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Traha Global: Tips to level up quickly in the game

Upgrade your character easily!

Traha Global is an exclusive MMORPG action game where the players can choose the main character as per their choice. The game offers many interesting features to the players as well. As it is a storyline-based game, players need to upgrade the characters after a certain interval of time and thus help the character grow stronger than before. This will help the players easily defeat their opponents and their troops in no time. Thus, let us look out for the best ways by which players can level up and upgrade their characters in Traha Global. 

How to upgrade and level up quickly in Traha Global

Surprisingly, players do not have any sets of resources or in-game currency that can help them upgrade their characters. Players need to indulge their character in more fights and thus then only they can end up upgrading the required criteria. These important criteria include:

Traha Global upgrade characters
Image via Moai Games
  • ATK
  • Penetration
  • Crit accuracy 
  • Variable ATK
  • PVP Penetration
  • PVE Penetration
  • Crit Penetration
  • Crit DMG
  • DMG modifier
  • Attack speed
  • Normal ATK INC 
  • Back ATK INC
  • Night ATK INC 
  • DEF
  • Maximum HP
  • Brilliance 
  • Healing power

Despite not having any resources and in-game currency to use for the upgradation of the character, the game still has the best ways through which players can easily upgrade the above-mentioned important criteria of their character. 

1. Play more of the storyline Stages and Chapters

Players must go for the missions assigned in the storyline stages for every chapter. This will lead them to indulge their main character in more fights and thus they will easily upgrade the characters. As there is a lack of a feature where players can upgrade their character with resources and in-game currency, this is the safest and the best way players can even find.

Traha Global upgrade characters
Image via Moai Games

The best part is that, even if players defeat some enemy’s troop or disciples, the character will still get upgraded accordingly. And if players fight against the main villain of the chapter, after the win the character will upgrade a lot and can even level up. 

2. Go for the different Game Modes 

Apart from the storyline modes, the game offers various other game modes to players as well that help them to keep up their interest in the game. Thus, by playing the other game modes players can also upgrade their characters.

Traha Global upgrade characters
Image via Moai Games

Players can even upgrade their character at a much better rate compared to storyline mode as the opponents and their disciples are way stronger than what players face in the storyline. For this sole reason, characters will level up themselves even more after they fight one of the dangerous creatures of the world of Traha. 

Final Thoughts

Traha Global has fantastic sets of characters and unique ways through which players can upgrade their characters. As there is a lack of resources and in-game currencies that help the character upgrade, players need to indulge the character more in fights to deliberately upgrade them. Follow up the mentioned methods and upgrade your character so that you can easily rule over the world of Traha and climb up to become the number one player with ease. 

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