Total Football R10 Academy Event Guide: Tips to obtain Ronaldinho easily

Complete R10 Academy sessions to sign Ronaldinho!

Amidst the FIFA World Cup 2022 fever, all popular soccer titles have gone on to introduce special events to keep their players engaged. The same goes for the brand-new soccer title, Total Football where the developers at Gala Sports have added a host of Special Events. Among them, the R10 Academy Event undoubtedly steals the highlight. A one-day-one-task event, it revolves around the Global Ambassador of this soccer title, Ronaldinho Gaucho. In this Total Football Guide, we are going to talk about the R10 Academy event, the kinds of tasks that are set, and the rewards claimable including the maestro Ronaldinho. We are also going to share some useful tips and tricks pertaining to this Event.

Total Football R10 Academy Event Overview

Ronaldinho as we know has been roped in as the Global Ambassador by the Total Football franchise. So, the addition of in-game events allowing users to get their hands on the Ambassador Player Card is inevitable. With the Football Festival ongoing in Qatar, there was no better time to introduce it than now. Let us know in detail what this R10 Academy Event is:

  • It is a one-day-one-task event wherein you need to complete the task set for you, in order.
  • The duration of the Event is 30 days from the day you log in to this game for the very first time. You need to complete all 30 task sets within these 30 days to claim the Black Card version of Ronaldinho who featured for A.C. Milan back in 2008.
Total Football Ronaldinho Black Card
Image via Gala Sports
  • Along with that, you will be receiving rewards daily, in the form of in-game resources by completing the daily tasks. Additionally, tasks accomplished over a predetermined number of days would earn you milestone awards. Milestone prizes can be earned up to 12 times.

R10 Academy Event: Tasks Set

To be honest, the tasks set under the R10 Academy Event are pretty simple and easy to complete. They can be completed by playing 1-2 games daily at max.

  • The main goal of this event is to make you match-ready and get you used to all the in-game sections that are there to exploit. It would do so by making you go through various drills, sessions, and various other managerial tasks. So Beginner level challenges like completing a certain number of shots, passes, tackles, and upgrading a player to a higher level, are set for users to complete.
  • The challenges pertaining to passes, tackles, dribbles, and shots can be completed only by playing Career Mode Matches, Ranked Mode Matches, Live Arena, and Elite Duel.

R10 Academy Event: Claimable Rewards

Now that we are clear about the basic rules and tasks pertaining to the R10 Academy Event, let us glance through the various in-game rewards that can be claimed day-wise:

  • Day 1- Energy Drink x1.
  • Day 2- 200 EXP Card x20.
  • Day 3- 100,000 Euros + Red Card version of Ronaldinho(82 LWF) who featured in PSG.
  • Day 4- Energy Drink x1.
  • Day 5- Refresh Card x1.
  • Day 6- 200 EXP Card x20 + Messi and CR7 Pack(Allows you to pick one between Rookie Messi and Rookie Cristiano Ronaldo to sign).
  • Day 7- 100,000 Euros.
  • Day 8- Energy Drink x1 + Black Card version of Ronaldinho(82 AMF) who featured in A.C. Milan.
  • Day 9- 200 EXP Card x20.
  • Day 10- Enhance Card I x5 + Red Card FW Custom Pack.
  • Day 11- 100,000 Euros.
  • Day 12- Energy Drink x1 + Red Card MF Custom Pack.
  • Day 13– 200 EXP Card x20.
  • Day 14– 100,000 Euros + Messi and CR7 Pack.
  • Day 15– Refresh Card x1.
  • Day 16– Energy Drink x1 + Black Card version of Ronaldinho(82 AMF) who featured in A.C. Milan.
  • Day 17– 200 EXP Card x20.
  • Day 18- Enhance Card I x5 + FW Custom Pack(Black Version).
  • Day 19- 100,000 Euros.
  • Day 20- Refresh Card x1.
  • Day 21- Energy Drink x1 +Messi and CR7 Pack.
  • Day 22- 200 EXP Card x20.
  • Day 23- Enhance Card I x5.
  • Day 24- 100,000 Euros + DF Custom Pack(Red version).
  • Day 25- Refresh Card x1.
  • Day 26- Energy Drink x1.
  • Day 27- 200 EXP Card x20 + Red Card version of Ronaldinho(82 LWF) who featured in PSG.
  • Day 28- Enhance Card I x5.
  • Day 29- 100,000 Euros.
  • Day 30- Refresh Card x1 + Black Card version of Ronaldinho(82 AMF) who featured in A.C. Milan.

Total Football R10 Academy Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our useful tips and tricks in our Total Football guide on how to claim and obtain Ronaldinho easily in the game

1. Make sure to be on track with the daily tasks

Even if you miss out on a particular day’s R10 Academy task, you can always come back the next day and complete both the objectives (the other day’s and present day’s). However, the 30-day countdown keeps ticking backward from the day you log in on the very first day. Hence, we suggest you be on track and complete the daily task on that day itself so as not to miss out on the freebies.

Total Football R10 Academy Event Page
Image via Gala Sports

2. The tasks for Days 8, 16, and 30 are crucial

Do not miss out on the tasks set for Day 8, Day 16, and Day 30. Because if you have all these 3 tasks completed, you will receive a Black Card Version of Ronaldinho for each of these milestones. This would come with an Exclusive Offer allowing you to exchange the Black Card Version of Ronaldinho for a Champions Edition version. The deal would be unlocked if and only if you have acquired all three Black version cards of Ronaldinho.

3. Do not be complacent seeing the repetitive nature of rewards

If you glance through the claimable rewards across all 30 days, you will observe that the rewards keep repeating in a cycle. However, that should not stop you from going after them. When it comes to EXP Cards and Euros, you would be needing them aplenty for upgrading your Players. Most of the in-game resources claimable from this event are booster items and of great value.

Total Football in-game Trading System
Image via Gala Sports

That leaves the repetitive Player Packs. Well, they won’t go waste as well. The in-game trading system allows you to trade your Duplicate Player Cards for the player of your choice, upon meeting the Trading criteria set. Hence, make sure you make a full toll of this Event and claim the players from these reward packs, based on your squad requirement.

That’s it for the Total Football R10 Academy Event Guide. Did you obtain Ronaldinho yet from the Total Football R10 Academy Event? Do let us know in the comments.

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