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Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Best matrices, team comps and materials required for leveling

Know everything about Lyra!

Lyra is the newly released SSR character in Tower of Fantasy. Equipped with Vespers Lyra is highly capable of breaking shields along with a decent amount of damage-dealing potential. Players need to pull in the exclusive limited-time banner using red nucleus to get this simulacrum. In this guide, we will discuss the weapon sets, matrices, and advancements of Lyra in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide: Character Information

Lyra is The administrator of the Maidelin Foundation, she is cold, mature, and goes about unnoticed, so only a few know of her. She Doesn’t worry about trivial matters, but if it gets serious, then she’ll lend a hand.

Lyra Weapon Stats and Effects 

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Lyra’s weapon which is also known as Vespers, are big arm-like structures that deal physical damage to opponents 

Element TypePhysical

Weapon Effects

  • Grievous: attacking an opponent with fully charged weapons will inflict 137% of ATK damage affecting the opponent with Grievous effect. Affected opponents take 20% more damage
  • Resonance: physical ATK increased by 20% and physical RES increased by 40% when two or more physical weapons are equipped in the same team.


1* STARWhen releasing any weapon skill or discharge, if your Guard duration will be refreshed, deal physical damage equal to 30% of physical ATK x Number of guards to the enemy. Up to 8 guards when under the effect of Benediction, and up to 6 when without it.
2* STARIncrease the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%
3* STARIncrease all damage dealt by guards by 20%, and increase the guarded target’s final damage by 15% for 10 seconds when releasing any weapon skill or discharge under the effect of Benediction Resonance
4* STARIncrease the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 13%
5* STARForgiveness Guard: After releasing resonance 5 times, receive 1 chance to negate fatal damage for the wielder and the guarded target. After a teammate negates fatal damage, they will consume the Forgiveness Guard and recover 5% of max HP. Unavailable in Apex League. Enlightenment Guard After releasing resonance 5 times. After the wielder negates fatal damage, they will consume 1 stack of enlightenment guard and recover 5% of max HP.
6* STARWhen unleashing any weapon skill or discharge, the increase of final damage and healing depends on the number of guards. Each guard increases final damage and healing by 1.6%, up to 8% for 25 seconds.

Lyra Playstyle and Skillset Abilities

In this section of the Tower Fantasy guide, we will discuss the playstyle of Lyra and break down her skillset and abilities.

Name/ DescriptionType
Normal Attack Attacks five consecutive times when on ground  
RepentanceWhen Vespers’ basic attack hits a target marked with Repentance while not using Blessing Resonance, deals additional damage. The damage does not trigger additional attack effects and is regarded as linking skill damage and weapon skill damage; Vespers basic attack hits a target marked with Repentance dealing additional damage equal to the number of Guardians (self and teammates’) x 4.6% of ATK (Max 36.8% of ATK), this damage does not trigger additional attack effects and is regarded as discharge skill damage and weapon skill damage.
RadianceAll basic attacks of Vespers that hits the target will restore 15% of ATK into HP.
Holy StrikeVespers air attack and recharge can convert 60% of the rechargeability into shield-breaking ability.
GuardFor every 15% decrease in your health or 300 weapon charge points, you can gain up to 5 “Repentance” guards (which can be generated in the background), and the “Repentance” guards last for 25 seconds. If your own “Repentance” guardian is full, the newly generated “Repentance” guardian will attack the enemy target, causing 120% of the attack physical damage, and disappear, the damage will not trigger additional attack effects.
Despair Jump + Attack
When in the air, click on the basic attack to release Despair. Each punch will cause 47.4% of ATK + 2 damage to the target, and consume 10 points of stamina, and the last blow will cause 177.8% of ATK + 9 damage and knocks the target into the air.
During the release of Shattering, if the target can be grabbed, grab the target and throw it to the ground, causing a total of 795.1% of ATK + 42 damage.
Accumulate Hold: To attack 
Hold the basic attack button to charge up to 3 stages; hitting the target will cause a strong control floating effect. During the charge attack, you will be immune to damage and control effects. Release it before being hit to trigger Phantasia.
A charged hit deals 137.1% of ATK + 7 damage. The second charge hit caused 318.6% of ATK + 17 damage. The third charge hit causes 515% of ATK + 27 damage.
FlashAttack + Hold (attack)
During the basic attack or after dodging, press and hold the basic attack to release the instant light. Each punch will cause 28.5% of ATK + 2 damage to the target, and consume 10 points of stamina
BashJump + Hold (attack)
When in the air, press and hold the basic attack to trigger 3 stages of charging in the air. After letting go, hit the ground and control the floating target. Before being hit, enter the charging, which can trigger Phantasia.
1. Deal damage equal to 237.5% of ATK + 13.
2. Deal damage equal to 411.7% of ATK + 22.
3. Deal damage equal to 649.2% of ATK + 34.
Forgiveness Guardian (Skill)When the healing effect overflows, a life shield that does not exceed 60% of max HP is generated; Vespers gains the “Forgiveness” guardian and activates different guardian effects under different weapon resonances.
Blessed Guard (Skill)The skill is replaced by Huiqi; she no longer gets the Repentance guard, but instead adds the Forgiveness guard to her teammates, and can also get a Forgiveness guard for every 15% of the maximum HP healed, and each teammate can get a maximum of Forgiveness” guard.

A guardian of Forgiveness“, if there are no teammates who have not obtained the guardianship of Forgiveness on the field, the guardianship of Forgiveness will deal 120% ATK of physical damage to one enemy unit and disappear, the damage will not trigger additional attack effects; Increases the maximum HP of teammates by 12.5% (multiple do not stack).
Strong Attack Guardian (Skill)When using Vespers to hit, immediately gain 30% of the maximum HP shield and cooldown for 30 seconds.
Fortitude Guardian (Skill)Using Vespers to hit, receive immediate healing, restores 2% of Max HP per second for 20 seconds, cooldown for 30 seconds.
Balanced Guardian (Skill) When HP is higher than 50%, shatter is increased by 20%; when HP is lower than 50%, final damage is increased by 10%, and shatter is increased by 10%.
Starfall (Skill) Leaps to the target, dealing 807% of ATK + 42 damage to the target, strong control of floating, and adds the Repentance mark to the target for 18 seconds, with a 20-second cooldown.
HuiqiSlams the ground, knocks the target in front of you with strong control, causing 807% of ATK + 42 damage, and summons up to 3 sharp edges for 75 seconds (there is a maximum of one within 2 meters near the sharp edge), this skill Can be used up to 3 times in total, with a single cooldown of 20 seconds;

When there are 2 sharps on the field, create a clear light, each time the sharp edge is touched, the target within the moving distance radius will be healed once, and the target’s attack power will be restored by 25% life; when there are 3 Edges on the field, create a nebula, and each time the edge is touched, it will deal (300% of ATK x Movement Distance / 5m ) damage to the target within the moving distance radius.
Sigh and ChantWhen a weapon is fully charged or triggers Phantasia, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder and releases the sigh and light chant, causing 831.3% of ATK + 44 damage to the target, and adding the “repentance” mark to the target for 18 seconds during the immunity to damage for 2.6 seconds (does not take effect in Apex League).

Best Matrices Build for Lyra in Tower of Fantasy

In this guide, we will discuss the best Matrices build for Lyra in Tower of Fantasy, along with all of their roles.

Tower of Fantasy Lyra Guide
Image via Level Infinite
Matrices SetEffects
Lyra (x4)Very powerful damage buffing set effect specifically for fast-hitting physical weapons, as well as boosts survivability. Alternatively, Lyra’s 2-piece matrix set is also very good.
Samir (x2), Crow (x2)Vespers will have no problem maintaining the damage buff with its fast attacks, paired with Crow’s High damage matrix set when you have high crit rate.
SobekA good substitute for SSR damage chips if you don’t have them. Very useful against groups of mobs

Awakening Traits

  • 1200 Points: increase HP of all team members by 12.5% (works when blessing resonances is active)
  • 4000 Points: While you have Blessing Resonance active, increase the HP of all team members by 12.5%, does not stack. Increase your own HP by an additional 12.5%. Each time you successfully release a skill while having Hyperbody, or your health is greater than 50%, provide 12 seconds of Hyperbody to all allies.

Gifts Points 

Increases awakening points when gifted to simulacrums : 

  • School Idol Albis: 60 points
  • Ultimate warrior otter: 60 points 
  • Mirroria Toy Bricks: 30 points
  • Moonflower Ornament: 30 points
  • Rabbit throw pillow: 30 points

Best Team Comps for Lyra in Tower of Fantasy

These are some of the best team compositions for Lyra so far : 

Optical Damage Team


This is the Highest damage output team so far. Lyra’s healing combination with Lin’s passive and Claudia’s debuff to enemies will make sure to wipe out every enemy on sight. The only con this team has is its SSR characters as all of these are only available in the limited-time event banners

F2P Team

DamageOff-Field DPSBuff and Support

One of the more affordable team compositions for Lyra this team is based more around off-field damage and buffing on-field characters. This is easily one of the best affordable teams as both Crow and Shiro are playable since global release and players can easily buy them from the shop using tokens.

Heal and Support Team

DamagePassive HealShields and Healing

This team composition is based more on healing and keeping the active character alive. Combining Lyra’s Benediction with Nemesis’s healing abilities and Zero’s powerful shields will make an ultimate recipe for undead characters.

What are your thoughts on our Lyra guide in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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