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Torchlight: Infinite announces its first open beta test to begin in October 2022

The most recent CG trailer reveals new characters and settings ahead of the October open beta launch!

Following its debut at the TapTap Presents conference, X.D Inc is pleased to announce that the open beta for the ARPG Torchlight: Infinite will begin in October. Pre-registrations on iOS for Torchlight: Infinite are now open, and a CG trailer has just been released, giving players a taste of what to expect in this new installment of the Torchlight franchise. Visit TapTap Presents to see the brand-new CG trailer.

Find hope amidst the darkness in the Apocalyptic era

Torchlight: Infinite, as seen in the CG trailer, is about finding hope amid darkness. Players can experience a new story in an apocalyptic era where danger lurks around every corner, based on lore from the original Torchlight. A group of Torchlight heroes is on a mission to stop the invasion of darkness and protect innocent people who have been forced to flee their homes.

The colorful trailer also introduces key characters such as the Aemberons, evil creatures born from the Aember, and the Sparks, Torchlight’s hope. Torchlight: Infinite allows players to customize their builds and combat styles by combining various skills, talents, gear, and hero traits.

Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta
Image via XD Inc.

Each Torchlight: Infinite character comes with three different hero traits. The game also comes with 230 skills and the Six God Talent System, allowing players to progress their hero, as they see fit. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to explore the nearly limitless possibilities for customizing their hero and enjoy a wide range of combat techniques.

Obtain valuable loot and restore light to the land of Leptis with personality and charisma

Instead of relying on a stamina system or daily quests, players in Torchlight: Infinite can obtain valuable loot through grinds. The rarer the gear, the more unique and potent the affixes, Torchlight: Infinite also has an in-game trading system, where one can trade items with other players.

Torchlight: Infinite heroes, each with their personality and charisma, are dedicated to restoring light to the land of Leptis. Players will soon meet the sixth hero, Oracle Thea, a magical goddess with a strong connection to the moon. Players in Beyond Destiny can see into the future through Thea’s eyes and see the danger that awaits them. Everyone can pre-register for the Torchlight: Infinite open beta, which will begin in October 2022. They can visit the official website and the iOS App Store for more information.

Are you ready to enter a new era of Torchlight? Let us know in the comments below.

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