War of Evolution Sidekick Tier List for March 2024

Reach to the space with the most powerful sidekicks by your side!

War of Evolution is a single-player strategy game by Onemt Hong Kong Limited, where you begin as a single-celled organism. The game guides you through the development of a microorganism to the point when it becomes a social creature, and finally to space exploration as a respective species. You need your team of creatures with you to support you in reaching the heights of evolution. For the same reason, you must include the most powerful sidekicks by your side to fight the opposing creatures. So without further ado, let’s examine the War of Evolution Sidekick tier list and take into account the highest-ranking sidekicks when building a team.

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War of Evolution Sidekick Tier List

The sidekicks in War of Evolution are categorized based on three major tiers: S, A, and B. 

Strong (S)Moltentitan, Plumdumb, DroneelitePrincedeep, JinnieThecorrupted, FoultwinsMoostar, Dreagle
Good (A)Razorback, UnibrowDemonslight, RollypollyDandelion, DreamdevouerRockhound
Average (B)PsykeeWhippinboiTrickster

Best Meta Class Sidekicks in War of Evolution

Best Berserker Class Sidekick – MoltenTitan

Moltentitan is the strongest sidekick to include in your team when you are leading the Berserker class units. He has an Attack and HP of 161 and 3,680 when defending, respectively. Similarly, when the units are dispatching, the dispatch size increases by 4%, Creature Attack by 9%, and Creature HP by 15%

War of Evolution Sidekick - MoltenTitan
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The major sidekick skill is Earthquake which when defending, smashes the ground dealing damage equal to 600% of the Attack. This skill applies to nearby enemies and also stuns them for 2 seconds. For its dispatch, MoltenTitan brings Berserkers special buffs, increasing Final HP by 16%.

Best Mermage Class Sidekick – Princedeep

When leading the Mermage class units, Princedeep is the best sidekick to have with you in fights. He has an Attack of 242 and an HP of 2,070 when defending. Also, during the unit’s dispatch, the dispatch size, creature attack, and creature HP all rise by 4, 9, and 15%, respectively.

Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The main sidekick ability of Princedeep is Permafrost. This ability freezes enemies within the target area for 1.5 seconds dealing 400% damage. After the dispatch, the Permafrost scepter grants Mermages a surge in magical power, increasing Mermage Final Attack by 16%. 

Best Prowler Class Sidekick – TheCorrupted

TheCorrupted makes the ideal combat team member for commanding the Prowler class units. When it’s about defending, he has an Attack of 184 and an HP of 3220. The universal skill for all the sidekicks increases Attack by 3% for Sidekicks and the Chief. It also increases the Creature Damage Bonus by 3%. 

Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

Weak Soul is Thecorrupted’s major sidekick ability. It generates a shield, absorbing 400% of damage dealt to the skill user. It also pulls in nearby enemies, dealing 600% damage. Following the dispatch, TheCorrupted casts dark magic that transforms creatures, increasing Prowler Final HP by 16%.

Best All Class Sidekick – Moostar

The strongest sidekick to handle and command all class units is undoubtedly Moostar. When defending, Moostar has an Attack of 230 and an HP of 2,760. After dispatching, the dispatch size, creature attack, and creature HP all increase by 4, 12, and 12%, respectively. The Rare Protection increases HP by 3% for the Sidekicks and the Chief. The Creature Damage Reduction also increases by 3%.

War of Evolution Moostar
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The major skill of Moostar is also Earthquake, but the power is quite different from that of MoltenTitan. The skill allows Moostar to leap and slam on the ground, dealing damage equal to 550% of the Attack. This activates for 2 seconds. It also increases Attack Speed by 50%, lasting for 4 seconds. When all class units dispatch, Moostar increases the Final Attack by 16%. 

Final Thoughts

War of Evolution is a fun game that adheres to the fundamentals of the strategic battle genre. The graphics of the game add an impressive and lively touch for its players to enjoy. With adjustments, it has a great deal of potential to become recognizable globally. However, it’s easier for you to select the ideal sidekick for the task because of the small collection of characters. To defeat the opponent creatures, all it takes is a group of strong sidekicks with major and universal skills. You are always welcome to refer to our comprehensive War of Evolution Sidekick tier list.

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