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Torchlight: Infinite Beginners Guide and Tips

The Journey to restore Light and Brilliance!

It has been a wait forever for all the Torchlight fans, waiting to get their hands on the official Torchlight mobile game, and finally, after lots of tests, updates, and tweaking, a full-fledged action RPG Torchlight: Infinite is released. The game has developed into an action RPG, offering players lots of scope for customization, to choose characters, and build their stats and skills with a lot of content to explore. In this beginners guide, we will highlight the basic details of getting started with Torchlight: Infinite and ultimately being the best commander in the game.

With more and more content, it is very much possible to get confused with the complexity of the systems, and hence our guide to getting started with the basics of the gameplay for developing a better character in the game. The guide will help in understanding the basic gameplay offering and the essential aspects of the game while the player starts playing the game. The player can use the guide to explore and try out different possibilities to be a master of the game.

Getting Started with Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight Infinite has optimized the touchscreen controls well enough to move the characters using the movable joystick. Objectives and quest markers are available on the screen to navigate through the map, while different zones on the map will spawn enemies and upon defeating them, loots and rewards will drop. While exploring, more and more areas will be unlocked on the world map to fast travel.

Torchlight Infinite gameplay overview
Image via XD Inc.

In the beginner stage, following the main storyline will guide you in exploring the map and different zones, clearing which will give you enough drops and gears. These drops and gear will eventually help you in traveling through different zones easily.

Early in the game, move effectively to survive and proceed in the game. Torchlight: Infinite has been good in polishing the movement ability although it is an ARPG. Dodge enemy attacks, use your basic attack and skills effectively to deal damage and quickly clear the maps.

Mastering your Character

The very first thing to do when one enters the game is to choose the character to play in the game. The game offers 5 characters to play with their own playstyle and hero traits.

Torchlight Infinite characters action
Image via XD Inc.
  • Berserker Rehan – a melle combat specialist
  • Divineshot Carino – a ranged attack wielder
  • Frostfire Gemma – a mage who uses fire and water attacks
  • Spacetime Witness Yoga – exploits spacetime magic to deal skill damage
  • Commander Moto – summoner class fighter who summons minions to fight alongside with him

Note: The player will have the option of pre-hero trade from achievements and paid boon system which will offer them the ability to unlock more hero cheats.

Understanding your Skills

The best thing about this ARPG is the skill system, where there are 24 skill trees with 180 skills available to customize your character build to your preferred playstyle, no matter the class of Hero you have picked. Skill slots are unlocked by acquiring energy, which is earned by leveling up characters and equipping/improving gear. To do so, always get the drops after defeating enemy hoards.

Image via XD Inc

Skills are further categorized into four types: support skills, active skills, passive skills, and trigger skills. These skills can be linked to each other like active and passive skills can be linked to support or trigger can be linked to active and support skills. To identify a skill and tap on the skill icon to know the details about the skill. Skills can be unlocked as you go on exploring and completing quests. Else you can also choose skills by visiting the skill shop at the Hideout.

Utilizing your Gears

Gears are items dropped randomly by defeating enemies. Equipping these gears will help in boosting your character build, hence always look for equipping gear that helps in complimenting your character build. There are a total of Nine gear slots available for trying out. At the start, there won’t be much better item drops, but once the enemies level up, the drops would be better.

Torchlight infinite gears
Image via XD Inc

ARPG has the essence of looting items, by defeating enemies repeatedly to help build your character. Make sure to collect all the items and check that you are equipped with all the items. The equipment dropped has different tires and hence the stat increasing ability. The further you level up, the better equipment drops would be there.

Introducing Talents

Torchlight: Infinite offers Six talent panels further strengthen your build of the character. As a player, you choose up to three talent panels to boost the stats of your build. The six talent panels are as:

  • God of Might
  • Goddess of Hunting
  • Goddess of Knowledge
  • God of War
  • Goddess of Darkness
  • God of Machines
Image via XD Inc

Each talent panel further has three advanced panels which can be later selected. Advanced talent panels are more specialized buffs and also offer some bonuses too.

These advanced talent panels will be available when enough talent points are provided to the basic talent panel. The talent panel is to be selected carefully so as to have a synergy effect with your existing build. To know more about a talent panel, just tap and check the overview of the talent panel.

Knowing the Pets and Pactspirits

Pets and Pactspirits are there to boost your stats, give bonus experience, and drops. These pets can only be obtained through the Boon system of the game (Gacha system) using Primocryst currency. These Prymocryst are obtained through completing weekly quests, battle pass rewards, or real money. Pets and Pactspirits are not essential for the game, but they definitely make things easier during the battle.

Final Thoughts

Torchlight: Infinite has brought a lot of content to the table, with a lot of exploration to be done. The flexibility to almost create your own character with your preferred playstyle is something not very easily available in most ARPG games. But this simultaneously makes things difficult for many, to carefully understand the skills, talents, and gears to use them in synergy and build a strong character.

It is also important to balance between offense and defense stats, so as to effectively clear the maps. Torchlight: Infinite certainly has made things interesting with a lot of offerings, and gameplay content., making it one of the anticipated games of the year. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Torchlight: Infinite beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Torchlight: Infinite Beginners Guide! Did you find our Torchlight: Infinite beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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