War Thunder Mobile: The Complete Combat System Guide and Tips 

Shoot down every armed force you face!

War Thunder Mobile is a great online multiplayer action game where the players get into a 5v5 match in which players need to capture a certain area provided to the players with their armed forces and fight against their opponents. As a newcomer, it is very common that players might face a bit of difficulty to understand the Combat System as the game provides two different armed forces to the players for fighting. Thus, follow up on this detailed War Thunder Mobile Combat System piece to understand the entire concept of combat.

Tank Combat System in War Thunder Mobile

Tanks are one of the types of armed forces players can witness in the game. Understanding the basics of combat for operating tanks is very easy. First, players will get 3-4 buttons on their game screen that will help them to control their vehicle and shoot down their enemies as well.

On the left side of the game screen, players can witness a joystick that will help the players to move their tanks. On the right side of the game screen, players will get to two shootdown buttons and one button to use the gun. Remember, every button has a cooldown time after using it for a certain limited number of times. 

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Thus, players need to master the functioning of the buttons first. Along with this players get another button, ADS. The ADS button is one of the most important buttons as this is actually the game changer for all the players. Players at first need to tap on the ADS button, locate their opponent’s tank and then wait till the crosshair changes its color from red to green. The green color crosshair indicates that the player’s tank will shoot at the vulnerable spot of the tank and thus can take it down with one shot only. Thus, players need to keep this in their mind so that they can easily claim victories. 

Ship Combat System in War Thunder Mobile

The combat system for Ships is also quite easy and the beginners can understand them quite easily. Just like the tanks, here also players get to witness some of the buttons that help them in coming up with great shots. But for a change, players cannot take down an entire ship with a single shot.

Players get to see four arrows at the left side of the game screen, the Up arrow helps in powering up the engine and lets the ship move forward. The Down arrow helps to lower the engine power of the ship and leads to stopping the ship. The Right and Left arrows help in giving direction respectively. 

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

On the right side of the game screen, players witness buttons such as Binoculars, two guns, and one long-range cannon. Binoculars help the players to aim at the opponent’s ships present at a far away distance and aim precisely. After this, here comes the role of both the buttons of Guns and wide range Cannons.

This will help in providing great damage to the opponent’s armed forces and take down their ships. For the combat system of Ships, there is no such mechanism for crosshair in the case of Ships just like in Tanks. Thus, players just have to aim properly with the BInoculars and have to keep shooting toward their opponent’s Ships so that players can take them down easily and conquer the assigned area. 

Final Thoughts 

War Thunder Mobile has an easy yet interesting combat system for players to provide an outstanding gameplay experience to the players. Thus, follow up this detailed War Thunder Mobile Combat System Guide to understand the basics of combats properly and knock down your opponent’s with the best set of moves.

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