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Tower of Fantasy: Tips to unlock the Monocross in the game

Now move from one place to another in a cyberpunk horse!

Tower of Fantasy, the latest MMORPG made by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Level Infinite, is making progress as players are slowly making themselves adapt to the game’s ecosystem and missions and quests. Tower of Fantasy also offers a vast map with details and quests at every corner of the game. However, it might be tiring to talk all the way, doing all that climbing and waiting for the jetpack to cool down. A mount can help relieve the hurdle of moving from one place to another.  Monocross, often dubbed a cyberpunk horse, is a beautiful mount of the game. In this article, we will cover how to unlock Monocross.

How to unlock Monocross in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beast VII Mounts
Image via Level Infinite

As mentioned in a previous post about this mount (Monocross) in Tower Of Fantasy, it requires a total of 4 parts to make it complete. Here are the details on how to retrieve those parts and unlock Monocross.

  1. Unicorn Power Core: This part can be retrieved by following this guide about completing a hidden quest line.
  2. Unicorn Bionic Frame: This part can be found inside a base off the coast at Northern Warren along the coordinates 664 -1236. This base can be entered from the top. The door will require a passcode to open. The passcode for this door is 7092. The base is guarded, so try to stay undetected the whole time.
  3. Unicord Cyberlimbs:  This part can be found in a supply pod in Central Warren, along the coordinates 938, -403. But the supply pod won’t open until halfway thru day 11 of the game. These pods are guarded by 3 treasure guards.
  4. Unicorn head:  This part can be found in one of the rare drops from Devotees This part can be hard to find. You can find Devotees in this picture of the map below:
TOF monocross devotees
Image via Level Infinite

And that’s all you need to know on how to unlock your Monocrosss.

Did you find our guide to unlocking a Monocross in Tower of Fantasy helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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