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Tower of Fantasy leaks reveal Lin, Lyra and Tian Lang matrices in the game files

The latest leaks reveal exciting details!

Tower of Fantasy recently released the new 2.0 Vera update in the Global server which is dubbed as a big content-heavy patch update consisting of new regions and areas to explore, new events, and of course, let’s not forget the onslaught of new Limited Simulacrum banners to be released and rolled on. As of right now, there is overall speculation about the timeline of the limited Simulacrum banners after Saki Fuwa’s banner based on the game data leaks and observing the CN server of the game compared to the Global server. Simulacrum banners also mean the releases of their respective matrices and their descriptions in Tower of Fantasy according to the November 2022 leaks.

Tower of Fantasy Matrices Leaks

According to one of the infamous Tower of Fantasy leakers, Sova_ToF on Twitter, the test servers have the following Simulacrum’s matrices in the datamined files: Lin, Lyra, and Tian Lang (Localized as Sirius in English).  They further clarified that as of now, based on the current datamined content there have not been any changes to the matrices compared to the CN version. 


Based on the CN version and the leaks, many leakers have speculated that after Saki Fuwa’s limited banner, the next limited Simulacrum to be released will be Lin. This prediction is mostly evidenced due to Lin being on the promotional official art of Tower of Fantasy along with Ruby and Saki Fuwa, two characters who already got their banners released in the newest 2.0 patch.

Tower of Fantasy Lin
Image via Level Infinite

Lin is a DPS with an Aberration Element.  She will be the first Aberration weapon to be released in the Global Server. Her matrices increase attack and boost her damage exclusively


Tower of Fantasy Lyra
Tower of Fantasy Matrices Leaks (Image via Level Infinite)

After Lin’s banner, the next Simulacrum speculated to be released would be Lyra. Lyra is a Support weapon that heals while also dealing Physical damage. The matrices increase all types of attack, boost Physical damage, and also increase the healing received. 

Tian Lang

Tower of Fantasy Tian Lang
Image via Level Infinite

Finally, Tian Lang would be the last character to be released after Lyra. From the data leaks, his name has been translated to Sirius for the Global Server.  Tian Lang is a DPS dealing Volt damage to his enemies. His matrices boost Volt Damage exclusively

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy Matrices Leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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