UEFA Euro 2020 Fantasy Beginners Guide and Tips

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All the club competitions have ended a couple of days ago and football fans around the globe will be now looking forward to the long-awaited Euro Cup 2020. The fantasy fans will also be landed with their teams to take part in the Euro fantasy competition. Fantasy Football is the game that lets the managers build their dream team with a handful of budget €100. The managers will compete with each other based on their players’ real-life performance. Euro Fantasy is much similar to Champions League Fantasy with minor/little tweaks. One who has played UCL Fantasy or Fantasy Premier League will have no problem walking through this Euro Fantasy competition. However, we will discuss from zero to the advanced level along with group analysis, so that no one has any issues playing this game in this UEFA Euro 2020 Fantasy Beginners Guide.

Euro Fantasy Matchday & Deadlines

Euro Cup completes with seven matchdays therefore there will also be 7 matchdays in the Euro fantasy game. 3 matchdays in the group stage and 4 matchdays in the knock-out stage.

MatchdayTournamentDeadline DayDeadline Time
Matchday 1Group Stage11th June21:00 CET/19.00 GMT
Matchday 2Group Stage16th June15:00 CET/13.00 GMT
Matchday 3Group Stage20th June18:00 CET/16.00 GMT
Matchday 4Round of 1626th June18:00 CET/16.00 GMT
Matchday 5Quarter-Final2nd July18:00 CET/16.00 GMT
Matchday 6Sefi-Final06th July21:00 CET/19.00 GMT
Matchday 7Final11th July21:00 CET/19.00 GMT

Team Selection

Balancing the Budget

A manager will have a €100 million budget (initially) to buy 15 players to start with. Thereafter the budget will rise to €105 from Round of 16 (R16).

Euro Fantasy the team of 15 players

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards
Euro fantasy

Maximum Players from a Nation

There is a variable rule for picking up the maximum number of players from a particular nation and the number increases with the progression of the tournament.

  • Group Stage ~ 3 max players from a nation
  • Round of 16 ~ 4 max players from a nation
  • Quarter-Final ~ 5 max players from a nation
  • Semi-Final ~ 6 max players from a nation
  • Final ~ 8 max players from a nation

Squad Management

Selecting the Starting XI

From the 15 men squad, you need to decide/pick your starting XI (according to fixture) and save the team before the deadline ( kick-off time of the 1st match of the matchday) of the particular matchday. This rule follows throughout the tournament. In case any of your starting XI players don’t take part in the match then he will automatically be subbed off with the bench player [without breaking the formation rule]. We will discuss this more in detail in the substitution section.

Tip: The players who have matches at the starting of the matchday, keep them into starting XI, and those who have matches nearing the end of the matchday keep them on the bench.


You can select any formation as long as your starting XI has at least 1 GK, 3 DEF, 2 MID, 1FWD. However, the typical formations are as follows 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 5-4-1 and, 5-3-2.

Captain Selection

Selecting the perfect captain is very important in fantasy games as the captain’s points will be doubled for the matchday. Therefore, a captain will make a huge difference in the leaderboard. So, Pick/select your captain wisely.

When all the games of 1st day of a matchday are over, and before the start of the games on the 2nd day of that particular matchday, you can sub-out of change/switch captaincy to another player who hasn’t played yet within the matchday. If your preselected captain has not performed well, this gives you the chance to double the score of a different player you think will perform better in that matchday. But be aware of this note mentioned below about the captaincy.

Note: If your captain doesn’t play on a particular match day, and you haven’t made any subs during that matchday, your captain will be automatically subbed out. However, his replacement won’t get the captain’s double-points bonus. If your captain doesn’t play in a matchday where you’ve made other substitutions, your captain won’t be subbed out – and none of your players will score double for that matchday.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Substitution Rule

There are two types of substitutions

  • Manual Substitution
  • Automatic Substitution

Manual Substitution

Between the matchdays, you are free to do as many changes as you want. But you need to make sure all changes are made before the start of the next matchday,

  • Can substitute up to 4 players who are yet to play. Players who are out of the first eleven will get 0 points
  • Only the current captain points will be doubled
  • Changes made to the squad can not be reversed
  • Any changes to the squad need to be done before the final matchday
  • If any player in the squad does not play in the actual matchday, will not be subbed out automatically

Automatic Substitution

  • Sub goalkeeper will be getting in if the squad’s goalkeeper does not play
  • Outfield players will be subbed out with the highest priority substitute if they do not play
  • Switching the priority order after the start of matchday will take it as manual substitution and result in automatic substitution failure

Transfer Rule

PhaseNumber of free transfers
Before tournament startsUnlimited
During group stage2 per matchday
Before round of 16Unlimited
Before quarter-finals3
Before semi-finals5
Before final5

Note: Unused free transfers will only be valid for the next matchday

Using your Chips


It gives the ability to make unlimited transfers with the general rule for automatic and manual substitutions. Transfers made ahead of the matchday and transfer made previously with point deductions will be canceled upon activation of the Wild Card. This can only be used once.

If you have already made transfers prior to a matchday before activating your Wildcard, those transfers will be cancelled, along with any points deductions.


Activating Limitless will give the ability to do free transfers for the same match day without any budget constraint. However, after the matchday is over, the squad will come back to the previous state. general rules for automatic and manual substitutions still applicable. Limitless can only be used once. Thus Limitless allows,

  • Bringing in premium players at your will without any budget restrictions
  • Your squad will revert back to how it was before you activated the Limitless chip after the matchday

Ofcourse, you can use your Wildcard or Limitless anytime you feel like, but remember the key to a successful Wildcard or Limitless squad is a healthy balance of players who will be competing throughout the matchday.

Scoring System

Points for the players vary on their real life performance

All players
60 mins on pitch2
Goals from outside the box1
Winning a penalty2
Conceding a penalty-1
Missing a penalty-2
Yellow card-1
Red card-3
Own goal-2
Scoring a goal6
Saving a penalty5
Clean sheet*4
Every 3 saves1
Every 2 goals conceded-1
Scoring a goal6
Clean sheet*4
Every 2 goals conceded-1
Scoring a goal5
Clean sheet*1
Scoring a goal4

* = Points will only be counted when they play for at least for 60 minutes

Leading your mini-leagues

So, therefore, analyze the fixtures and pick out some key options from each day, deciding ahead of time who your captain will be should you need to change it. Additionally, set up private mini-leagues with your mates to spice things up and see who comes out on top. Just by signing up, you will be added to three Public leagues, the overall leaderboard, one with other players from your country, and one with other players who support the same EURO 2020 team as you.

Remember ultimately, the performance of your own squad may dictate by when and how you use your chips. If you’ve picked up a couple of injuries or suspensions, or if your chosen players don’t appear to be starting for their respective nations, then it could be time for a shake-up. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Euro 2020 Fantasy Beginners Guide for tips!

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That’s all for today’s Euro 2020 Fantasy Beginners Guide. Did you find our Euro 2020 Fantasy Beginners Guide and tips useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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