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Uncharted Waters Origin Guide: Tips to level up your Company

Here's how to level up your company!

Uncharted Waters Origin is an MMORPG game developed by LINE Games. Players are filled with exploration from island to island, country to country sailing across the vast ocean in the game. To strengthen your company, it is necessary to increase in terms of level. Therefore, here we will discuss the tips to level up your company in Uncharted Waters Origin.

How to level up your Company in Uncharted Waters Origin

To level up in this game is slightly different from other games, such as requiring some currency in the game. Here you only need to complete a few quests which means you can even get some rewards.

Uncharted Waters Origin level up Company
Image via LINE Games
  • Players need to go to a city first, free in any city. There you need to go to the Union Building. In this Union, there are 2 options. The first is Request and Limited, but for beginners usually, only requests are available. In this request, there are several kinds that you can choose which quests you want to complete.
Uncharted Waters Origin level up Company
Image via LINE Games
  • Of the many union requests, you need to pay attention to what you need to do before selecting the request, such as the objective, the content, and the rewards given. This is so you don’t choose the wrong request that you need to prioritize. The contents of this request usually contain the focus of your company. So if you choose combat focus, there will be many requests regarding combat.
Uncharted Waters Origin level up Company
Image via LINE Games
  • In addition to Leveling up your company, this union request plays a role in daily recharged energy, and the number of ships that can be placed increases as the level increases. Therefore, your company will be stronger in terms of the fleet.

Final Thoughts

The levels in Uncharted Waters Origin are quite important, because the higher the level of your company, the better you will be in terms of combat, trade, and adventure. Because the contents of Union Requests prioritize your focus, so to be able to balance it, you can change it through the company preview, and these changes can be made again after 24 hours.

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