. It is always recommended to start a match with at least 80% (with the green bar) energy level (90% is a healthy situation), especially for important matches to bring out the best from players.

Top Eleven Association Rewards
Top Eleven: Rest Pack/Green Booster – Association Reward (Image via Nordeus)

Maximising your Rest Pack in Top Eleven

However, Top Eleven is not offering us enough green boosters or Rest Packs but many of us will be surprised to know the amount of rests packs a manager can collect in a full season (28 days).

The Calculation we are going to show is an ideal case but a pro-active manager with a good Association can collect up to 90% or more of these rest packs. The calculation is as follows

Top Eleven Rest Pack Daily Activity
Top Eleven Rest Packs from Daily Activity (Image via Nordeus)

Top Eleven Rest Pack: Rewards from Daily Activities

ActivityNumber of Rest Packs rewards
From Watching Videos for rests (25 per/day x 28 days) 700
Maximum Rest Packs from the training ground – level 12 (7 rests in every 4 days)49
Rest from Daily Gift from friends28
Rest from daily boosters (10-15)15
Rewards from the Special Sponsor (5-10)10
Rewards from Boost lab – F2P (1-5)5
Maximum no. rest packs form daily activities (Approx)800

Top Eleven Rest Pack: Rewards from Matches or Competitions

A manager can earn 1 rest pack from each match (by substitution) so,

Activities Number of Rest Packs rewards
No. of League Matches26
No. of Champions League Matches13
No. of Cup Matches11
No. of Friendly Championship Matches26
No. of max. Custom Friendly Matches (28×4)112
No. of Association Matches16
Rewards for Association Promotion20
Maximum no. rest packs form matches/competitions (Approx)200
Top Eleven Rest pack Green Booster
Top Eleven Rest Pack from Matches or Competitions (Image via Nordeus)

Now, if we get our hands on all those sources, then we can gather up to = 1000 Rest Packs (Approximately)

So, we can see 1000 is a big number which is the maximum number (approximately) of rest-pack a manager can collect in an entire season. But there are a few factors for which the number will be less than 1000 (that’s why the term “maximum” is being used). The various factors are:

  1. If the level of training ground is low the number will be less than 49 (according to the training ground level).
  2. If a manager doesn’t attend or substitute in every match of the season or if get eliminated from CL and Cup in early stages, then the number will be little less than 50
  3. If the manager’s association doesn’t become the winner of the weekly association tournament (Which is actually very difficult) then the reward will be less than 20 and will be 4 to 12 per season depending on the tournament result.
  4. If the manager is not qualified for the Friendly Championship and few more other factors are there.

However, these factors count hardly around 100, which means a manager can still collect 900+ rest packs without any worries.

Analysis of various factors for Top Eleven Rest Packs

Top Eleven  Green Boosters
Top Eleven Rest Pack Factors Analysis

So, from the above analysis, we can clearly see that the major portion of the available ‘rest packs’ is constituted by watching videos (around 68%). Therefore, if a manager is really passionate about collecting rest packs then our foremost suggestion for him/her is to try watching 25 videos every day.

Did you find the Top Eleven Rest Pack/Green Booster gathering tips useful? Do let us know if you have any trouble understanding the calculations by commenting below. We will try our best to help you.

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