University Empire Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Create and manage your own university and take it to the top!

University Empire TycoonIdle Management is a simulation tycoon mobile game that takes its players in as the Dean of a university and enables them to control and manage anything and everything related to running a college. University Empire Tycoon is the creation of the tycoon games specialist Spanish indie studio Codigames, who is also known for titles such as Prison Empire Tycoon and Hotel Empire Tycoon. In this University Empire Tycoon beginners guide, players will learn about basic strategies, tips, and tricks to get started with the game’s basic mechanics.

Getting Started

Players start off with a small university and are tasked with making it as great as possible by getting involved with every decision the university takes to move forward. University Empire Tycoon enables players to act as the Dean and customize classrooms however they want, hire the best professors by negotiating contracts and enhance the college campus on top of expanding it by improving university facilities related as well as non-related to studies.

Players will be able to construct new buildings and open up classrooms on whatever subjects they want students to learn. Classrooms can be customized to the tiniest of details by players as they are able to choose the blackboards teachers to teach on as well as the types of desks players want for the students to attend the classes. New clubs can be opened up to enhance their students’ campus life and new additions can be made to the large university land to keep the students relaxed as they go on with their studies.

University Empire Tycoon’s players are even in charge of the difficulty level of the college courses and the minimum grades students need to progress. Players can make these decisions based on their instinct as well as in-game information on the types of approaches that are working and the ones that are not working. Users themselves learn from their mistakes and try new strategic decisions when it comes to handling matters within the university to succeed and take the university to the top of its competition.

University Empire Tycoon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use the in-game gems wisely

Gems are hard to come by in University Empires Tycoon and it is highly recommended that players think twice before using them for something like speeding up construction. Gems can instead be used to employ the best professors to take the university to another level. Head to shop and scroll down to the Headhunter section to fully utilize the gems.

University Empire Tycoon beginners guide
Basic search

There are free packs available every 6 hours that can be unlocked after watching an ad. These would cost 40 gems otherwise if it were not for the ads and provide excellent teachers that players can assign to get the best out of their students. The professors’ players can get from here are better than the ones they get elsewhere, but they are also more expensive.

2. Finish the missions to increase your gems easily

The checkmark icon on top of the trophy icon on the bottom right corner will lead players to their missions. Players can come here to claim rewards for completing previous missions and also to know what to do next to get more rewards in the form of gems.

University Empire Tycoon beginners guide
University Empire Tycoon missions

This also comes clutch if players are lost with what to do next, something which is very likely to happen with a game with as many features and ways to move forward as University Empire Tycoon. The lightbulb icon also helps lost players make upgrades that they can make as of now to move forward with the game.

3. Be involved in competitions to earn extra cash

To get easy additional cash, players can look to making their students participate in the competitions and do well. New competitions take place every now and then and while it may seem a gamble if players can get their students into competitions where there is a high chance of winning, players will get huge sums of bonus cash in 5 minutes max.

Rewards in competition

For example, players can check what the difficulty level of the competition is before gambling with a student participating in the tournament. Players also need to ensure if the prize money is enough as a reward because they do need to spend money to participate in such competitions.

Most of the time, it is obvious if the player’s students will be able to win the competition but to ensure that they do, participating in easy competitions is the way to go. Players also need to ensure that they choose the best student for the competition, which is determined by finding the right balance between the points they have and their number of smiley faces, both needing to be as high as possible.

4. Increase how much you earn from tuition revenue

University Empire Tycoon offers many ways for players to increase their tuition revenue from the university. Players are recommended to upgrade and add university facilities and take part in the construction of more buildings on the campus to ultimately lead to more students and thus higher tuition revenue. Students can be increased by adding desks, which is encouraged if players are looking for higher earnings.

More applications can also be brought by reducing the minimum grade required to enroll. But making the courses difficult can also lead to better students with more knowledge, so there is a fine line that players must be aware of as students will be more tired if they study more. Players can tackle the students’ fatigue by improving the gardens. The recommended difficulty level of courses for students is 30% when players get started with the game. Setting academic difficulty too high and not having great facilities may lead to students quitting.

Another easy way to increase tuition revenue is by doing research in the economy section. Facilities can be improved by making positive changes to classrooms like improving student desks, providing boards to write on, or enhancing the cafeteria and gym, which help motivate the students to be more relaxed and do better. In the employees’ section of research, players will be able to unlock a lot of cool features that help in the long run. One such feature is the Time-Out which reduces all Basketball students’ fatigue by 5%.

5. Unlock the departments to get more students

As the dean of the university, players are tasked with handling all the departments of the university including but not limited to Philosophy, Literature, Engineering, etc. It is highly encouraged that players try to bring all the locked departments to their university. The higher the number of departments, the higher the total number of students studying in the player’s university. This helps create higher revenue for players from university tuition. This is done through researching subjects, but players need to make sure they have some money saved up before spending on research. This can be accessed in the Studies tab of the Research section.

6. Increase your max energy consumption limit

The game makes all the campus buildings consume energy in the form of electricity. There is, however, a maximum limit to how much energy the university buildings would consume before electricity will be paid for manually by the dean’s money at a per hour rate. Instead of waiting for the energy limit to be exceeded and having to pay up to $2000 an hour, it is always better to increase players’ maximum energy consumption limit rather than paying for the electricity bill when it becomes charged very highly on an hourly basis.

University Empire Tycoon beginners guide
University Empire Tycoon energy

It is recommended that players keep upgrading this max energy level if it gets anywhere near to reaching the limit. The energy limit can be expanded by tapping on the + option next to the lightning icon.

7. Be careful when hiring and assigning professors

A fun part of this game involves being able to employ teachers and university staff based on their merits and experiences. Professors can be hired by tapping on the Einstein icon in the bottom right.

University Empire Tycoon hiring
Applicant profiles for hiring

Players are able to see what each professor specializes in by the number of points the professors have for each subject. The higher the number of points, the better they are suited for a course related to that subject. The higher the number next to the green happy face icon, the more passionate the teacher is, which is another factor that players consider when hiring. Another fun aspect comes from being able to negotiate with teachers for a lower wage, but players need to make sure the wage is not too low or the professor will not come on board.

8. Do not forget about other staff

There are janitors and cooks within the game that players can hire for their university to ensure everything runs more smoothly. Usually, if there is a shortage, players will be notified that more staff is required for either keeping the university premises clean or for cooking in the cafeterias.

University Empire Tycoon staff
University Empire Tycoon staff

Players can tap on the icon of a person next to the menu on the top right to hire or fire staff depending on how well they are doing. Usually, players are more focused on other aspects of running the university but as the number of students increases over time, players need to ensure they do not neglect this aspect of the game.

That’s all for today’s University Empire Tycoon beginners guide. Did you find our University Empire Tycoon beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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