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Tower of Fantasy Fei Se Guide: Best matrices, team comps and levelling materials

Grace in Motion, Stealth in Action: Dance with Danger

Tower of Fantasy will release a new Simulacrum, Fei Se, in the global version during the second part of the Ver. 3.2 update. She is a DPS-type Flame weapon with a high Shatter and Charge rating. Fei Se is a DPS, but she also works well as a Sub-DPS. She can easily break shields thanks to her high Shatter stat, and she can quickly switch between weapon charge strikes thanks to her high Charge stat. In this guide, we will learn more about Fei Se and her skills in Tower of Fantasy, as well as her best matrices, team comps, and the materials needed to level her up.

Tower of Fantasy Fei Se Guide: Character Information

She is a new flame simulacrum from Ignisville, Domain 9. Her style and reputation precede her as a well-known dancer, although she is also occasionally spotted in strange settings. This mystery works to her benefit, as she moves gracefully and wields her lotus-like weapon, Endless Bloom, in both dance and fight.

Endless Bloom is used as a lotus lamp by Fei Se throughout her performances, blending its beauty and light into her dance routine. It’s a different story in battle. She is a dangerous covert spy who should not be trifled with. Even though she is in the spotlight for her dancing, she and her fellow Shadowguard members do their best to blend into Domain 9 life.

Fei Se Cover
Image via Level Infinite

She is, in fact, the leader of the Phantom Palace, Domain 9’s shadowy underworld organization. She and her fellow Shadowguards are known as the Shadowguards, and Fei Se came to lead them to a decisive competitive triumph. As a result, as the leader of an underground group and a power player, she has a vicious side. She is Lan’s mentor and has helped her advance to her prominent position, even though she is poised to succeed her.

Tower of Fantasy Fei Se: Weapon Information

Tower Of Fantasy Fei Se
  • Weapon Name: Endless Bloom
  • Type: DPS
  • Element: Flame
  • Shatter: 14.00
  • Charge: 12.00

Weapon Effects

  • Flame: Fully charged weapons will set the target on fire for 8 seconds with the next attack, causing ongoing damage of 58.00% of ATK every second. Ignited targets receive 50% efficacy from healing.
  • Flame Resonance Increase flame ATK by 20% and flame resistance by 40%. Activate by equipping 2 or more flame weapons. This set effect also works with weapons in the off-hand slot. The effect does not stack with Flame Resonance.

Tower of Fantasy Fei Se Guide: Play-style and skillset abilities

In this section of the Tower Fantasy guide, we’ll go through Fei Se’s playstyle and break down her skill set and abilities.

Normal Attack Abilities
Open and CloseAttack x 6
While on the ground, use a normal attack to launch 6 consecutive attacks.
136% of ATK + 7.
204% of ATK + 11.
220% of ATK + 12.
240% of ATK + 13.
244% of ATK + 13.
192% of ATK + 13.
Slender CloudsJump + Attack x 6
While airborne, use normal attack to launch 6 consecutive attacks in mid-air, consuming endurance.
120% of ATK + 6.
164% of ATK + 9.
236% of ATK + 12.
236% of ATK + 12.
288% of ATK + 15.
240% of ATK + 13.
Autumn Wind and DewAttack x 1-3
When performing the first three normal attacks while on the ground, tap and hold to activate Autumn Wind and Dew. Attract adjacent targets, then deliver 432% of ATK + 23 damage to them, suspending them.
Jingling RingAttack x 5 + Attack (Hold)
To activate the Jingling Ring while positioned on the ground, tap and hold the normal attack button while performing the fourth through sixth normal attacks. The target will be knocked back and dealt damage equal to 264% of their ATK + 14.
Flying Lotus StepsJump/Attack + Attack (Hold)
Tap and hold a normal attack while on the ground or in the air to activate Flying Lotus Steps.
Fly ahead in the air continuously while depleting your endurance. When performing Flying Lotus Steps, you can change the forward motion using the arrow keys.
Falling FlowersJump + Attack (Hold)
Tap and hold a normal attack while using Slender Clouds to activate Falling Flowers. Drop from the sky, knocking back nearby targets while dealing damage equal to 124% of ATK + 7.
Dodge Abilities:
Scattering FlowersArrow keys + Dodge + Attack
After dodging forward for a few while, move in that direction and tap normal attack to activate Scattering Flowers, which deals damage to adjacent enemies equal to 348% of ATK + 18. After any weapon’s dodge attack strikes a target for the first time while the mirage created by soaring is still active, the effect of Scattering Flowers will begin to work, producing Lotus Petals and Colored Illusions.

Colorful Illusions: A Colorful Illusion when generated will add to the Wanderer’s basic Flame ATK (no less than 6,500 and no more than 10,000), converting 25% of the target’s Max ATK into Flame ATK. This increase in ATK will not be visible on the Wanderer Stats screen and has no effect on the Apex League. Only one Colorful Illusion may exist on the field since each Colorful Illusion calculation is done independently.

Lotus Petals: The amount of summoned items that are currently on the field and were created by weapons other than the Heavy Pistil will be divided by the quantity of Lotus Petals that are formed when they arrive. If the number of summoned items on the field changes after being formed, the number of Lotus Petals will remain the same. The Lotus Petal serves as a summoned object.
SwirlingArrow keys + Dodge + Attack (Hold)
Shortly after dodging, tap normal attack to initiate Swirling. Targets nearby will receive damage equal to 200% of ATK + 11.
SoaringTargets in the area will take damage equal to 3,360% of ATK + 177, and a mirage that lasts for up to 25 seconds will be created. The new talent Frightened Swan can be used when the Mirage has been on the field for 20 seconds while Soaring is on cooldown. The moment the Mirage vanishes, Soaring’s cooldown is immediately renewed. No other cooldown reduction, reset, or change effects can have an impact on this.

While the Mirage is on the field: Give the target Heart Erosion damage every second equal to 450% of ATK. Damage from Heart Erosion is treated as normal attack damage; after 5 seconds, inflict the Heartburn state on one of the targets, dealing 50% of ATK in Heartburn damage every second for 5 seconds. Every self-generated Colorful Illusion and Lotus Petal in the Mirage’s field increases heartburn damage by an extra 15%.
Frightened SwanThe new talent Frightened Swan can be used when the Mirage has been on the field for 20 seconds while Soaring is on cooldown. Remove all Colorful Illusions and Lotus Petals from the Mirage, doing damage to adjacent targets equal to 1,200% of ATK + 63 for each Colorful Illusion and Lotus Petal that is removed. Next, shatter and remove the Mirage, dealing damage to nearby targets equal to 1,500% of ATK + 79.
Unparalleled BeautySwitching to this weapon from another removes all debuffs from the wielder and delivers damage to the target equal to 3,632% of ATK + 191 when the weapon charge is complete or Phantasia is activated. Gain damage immunity for 2.6 seconds during this time (not available in Apex League).

Fei Se Awakening Traits in Tower Of Fantasy

  • Affinity 200: Avatar: Fei Se
  • Affinity 600: Simulacra Unlock Log
  • Affinity 1200: Add 13% more to the total damage. After using Soaring, increase final damage by 4% for 30 seconds for each flaming weapon equipped.
  • Affinity 2000: Simulacra Unlock Log
  • Affinity 3000: Simulacra Unlock Log
  • Affinity 4000: Add 18% more to the total damage. Increase final damage by 6% for 30 seconds for each flame weapon equipped after launching Soaring.

Tower of Fantasy Fei Se Advancement Levels

In this section of the guide, we will talk about the Fei Se Advancements in Tower of Fantasy.

Star LevelEffects
1* STARIf you have caused more than one Heartburn status while engaged in combat, increase the base multiplier of all Heartburn damage to the greatest base multiplier currently in effect, raising it to 120%.
2* STARIncrease the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%.
3* STARIncrease the number of Colorful Illusions on the field to 2. When Soaring hits a target, generate an additional Colorful Illusion.
4*STARIncrease the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 32%.
5* STARFor every Colorful Illusion or Lotus Petal in the Mirage, increase Heartburn damage by an additional 15%. Reduce endurance consumption by 75% for each Lotus Petal in the Mirage.
6* STARIncrease the base multiplier of Heart Erosion damage to 900% of ATK, double the shatter effectiveness, and adds a 15% chance of inflicting a 65% slow effect (ineffective against BOSS enemies and unavailable in the Apex League) to the target, lasting for 2 seconds.
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy Fei Se Level-up Guide and Tips

Weapon LevelLeveling Materials needed
Level 10Gold x 400
Level 20Gold x 400, Firecore x 2
Level 30Gold x 800, Firecore x 2
Level 40Gold x 1200, Firecore x 3, Nano Coating I x 3
Level 50Gold x 1600, Firecore x 3, Nano Coating I x 3, Booster Frame I x 3
Level 60Gold x 2000, Firecore x 4, Nano Coating I x 4, Booster Frame I x 4
Level 70Gold x 2400, Firecore x 6, Nano Coating I x 6, Booster Frame I x 6
Level 80Gold x 2800, Firecore x 8, Nano Coating I x 8, Booster Frame I x 8
Level 90Gold x 3200, Firecore x 11, Nano Coating I x 11, Booster Frame I x 11
Level 100Gold x 3600, Heart of Lava x 5, Nano Coating II x 5, Booster Frame II x 5
Level 110Gold x 4000, Heart of Lava x 6, Nano Coating II x 6, Booster Frame II x 6
Level 120Gold x 4400, Heart of Lava x 8, Nano Coating II x 8, Booster Frame II x 8
Level 130Gold x 4800, Heart of Lava x 11, Nano Coating II x 11, Booster Frame II x 11
Level 140Gold x 5200, , Heart of Lava x 15, Nano Coating II x 15, Booster Frame II x 15
Level 150Gold x 5600, Heart of Lava x 20, Nano Coating II x 20, Booster Frame II x 20
Level 160Gold x 6000, Sunsource x 5, Nano Coating III x 5, Booster Frame III x 5
Level 170Gold x 6400, Sunsource x 5, Nano Coating III x 5, Booster Frame III x 5
Level 180Gold x 6800, Sunsource x 5, Nano Coating III x 5, Booster Frame III x 5
Level 190Gold x 7200, Sunsource x 5, Nano Coating III x 5, Booster Frame III x 5
Level 200Gold x 7600, Sunsource x 6, Nano Coating III x 6, Booster Frame III x 6

Tower Of Fantasy Fei Se Gift Preference

Fei Se will get additional points when she receives gifts that have the following traits: Everyday Items, Saved, Domain 9.

Best Gifts for Fei Se

  • Agarwood Fan
  • Heavenly Palm
  • Legend of the Sword God
  • Inkwell
  • Screenwriter’s Blog
  • Aida Comic
  • Angela Ornament
  • Mirroria Travel Guide
  • Crown Token
  • Death Metal
  • School Idol Linnie
  • Signed Postcard
  • Silver Cookware
  • Smarty Doll
  • Warren Fossil
  • Baguenaudier
  • Panda Doll
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tailor-Made Suit
  • Vitamin Pack
  • Gem Necklace
  • Small Wooden Sword
  • Wool Scarf
  • Moonflower Ornament

Best Matrices Build for Fei Se in Tower of Fantasy

Best Matrix Set for Fei Se

Fei Se SSR Matrices (4-Set)

Tower Of Fantasy Fei Se
Image via Level Infinite
  • 2-piece Set: Increase all ATK by 18%/22%/46%/30% for 30 seconds after using any flame weapon skill or discharge skill. Only the set with the greatest star rating will have an impact on this set effect when it is used in the off-hand slot.
  • 4-piece Set: Increases all elemental damage by 28%/32%/36%/40% while equipped with at least one flame weapon. Increase final damage by an additional 20% for 25 seconds when creating a Colorful Illusion. Only the set with the greatest star rating will have an impact on this set effect when it is used in the off-hand slot.

Secondary Best Matrix Set for Fei Se

Shiro SSR Matrices (4-set)

Image via Level Infinite
  • 2-piece Set:  The set increases both damages and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.
  • 4-piece Set: Upon entering battle, gain a 20%/25%/30%/35% damage boost for 35 seconds. Reset 5 seconds after exiting the battle.

Crow SSR Matrices (2-set) + Samir SSR Matrices (2-set)

Samir + Crow
Image via Level Infinite
  • 2-piece Set: Increase crit damage by 24%/30%/36%/42% for targets with less than 60% HP.
  • 2-piece Set: Increase damage progressively by 1% upon hitting a target. Stack up to 10/13/16/20 times. Lasts 1.5 seconds.

Free to Play/Beginner Matrix Set for Fei Se

Sobek SR Matrices (3-set)

Image via Level Infinite

3-piece Set: For each enemy close, increase damage delivered by 6%/7.5%/9%. 3 maximum stacking.

Best Team Comps for Fei Se in Tower of Fantasy

The ideal Fei Se team lineups for Tower of Fantasy will be covered in this guide.

Sub-DPS Fei Se Team: Ming Jing (Onyx Tortoise) + Fei Se (Endless Bloom) + Liu Huo (Pine Comet)

Ming, Liu, and Fei are one of the finest team comps for Fei Se. Together, those three matrices scale quite well. And you can place them on anyone because they all have background effects. That ought to be your top competitor. Use a dodge attack on any weapon used after the Fei Se Skill for maximum damage. Therefore, you can use a dodge attack on Zeke or Liu when you begin spinning.

Additionally, Jump cancels with Fei’s discharge during the primary rotation. major skill is followed by a subskill. As soon as Zeke hits with his first animation attack, jump cancels Zeke’s discharge and switches weapon cancel to Liu. Once you switch to Liu, you can dodge attacks, use skills, and launch six automatic attacks.

DPS Fei Se Team: Fei Se (Endless Bloom) + Fiona (Moonstar Bracelet) + Liu Huo (Pine Comet)

Fiona’s traits Hydro focus and wellspring are essential for this team comp, and we don’t want Torrential Force. Hold Attack + Dodge combo attacks are prevalent in Liu’s rotation. In order to activate Fei Se’s skill and clones, we want to rotate with her almost every 20 seconds. The same is true with Maelstrom. Additionally, it is bad for rotation because of the 30-second cooldown. Fei Se matrices alone are a better choice for low-spenders than Fiona alone for this team. But you want Fiona and Fei Se together for high-investment players.

What are your thoughts on our Fei Se guide in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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