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Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for November 2022

Choose the most powerful characters from this list and decimate your enemies!

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Level Infinite for Android, and iOS. Simulacra are the in-game weapon characters are ancient heroes whose respective consciousness have been transferred into Artificial Intelligences which the player can equip. Once a Simulacra has been unlocked, the player can summon it, thereby outfitting the character. The character of the player will then take on the shape, traits, and personality of that Simulacra. Fret not, we have summarized all the Simulacra from Tower of Fantasy according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Simulacra and Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

As opposed to the general concept of having characters and weapons independent, the game has combined the characters which are the Simulacra with their signature weapons, so technically you are only pulling for the weapons on the gacha banner.

The game also freely allows you to use any weapon on any character without any limitations. At this early stage of the game, most of the game content can be cleared by even SR characters; the only instances where you require powerful characters are in Bygone Phantasm, Apex League, and Void Rifts as of now, and for these, you should refer to a tier list.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for November 2022

The tier list provided here is based on the overall viability of a character in the long run and the current meta as compared to other characters. The tiers are broken down ranging from S+ to B where the S+ tier is highly recommended for characters and the characters in the B tier is not that good and there are other alternative options to choose from.

TierCharacter Weapon AssociatedElement
Overpowered (S+)Nemesis VenusVolt
Strong (S)SamirDual EM StarsVolt
Strong (S)MerylRosy EdgeIce
Strong (S)TsubasaIcewind ArrowIce
Strong (S)KingScythe of the CrowFlame
Good (A)Coco RitterAbsolute ZeroIce
Good (A)CrowThunderbladesVolt
Good (A)ShiroChakram of the SeasPhysical
Good (A)ZeroNegating CubeFlame
Good (A)HumaMolten Shield V2Flame
Good (A)EnePummelerIce
Fair (B)EchoThunderous HalberdVolt
Fair (B)PepperStaff of ScarsVolt
Weak (C)HildaThe TerminatorIce
Weak (C)Bai LingNightingale’s FeatherPhysical
Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List for November 2022

Best Meta Simulacras for Tower of Fantasy in November 2022


Nemesis is the best support for Volt teams as she not only provides decent healing across the team but also has passive ranged DPS capabilities in her kit, on top of this at base zero-constellation she will give a 20% Volt damage buff that can be further enhanced by unlocking more constellations.

Image via Level Infinite

Overall, Nemesis is a prime character to choose if you are focusing on Volt teams and she synergizes with nearly all Volt characters. Her downsides include being locked exclusively to Volt teams for maximum potential even when her kit is so strong at higher levels. Nemesis is a limited banner character which means she can be only summoned by using Red Nucleus, which might be better saved for an upcoming DPS instead of a support.


King is easily one of the best DPS Shieldbreaker in the game according to the current meta. His element type is Flame and has good AOE attacks in his kit that are quite effective on various kinds of enemies and bosses. Once his constellations are obtained they empower him greatly, and at one star he can apply a powerful DOT debuff, which makes him a prime character to have in your arsenal.

Image via Level Infinite

King is very powerful on his own but to reach that damage potential he needs to execute combos effectively; however, he is prone to combo interrupts, which is a DPS loss in rotations and requires a certain level of skilled gameplay.


Samir is a fast-attacking Volt-type DPS and is one of the most agile characters in the game in terms of battle movement. Her kit includes unique Aerial attacks and charge attacks that not only provide her with a window for quick dodges but even allow for position correction when needed.

Image via Level Infinite

Samir’s fast-paced battle style also has a downside in that she requires good movement control; otherwise, you might waste a few seconds during the wrong combos. She does have skill for long-range attacks, but in most situations, it is not worth it since the damage is quite low and instead you can switch to another character. The best thing about her is that she is a capable DPS at just zero-star and can serve the attacking role well enough.


Meryl is quite similar to King, but instead of being a DPS she is a Tank and her debuffs include freeze and stun. Her attacks are relatively slow as compared to other characters, but her shields and crowd control capabilities more than makeup for it. In the Apex League, Meryl is one of the best characters for challenging other players and also the worst enemy to face when you are against her.

Image via Level Infinite

Her ultimate gives her a powerful shield and stuns the enemies, not to mention the movement speed reduction and an ice-like cage that can block them from leaving. Her normal skill also makes her ignore crowd control debuffs, which means once initiated it’s quite hard to stop the combo. Meryl not only suffers from having a slow attack speed, but even her skills also take time to initiate, which makes her a bit clunky in team rotations.


Tsubasa is the only safe choice in the long run because most of the characters in the current meta will get outclassed by new limited characters once they arrive but her kit includes a unique skill that has some uses in specific scenarios. She has a team buff ability that unlocks at one star and increases greatly again at six-star providing a 24% and 40% boost respectively, this boost is very crucial in some specific instances like in Bygone Phantasm and more.

Image via Level Infinite

Aside from this she is also a powerful character and has AOE skills that can deal a considerable amount of damage. The only downside in her kit is that certain conditions have to be met before the team buff can be applied and has weak normal attacks.

Coco Ritter

Coco is a healing-type support character and at the start can provide decent healing but at base zero-constellation, that is all she can do, currently, most of the characters in the game fill more than one role at a time, and for Coco to be exclusively just a healer is certainly not worth a spot in the team rotations.

Image via Level Infinite

She also has damage increase buffs in her skill along with crowd control capability but all of these and a good portion of her kit’s scaling like energy recharge and healing increase is locked behind certain constellations, which for the average player is quite hard to obtain as of now. Her element is Ice and she does have access to the skill Ice Shell that all Ice characters share which can freeze enemies. Overall she is a good enough healer for the early game, but in the future will get overshadowed by better healers.


Image via Level Infinite

Huma is primarily a Tank-type character and has a unique weapon that can change forms at will from either Shield to Axe or Axe to Shield accompanied by a good chunk of AOE damage. Just like Samir, she is also very viable at just base zero-constellation; however, tank-exclusive skills like Taunt are not very useful in actual combat scenarios. Her constellations are very powerful and can unlock a myriad of buffs and debuffs in her kit. Overall, she is a good character to be used in the game if you have her.


Image via Level Infinite

Crow is a Volt-type DPS and is similar to Samir, but instead of a Gun holds a Twin Sword and has a flashy playstyle. He can also break shields effectively with the right maneuvers. His constellation can unlock some very powerful stat boosts based on HP%. Overall a great character to invest in but is hard to play efficiently as he requires good mechanical skills.


Image via Level Infinite

Shiro is primarily an AOE damage dealer and has some decent crowd control that will pull enemies in a certain range to be then shredded with attacks. At higher constellations, she can become very good at dealing with some situations. She is also a good enough shield breaker, but others can do a better job than her at a higher level and her skill range is a bit difficult to execute. 


Zero is a greater healer and in terms of healing is close to Coco. His kit primarily focuses on his weapon, which needs to be gained over time in order to boost its effectiveness. He can also provide decent shields for himself and his team with his Skill.

zero tower of fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Zero is a good character for the long run because with constellations he can unlock a lot of powerful abilities like team-wide buffs and can also work as a sub-DPS that can compete with other DPS in the tier. At max constellations, he is pretty much a one-person team, as he can fulfill all the roles by himself.

Final Thoughts

The game was released just a few days back and the current meta is heavily based on the already running Chinese version of the game the Global version has gotten some tweaks which have changed things now and might do so down the line. So test your characters on your own and try to form synergized teams.

What do you think about this Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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