Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals Beginners Guide with Tips

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Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals is a brand-new football title by Invincibles Studio Ltd. From the studio behind the popular Soccer Manager series, the game also has a FIFPro license for original names for players along with the customization to build the players’ team. Now available on mobile devices, players would like to know the basics of the game, along with the progress to make for a beginner. To help them out, we have come up with this Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals beginners guide with some tips to remember.

Gameplay Overview

Before going through the menu and other aspects of the game, it is important to understand what this game is. Players might get confused if they are not familiar with football games, where this game, in particular, looks like a mix of Football Manager and Score Hero. Nothing much to worry about as the beginners won’t need much time to figure out the controls or the skill moves because there are none.

The gameplay is similar to Score Hero, where you pick your passes and shots in under five seconds. Starting from kickoff, you won’t have any freedom with the player’s movement, tackling, or even applying skill moves. You have only two options allowed in the game, swipe and touch.

Gameplay Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

A swipe move is used in a passing or shooting sequence. You just have to swipe the screen, and the player will pass the ball. You will have a ‘V’ range passing option, which means only in the direction the player is facing. You do not have control over turning or moving the player from that position.

Touch is a move where you would without complete control move the player. This is only possible if the player is on the ball during the attack. Touch within the highlighted area and your player will dribble and move. Of course, he can be tackled automatically or intercepted.

Building your Club: Recruitments and Facilities

Next part we will have how you can build your club. Yes, it is before you jump into a game, but it needs a more in-depth understanding. First off, you need to build your club, with the limited options available with the badge and jersey selections. You can name your stadium and club name with anything of your choice and then proceed.

Stadium upgrades in Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

Here, you’ll find a lot of menu options to start with. Nothing to worry much, all are very easy to understand. For your squad, first, make sure you access the Squad menu. Here, you will find all your players recruited, along with the levels they are in. They can be sorted by rating, position, etc according to your preference. Building your club comes with recruiting new players, leveling them up, amenities upgrades, and the rest.

Recruiting players

Recruiting players can be done through packs. They can be gained via game rewards, Season Pass, or from the Shop which can be purchased with the help of credits. Player rarity is of five types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Elite, and World Class. Another way to get better players with a higher rating is through the Exchange menu.

Players in Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

The Exchange menu allows players to use lower-rated players or duplicate ones for higher-level players. However, do note that if your team does not have a minimum of 16 players, it is not possible to exchange your players. It works in a way where a previous level card of 6 is used to exchange a card of the next tier. For example, 6 Elite cards are needed to exchange for one World Class card.


Another way for improving your club is by upgrading your facilities. Be it the stadium or training, this will help in improving your stature and aid you in matches. Upgrading the stadium will not only increase fan capacity but also gives an advantage of reducing opponent reaction time by a slight margin when you play in your home stadium. Training is another process to get your players to match fit.

Players and Team Building

Formations, players, and tactics, all are key words when you play a football game. In this game too, players need to have a formation of their choice, which they have to pick from the default options provided. Maintaining a team is very important as they will be the ones that are going to help you in climbing divisions.


Player management becomes easy if you are having a lot of players. There you can sort players according to their stats, card tier, big names, etc. But when you begin the game, you don’t have many options, and hence it is not easy to put together a world-beater squad. Hence, getting the best out of what you have is important.

Comparing players in Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

If you are having two players in the same position, compare their stats first. Play the one with the superior stats. If he doesn’t perform, replace him. For players performing well, apply training cards that you get from training as a reward. You can also save them for the better players, but maybe do not lose time waiting for them while you hinder your progress.


Eight formations in the game allow you to have a tactic of your choice. For choosing the best one, check your player roster first. See their adaptable position, and then choose the formation. It is better to have a formation where you have multiple player options as substitutes too so that you can have a quick replacement if you need a change or two during the game.

Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Although the game’s new and there aren’t many features that the players need to remember, these are some essential gameplay and upgrade tips that must be remembered by the players.

1. Utilize the training effectively

Training in Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

Training is a very important aspect of this game. Yes, the cutscenes are nice too, but the perks you receive from the training will help in recruitment and leveling up your existing players. So, do not miss out on this drill when you enter the game.

2. Exchange regularly

Why do exchanges matter? To climb up the divisions! This is the ultimate goal of your team. For that reason alone, you should look for upgrading your team with better players. Exchange is undoubtedly the best choice to go to, as it is free and doesn’t take a huge share of your players either.

3. Pass and Play

In the gameplay section where we mentioned earlier, you have the option to pass and play, while also having a chance to move forward with the ball. Well, we suggest you not. This way, you can reduce losing the ball and also increase the pace of the game. Since the clock runs down quickly, this technique is what we see as fruitful.

4. Chop and Change

Utilizing your current crop of players in a way that all get a fair chance is a good way to test your limits. Do this frequently: different formations, players in different positions, and substitutions. This will help in knowing your players better and thus, improve your squad. Find your winning formula and progress!

5. Unlock your Season Pass

The regular season pass is not rewarding at all. For beginners, it is slow to progress if you don’t have enough accessories. So, with 100 in-game credits, the premium pass can be unlocked, which we suggest that beginners unlock so that they can get the best rewards in the early stages.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals is not a game that players have more freedom in terms of player movement or organization, but from a tactical point of view, it is a good addition to the football genre and for a change, a nice play style. Players might easily get the knack of the game within a few minutes because it isn’t filled with difficult menus or something tough to understand. If you ever find yourself stranded in the game and fail to know something, this Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals beginners guide will always be there to aid you.

What are your thoughts on this Ultimate Soccer League: Rivals Beginners Guide? Did you find this helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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