Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a hack and slash action role-playing mobile game (ARPG). The game is produced by Blizzard Entertainment who partnered with NetEase on this project.

Blizzard Entertainmet is showcasing the game as a massively multiplayer online action mobile game. It takes place in the dark and demon filled Diablo universe. Diablo Immortal features several classes familiar to previous games such as the barbarian, necromancer, wizard, monk, demon hunter, and crusader – each with their own unique abilities.

Players will get the option to group up with friends to fight the forces of evil or go alone into combat. A characters strength increases as they gain experience from fighting monsters. Strength can also increase from finding new more powerful armour and weapons that come from their adventures.

There is no official release date for Diablo Immortal as of now. But Netease stated that they finished the game on their end. So it is possible that Blizzard is waiting for the right time to make the game available. We expect to see its release in the next 6 months.

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