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Vendir: Plague of Lies Beginners Guide and Tips

Loot & fight your way through the Land of Vendir!

Vendir: Plague of Lies is the newest addition to the world of dark-theme RPG titles. The game follows up a single storyline-based game mode in which players are given a choice of a type of character they want to choose. These characters are categorized as per classes and thus players have to choose as per their desire and the start of the game. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to learn as well. Thus, let us go into detail and see how this Vendir: Plague of Lies Beginners Guide RPG game can help us pass our leisure time with enthusiasm.

Gameplay Overview

Vendir: Plague of Lies is a dark-themed RPG game where the players have to select a class character as per their desire by going through the details of each class. Players will then start with the storyline. Players can thus then go ahead throughout the map with the help of a joystick present on the left side of the game screen.

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A combat fight scene with simple fighting mechanics is included in Vendir: Plague of Lies. Players earn points for each character, which allows them to use free melee and heavy attacks. The game includes an inventory for itineraries as well as a crafting area for weapon creation. Notably, the game switches from 2D graphics during travel to a closer 3D view for dynamic fight scenes, giving characters equal opportunities to attack opponents.

Introducing the Basics of Vendir: Plague of Lies

The game has many important and basic features which are considered the main component of the game. Thus, players need to know well about them so that they can easily follow up through the game and play it with their best potential unleashed.

Mastering the Character Classes

Vendir: Plague of Lies offers four classes of characters to the players before starting off the storyline journey. The four classes are followed as:


A successor of a bard’s family that has followed up for centuries. This character has great charismatic statistics and thus gazes at the best sets of skills. Still, the character lacks some of the hidden talents such as physical strengths, and thus creates a huge drawback while fighting.


Bandit is the class character in which the character goes through a lot of rough situations from their childhood. The character faces lots of struggles such as poverty, lack of education, and food. The plus point is that this class character is one of the best ones considered in its combat skills and thus does not fear any hurdles that come in his path.

Vendir Plague of Lies Bandit
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The child of a great Plague doctor of the town, this character is one of the most intelligent players can ever choose. It is often seen that if you are intelligent enough, you can beat the strongest ones in no time and so does this character.


A character that suffered a severe Plague and at last was left to go to the doors of heaven. Later came out of the traumatic situation and became so powerful that if it lands a punch on its opponent, the opponent will just go unconscious in no time. The character is actually known for its great strength and ability to deal with damage.

Utilizing your Inventory

Inventory is the place where players can check out all the items that are held by their character. Any set of weapons, food, map, or any other itineraries just pops up in the inventory section and thus players can even use them through this section easily. Players can go to the inventory section by tapping the Sword icon on their game screen.

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The best part is that this section also shows details about Characters, Skills, and Quests. The Character section shows detailed statistics about the character in use and thus players can judge the improvement of their character through this. The skills section shows all the heavy attack skills that get unlocked by playing further. Players can even change their set of skills and set as per their desire. Quests show the assigned tasks for the players and thus by completing them, players receive great rewards.


In the crafts section, players craft their weapons and food mainly. The most important aspect of the game is that two, players need to follow some easy steps and thus can craft their items.

Crafts Vendir Plague of Lies Beginners Guide
Image via Early Morning Studio
  • Tap on the boxes present in the game screen under the Crafts section.
  • Select the items as required and then tap on the Craft option.

Thus, by following this players can craft the desired items. Players can even upgrade and dismantle the crafted items through the Upgrade and Dismantle sub-sections.

Vendir: Plague of Lies Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending a fair amount of time in the game, here is a collection of some of our best tips and tricks to assist beginners in Vendir: Plague of Lies.

1. Character selection: Analyze and choose wisely

Examine the details and stats of each character class thoroughly. Consider your playstyle and preferences; some characters may be stronger in direct combat, while others excel in stealth or magic. Balance the strengths and weaknesses of each class to match your needs for both offense and defense.

2. Crafting essentials: Prioritize food and weapons

Prioritize crafting food items, as they are crucial for health regeneration after battles. While weapons can be acquired, crafting allows you to tailor equipment to your play style. Gather resources consistently to ensure you always have the necessary crafting materials.

3. Quest completion: Early and often

Complete quests as early as possible to accumulate in-game currency (Gold). Gold can be used to purchase valuable items, enhancing your character’s abilities and overall progression. Prioritize quests that offer significant rewards or unlock new features to expedite your advancement.

4. Skill Tree mastery: Unlock and upgrade skills

Unlock and invest in a variety of skills to make your character versatile in different situations. Prioritize skills that complement your chosen playstyle and class strengths. Regularly check the skill tree for new upgrades and unlock every valuable skill to maximize your character’s potential.

5. Strategic Point usage: Think before you strike

Use combat points wisely; consider saving them for crucial moments or tougher opponents. The balance between light and heavy attacks is based on the situation; heavy attacks may be more effective against stronger foes. Gauge the difficulty of encounters and adjust your point usage accordingly to ensure efficient resource management.

6. Adaptability: Modify strategies based on opponents

Be adaptable in your approach; adjust your playstyle based on the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Experiment with different combinations of skills and tactics to find the most effective strategies. Stay informed about the strengths and weaknesses of different enemy types to optimize your combat decisions.

7. Continuous resource gathering: Stock up for the journey

Regularly collect resources, not just for immediate needs but also for future crafting and upgrades. Keep an eye out for rare or special materials that can lead to powerful equipment or unique items. Maintaining a well-stocked inventory ensures you are prepared for various challenges and surprises during your journey.

Final Thoughts

Vendir: Plague of Lies is an adaptation of a famous Xbox and PC game that is now available on Android and iOS devices. The game focuses on its interesting dark-themed storyline and is an RPG-based game. Thus, follow the detailed beginner’s guide and become the best survivor who overcame the dangerous plague virus and thus saved its town.

That’s all for today’s Vendir: Plague of Lies Beginners Guide! Did you find this Vendir: Plague of Lies Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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