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Tower of Fantasy Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest Web Event Guide and Tips

Celebrate Tower of Fantasy's 1st Anniversary with the new Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest Web Event

Tower of Fantasy, the beloved fantasy RPG that has captivated the hearts of many players worldwide, is gearing up for a momentous occasion by celebrating its 1st anniversary since launch. To mark this special milestone, the game developers have released a limited-time web event in Tower of Fantasy called the “Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest”, which also ties into the new Version 3.1 “Midsummer Merriment” that will be released on August 8th, 2023. Players are in for a treat as they embark on an exciting goal to reach different milestones and unlock a copious amount of rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest: Web Event Overview

The Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest is fairly simple and will last till the 16th of August, 2023. Existing players just have to simply log into their accounts to register and claim the rewards. After logging in you have to mention your Region, Server, and Wanderer Name in order. The web event will then start giving you some statistics about your account such as the day you first started playing the game, hours of playtime, and days you spent.  

After registering you will obtain a set amount of rewards. The reward you obtain will differ based on the number of days you have played since the game launched globally. All rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox on August 8th, 2023. The rewards may include Red Nucleus, Avatar, Title, etc. You will also get a QR code that displays coordinates that can be visited on your in-game map.

Image via Level Infinite

There are certain rewards that can be obtained by every player depending on the number of registrations and goals that will be met.

  • SSR Weapon Box (50,000)
  • Proof of Purchase (100,000)
  • Gold Nucleus (500,000)
  • Special Voucher (1,000,000)
  • Red Nucleus (2,000,000)

How to create a Wish Group in the Tower of Fantasy Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest

Create a Wish Group and share the Code with your friends or other players in order to obtain extra rewards. Players can also visit community forums in order to join other Wanderer’s Wish Groups. In a Wish Group, there can only be 8 players. The Wish Group will have different missions to complete in order to obtain various rewards.

ToF Jade Pavilion Lantern Fest Wish Group
Image via Level Infinite

Players in the Wish Group would have to band together and complete certain missions in order to gain Lanterns. There are different reward milestones depending on the number of group lanterns being obtained in one Wish Group. Some rewards that can be obtained include Special Vouchers, Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, Spacetime Crystals, Dark Crystals, Gold, etc.

Are you excited about the Tower of Fantasy 1st Anniversary and its upcoming Limited Events? Let us know in the comment section below!

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