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UNDECEMBER: The Complete Monster Guide and Tips

Outwit and outsmart your opponents!

UNDECEMBER is a brand new action role-playing from Line Games and is similar to the likes of Diablo Immortal in terms of action and features. In this game, players will have to go forward by hacking and slashing enemies and by navigating through a bunch of missions and creating their custom characters with various options available. The hacking and slashing part of the game also includes fighting through various monsters along with other enemies. To fight off these monsters, one needs to be able to differentiate between them, and everyone one of them needs certain unique counters. So in this guide, we are going to understand and break down the monsters in UNDECEMBER.

Introducing the Monsters in UNDECEMBER

Players need to fight the monsters and enemies that come in the way of their path and they need to defeat them to move forward in the game. The monsters that appear in UNDECEMBER have similar stats to the character of the player such as HP, Armor, Element Resist, etc. Players need to fight the monster till its HP drops to 0 and thus they will be able to defeat it.

UNDECEMBER Monsters Guide
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Defeating monsters will reward the players with experience points and drop items that can be later used in the game for various purposes. There are different types of monsters available in the game and are divided into grades.

Monster Grades in UNDECEMBER 

 Monsters in Undecember are divided into four different namely Normal, Magic, Rare, and Boss. Here’s out each of them means respectively. 

UNDECEMBER Monsters Guide
Image via Line Games
  • Normal: Monsters belonging to this grade have no special buffs and are pretty easy to defeat as one progresses into the game. They are the most common type of monsters that one can encounter in the field and are generally the easier monsters that appear before the strong ones come in.
  • Magic: Monsters belonging to this grade always appear in packs and everyone in the pack always has the same buff. A blue light surrounds their bodies and they appear with a random buff.
  • Rare: Monsters belonging to this grade appear alone and they are even stronger than monsters belonging to the Magic grade. They spawn with a yellow light surrounding their body and they appear with multiple buffs at once.
  • Boss: Monsters belonging to this class are the hardest to defeat and always appear at the end of a stage. They have high HP and special abilities and attack patterns that are unique to themselves only.

Attack Elements and Abilities of Monsters in UNDECEMBER 

Monsters in UNDECEMBER always have a main attack element. Depending on their grade, they can either possess one element at a time or even multiple elements at once. The Monster Elements can be classified into Physical, Fire, Cold, Poison, Chaos, and Lightning. The world map helps the players by giving them hints about which Element Resist they should use before going into battle with a monster or several monsters at once.

UNDECEMBER Monsters Guide
Image via Line Games

Monsters also possess various abilities. Some of them are common abilities, and some of them are unique to that particular monster. They can also possess either a single ability at once or many abilities at the same time. Monsters belonging to Magic, Rare, and Boss grades will always possess several abilities at once and one can never find them only possessing a single ability at a time. Though some abilities are specific to some Boss grade monsters and can’t be possessed by anyone else and some abilities can be found only inside the Chaos Dungeons and not on the normal fields.

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