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Traha Global Beginners Guide and Tips

Participate in an endless conflict between two Factions!

Traha Global is a newly launched MMORPG action game that has come into play with the best set of insane graphics players can ever witness. The mobile game gives a real-time experience for the players and thus, every RPG lover out there will love playing this game. The game has different sets of Heroes along with pets and companions following a single storyline that makes the game more interesting. It also has some game modes that help to keep the player’s interest in the game. Thus, let us continue towards the Beginners Guide for the players so that they can know thoroughly about Traha Global.

Gameplay Overview

Traha Global follows the typical RPG-style game mechanics where the players have a joystick at the left side of the screen and all the sets of fighting buttons at the right. Players have to follow up the assigned storyline missions and objectives to climb up towards the end of the story.

After the completion of every assigned mission, players are then rewarded with some of the in-game currencies and resources which will be discussed later in this piece. The best part is that the game is a multi-server-based game and thus many players from every corner of the world cross their pathways and enjoy the world of Traha.

Gameplay Overview Traha Global Beginners Guide
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Players have the options to go for choosing their own way of character as per their choice. They can even name them and play and thus it builds up more interest inside them. Players get to set up a companion and a pet for themselves. Pets help the Heroes to travel from one place to another quickly it saves a lot of time running through the open world.

The game has many different sets of game modes as well that help the players to earn more rewards and forth. The graphics are just outstanding and mesmerizing for the eyes of the players. Players can even upgrade the pets, companions, main Hero and their weapon to make it stronger.

Introducing the Basics of Traha Global


The Players can check up on their Character and Profile, players can even check on the statistics of the hero they are using and check all the details about the ATK, DEF, and Support strength of the particular Hero.


In this section, players can use the items they receive while they roam around and craft some of the weapons here. The section is further divided into three subsections:

Image via Moai Games
  • Crafting
  • Gathering
  • Craft Shop

Players can accumulate their items and make the desired weapon they want to use while playing the game. Players can even go for crafting cookery items, Blacksmithing and Archaeology.

Missions and Events

The missions and Events sections help the players to earn resources and in-game currencies. The missions and events are assigned on a daily basis, and weekly and also some of the tasks are permanently assigned which are to be completed by finishing the stages and chapters.

Missions and events
Image via Moai Games

The best part is, players can get a lot of resources and currencies that will help them upgrade their weapons and the character’s skills. Players can also receive the required items to summon Spirits, Mounts, Pets, and Companions and make one of the strongest teams to fight against the opposing clan.


Spirits are some of the legendary cards players can use to boost up or add up a new rage skill. These rage skills are very useful as they come up with the highest damage dealing and thus thrash away the enemies.

Image via Moai Games

Players can summon many Spirits which are further categorized into several classes and according to their powers themselves. In the Spirits section, players can set up up to 5 Spirits at a time for the character and thus use them while fighting against stronger antagonists.


This section helps the players to summon Spirits, Pets, and Companions mainly. The section also has a Point Shop where the players can buy some of the Companions, Spirits, and Pets with the help of Spirit points. Players can summon Pets with Platinum Coins and a single summon, costs 200 Platinum Coins.

Summon Traha Global Beginners Guide
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On the other hand, players can summon Spirits with the help of diamonds. Players require at least 2000 diamonds to summon some of the best Spirits. On a single summon of Spirit with 2000 diamonds, players will receive 9 cards and 1 rare or higher rank card together.


Guild is basically the Clan section of the game where the players can join up a Clan and play along with several players altogether. This helps in building a community between players with much trust and ethics that help them to enjoy the ecosystem with much more fun.

Mastering Heroes, Pets, and Companions

The Traha heroes are basically divided into two Clans; Vulcan and Naiad. The Vulcans are the ones who are against the Naiad and thus they believe in extreme violence to thrash down the enemy clan members into pieces. On the other hand, Naiad is one of the peace-making clans but still, they face up the wars against the Vulcan and pull down the violence.

The storyline thus revolves around the two Clans and makes it much more interesting for the players. Both the clan come up with Two female type and Two male type heroes, on the other side the same goes for the clan. Now, it is the choice of the players to select the appropriate clan and the Hero they want to play with.

Heroes Mounts Traha Global
Image via Moai Games

The best part is that players can customize the appearance and physical traits of the heroes. These types of males and females do not follow any kind of class of fighter. The game then comes up with the Mount section, where Mounts help the heroes to move from one place to another as soon as possible. Even the players can choose some of the best mounts that can help them a lot later at the higher stages of the game.

Then comes the Pet, where the players move along an ally all the time while roaming in search of a mission in the world of Traha. These pets also come up with the best sets of skills so that they can even help in fighting the heroes. Companions serve the same purpose but they do not move all the time. The heroes come up with an option where the players can summon the companions while the battle begins and thus get another ally side by side to fight easily.

Upgrading the Skills of the Heroes

Players can easily upgrade the Core, Enchanting, Trinket Slot, and Engrave so that this will boost up the powers of the character and thus help them to defeat the villains in just a few seconds. The most important thing to upgrade is the Core, as it is the most integrated part for the heroes and one of the best sources to provide them further energy to fight back the villains.

Upgrade Heroes Traha Global
Image via Moai Games
  • Tap on the menu icon present at the top right corner of the game screen. Search for the Upgrade section and directly go inside the section.
  • Select the Core option and move inside it.
  • Select the Tier and Type of the Material you want to choose. Further select the Weapon, Trinket, or other material you want to use.
  • After selecting, tap on the Upgrade Core and use up the required Gold coins to upgrade the Core.

Thus after this, you can upgrade your Core and help the hero to boost up its physical strength.

Understanding the Game modes

The game allows some fascinating game modes for the players such as:

  • Field Boss: This section has some pre-fixed strong villains which are so strong that even the strongest villain of the storyline will struggle to defeat them. Players have to defeat these monsters with their pets and companions to earn lots of precious rewards and in-game currencies to upgrade themselves further into the game.
  • Dungeon: The dungeon is somewhat a lot similar to the Field Boss section. Here, the storyline villains are being assigned with enormous powers which are to be dealt by the team of Traha Global players. This also comes up with one of the best sets of rewards for the players.
Game modes Traha Global
Image via Moai Games
  • Battlefield: This is a very interesting section as layers are being assigned with some of the side storylines within a boundary of the land area. Players have to complete the assigned tasks and objectives to fulfill and conquer the battlefield. Players can even earn a lot of diamonds and platinum coins from here as well.
  • Arena: The arena is the area where players can compete against other Traha players. Players can fight with the other teams and thus compare their position around the world. This will help every individual to understand their flaws and soon as they rectify them, they will become stronger than before.

Resource Management

The game has mainly four currency which is the most important required by the players:

  • Gold: Gold is the widely earned reward from the game. This is mainly utilized to upgrade the skills, core, enchanting, and other important aspects of the game which are to be upgraded to help out the character to become stronger.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are quite a rare currency that helps in summoning  Spirits for the players. Summoning spirits are very important as a rare kind of Spirit can help the players to add up some of the best sets of rage attacks that will just trash the enemy troop.
  • Platinum Coins: These coins also help in Summoning pets and companions. Summoning pets and companions are much more important as they are the eBay sets of allies that are to be used by the players alongside the hero. These are required as pets and companions to provide the best set of support to the player while fighting against the villains.
  • Spirit Points: The Spirit Points help the players to buy Spirits from the Spirits Shop present in the Summon section. Spirits are very useful and thus players can save these points to buy out the best spirit for their hero and come up with one of the best sets of rage attacks.

Traha Global Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips in our guide for beginners in Traha Global.

1. Summon more Pets and Companions

Players must summon more of the pets and companions so that they can add up to the attacking and supporting factors and thus help the heroes to complete the stage and chapter in just no time. This will also help the players to make a strong team by summoning more powerful pets and companions.

2. Complete daily Events and Missions

As a beginner, you must complete all the assigned tasks and objectives. This will help you earn more in-game currency which will help you later in progressing further into the game. Players can upgrade a lot of important entities, they can even summon the desired pets and companions with this in-game currency.

3. Upgrade the required Entities

Players must always upgrade the required sectors such as Core, Enchanting, Skills, and the Weapons which are being used by the hero. Players must also be aware to upgrade the pets and companions as they will help the hero while fighting and thus they are the most important factor of the game.

4. Follow up the Storyline and other game modes

Beginners must complete the storyline and also plate the game modes after they unlock them. This will help the players to know more about the game and thus it will become much more interesting for them. Players can even earn resources and in-game currency by completing stages and chapters of the story.

5. Choose the Pets and Companions wisely

Players must always look out for the combinations and powers of the pets and companions before adding them to the squad. Check properly and then add the best set of pets and companions or it might create a lot of trouble while fighting and the players might end up facing a loss in an easy stage of a chapter.

Final Thoughts

Traha Global is a multi-server-based online MMORPG game that has recently launched with a great banger into the minds of the players. The game has a lot of interesting features and the game does, which makes it more interesting. The storyline of the hate between two clans which is continuing from centuries to centuries is an outstanding portrayal of a perfect RPG game.

The game also comes up with the best and most fascinating side characters as well. Thus jump into your store and download Traha Global to experience the best RPG game and reach out to the top of your clan to bring the long-awaited peace. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Traha Global beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Traha Global Beginners Guide! Did you find our Traha Global beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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