Vive Le Football or Green Faith China: Here’s how to download and play the Chinese version

Remember this game? It's still running in China!

NetEase Games ambitious soccer project, Vive Le Football has already gained immense popularity in the community. Vive Le Football has the FIFPro License, boasting officially licensed players, both past and present from around the globe. The game has gone through several tests in China namely the Forward, Green Faith, and an Open Beta test for both PC and mobile. Currently, only the Chinese version of the game is available to its residents. But obviously, there are ways through which global players can also enjoy the game. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can download and play Vive Le Football, or Green Faith as it’s termed there even if you live outside China.

Step-by-step guide to download Vive Le Football or Green Faith

Currently, the option to download is available for the Android platform as an installable .apk file.

How to download Vive Le Football or Green Faith on Android (via Haoyou Kuaidao)

  • Install the Haoyou Kuaidao application by clicking here
  • Now open Haoyou Kuaidao and search for Vive Le Football or Green Faith. You can directly check it from here
  • Now click on Download and wait for some time as the game is around 1.94 GB in size
  • Once the download is complete, a popup will open asking to install. Tap on Install
Image via NetEase Games
  • Upon loading, the game will ask for additional files to download, wait for the download to complete
  • Before logging in you will need to link or bind your account. You can use a QQ/WeChat account for the same.
  • You can now enjoy the Vive Le Football or Green Faith on your Android device

It should be noted that even though Vive Le Football or Green Faith is region-specific, you won’t need an external VPN connection to download and play the game. But be aware of the high-ping and connection issues that you may face while playing PvP matches.

The football simulation gaming community has referred to Vive Le Football as the Chinese FIFA killer ever since Netease first introduced the game. With a variety of game modes including Street, Story, Career, and PVP Modes, the game also boasts full cross-platform support with mobile and PC.

Although there has been no mention of an official release yet for years, the game is already available in China for quite some time now. And, by following the above-mentioned simple steps, players can download and play the Chinese version of Vive Le Football or Green Faith, until the official version is released.

That’s it from today’s guide on how to download the Vive Le Football or Green Faith China version. Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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