UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals: The complete analysis

And it all ends here.....

And then there were two. The race for the  UEFA Euro Fantasy 2020 finals is coming to a close, with only 2 teams let in the running – England and Italy. It could go either way, with both teams yet to lose a game so far in this tournament. There can only be one winner though, so this match will be highly watched by many football fans.

From a Fantasy manager’s perspective, this will turn out to be a pretty weird team selection. The squad you build will essentially be a combined XI, and so a lot of teams will look quite similar. Luckily, we will be able to view the starting lineups before the deadline too, which is a great help. We have opted for a rather different format than usual for this article because of the fact that only 2 teams remain.

UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals


Jordan Pickford (5.9 million) vs Gianluigi Donnarumma (5.8 million)

If you have a GK that is out of the tournament, that won’t be an issue as you can of course, only have one start. You should use your free transfers elsewhere, and avoid taking a hit to get a second keeper too, as there may be more important fires to put out in your team. If you really have nothing else to do, and you may as well get a 2nd keeper, there are 2 ways to go about that.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals GK
Donnaruma vs Pickford

Ideally, you will want both Pickford/Donnaruma, for the best possible combination. The chance for a clean sheet is unlikely either way, since this is a win/lose situation, so going by save points, Pickford betters Donnaruma at 11 to 9. However, either option is fine if you have both, just go off your gut feeling on this one. Alternatively, if you’re on a low budget, a backup keeper will do too. A benefit of this is that if anything restricts the main keeper from starting, the back-up will be on the pitch – make sure to have your auto-subs on for this too.


Again, as noted earlier, predicting a clean sheet is unlikely here as both teams will be pushing for the goals. Pick up a minimal number of defenders, and try to pick those that have attacking potential too.


EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals
Shaw is having his personal best tournament with the Three Lions

For England, Luke Shaw at 6.3 million is a brilliant and must-have pick, as he already has 3 assists to his name. On the other side of the pitch, Walker at 5.7 million is also a decent pick, although this may change with the lineups. There is a chance that a back 5 is played for England, which means Walker would tuck in as an RCB whilst another RB steps in. Maguire (5.7 million) enjoyed a 12 point game against Ukraine in the QFs, with his goal from a header. Regularly, he is the one to target on set-pieces too, which means he remains a promising player too.


EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals
Emerson will be stepping up for Spinazzola

As for Italy, the injury of heavily attacking LB Spinazzola has to lead to the loss of a very great player (may he recover from injury as soon as possible). His replacement in Emerson at 5.5 million is a potential pick, although he has not yet received an attacking return. Although the Azzuri has conceded once in each of their knockout games so far, prior to that they had kept 11 consecutive clean sheets. Experienced center-back pairing Bonucci (5.7 million) and Giorgio Chiellini (6.0 million) simply thrive on shutting their opponents out, so if you are rooting for the Italians this time, look no further than these two veterans.


The midfield has a whole host of options to choose from, which is why this is the most difficult position to deal with. Both nations in the matchup offer very reliable players here


EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals
Sterling will look to add to his goal tally in the final

Of England, Sterling at 9.9 million is the instant option. He has 3 goals and 1 assist in this tournament and has had a very impressive campaign overall too. Jack Grealish at 7.9 million was a player that was subbed on against Denmark and then subbed off towards the end of the game too. This could maybe hint at him starting against Italy, although he has been preferred as an impact substitute in past matches. Bukayo Saka at 6.6 million was a heavy differential in the last match as he assisted one of England’s goals (or own goals). Southgate definitely seems to be quite fond of the youngster, and he could still be starting, or even just featuring against Italy.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals
Chiesa, the secret weapon of Italy

Italy also has many good options for this role. Insigne at 8.7 million and Chiesa at 7.4 million both appear to be the preferred wingers for Mancini, and both provide strong threats coming in from the wings. Nicolo Barella at 7.5 million is also a decently priced option too and could turn out well for owners. As for differentials here, Berardi could be a shout, despite not being a starter for Italy at the moment. If the game does run over 90 minutes, Berardi is someone likely to be subbed on for fresh legs, he brings energy in the later stages of a game and that could be key for point returns.


Harry Kane (11.6 million) vs Ciro Immobile (10.2 million)

EURO 2020 Fantasy Finals
Immobile vs Kane

There are only two options that stand out greatly here and are both must-haves at this point: Kane and Immobile. Both are expensive assets but both are dangerous goal threats for their nations. A 3rd forward is not necessary, but if you must, Belotti (7.9 million) is the ideal choice. Southgate is unlikely to sub out his strongest penalty taker since this match has all the possibility of being taken to penalties. As for Immobile, the situation is slightly different, which means Belotti can still play a few minutes and earn at least 1 pointer. It’s always better than nothing!

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