War Thunder Mobile Ships Tier List for August 2023

Know the best set of Ships!

War Thunder Mobile is an amazing online multiplayer game where the players get into a 5v5 format match to capture a particular area and defeat their enemies. Ships are one of two armed forces present in the game and thus players get to witness a lot of them. Quite obvious for the amateurs that after observing 40+ Ships, they will get confused at the start itself. Thus, to clarify all the doubts here is our War Thunder Mobile Ships Tier List for the beginners to figure out which of them are considered as the best ones in the entire game. 

War Thunder Mobile Ships Tier List for August 2023 

The game categorized all the Ships into three different tiers: S, A, and B:

Strong (S)HMS Belfast, 
Admiral Hipper,
USS Cleveland, 
Admiral Graf Spee,
HMS Southampton, 
SMS Helgoland,
 HMS Dreadnought,
HMS Invincible, 
IJN Settsu,
SMS Kaiser,
Imperatritsa Mariya,
 Sovetskij Soyuz,
USS Iowa,
HMS Vanguard, 
 USS Alaska, 
HMS Warspite, 
IJN Hyuga, 
Parizhskaya kommuna,
Good (A)USS Portor,
IJN Furutaka,
HMS Kent SverdlovKirov,
USS North Dakota,
USS Ariona, 
USS Wyoming, 
IJN Yamato, 
IJN Fuso, 
USS New Orleans 
Average (B)HMS Brissenden,
 USS Fletcher,
Z12 Erich Giese,
IJN Akizuki,
USS Nicholas Z32,
IJN Ayanami,
USS MitscherBalao,
ClassType pr. 641-class,
Type VII-classType K-class,
Type pr. 631-class,
Type XXI-class

Best Meta Ships in War Thunder Mobile for August 2023

1. Poltava 

Poltava is considered the best Ship players can witness over the game. It has a huge capacity of from 438 to 1288 units. The ship has the highest speed of around 39 km/h initially and after upgrading it boosts up a lot.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

The ship also has a Tuning Time of 29.6s and the Cannon has the power of 6789 dps which is the highest among all the ships. Thus, due to all of these above stats, players can easily recognize Poltava as the best ship in the game. 

2. Parizhskaya kommuna

Parizhskaya Kommuna comes under the list of best ships around the game to witness. The ship comes up with a capacity of 580 to 1730 units and can run through the sea with a speed of 40km/h initially.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

The turning time it has is approximately 37s. The only difference which makes this ship stand at the second position is its unit of dps which is around 4651dps for this ship. 

3. SMS Helgoland

SMS Helgoland is yet another masterpiece provided in the game. This ship comes along with a crew capacity of 350 to 1120 units. The ship initially comes along with a speed of 38km/h and has a Turning time of 32s.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

SMS Helgoland brings up a Cannon dps of around 4435dps units which makes it stand up in this particular position over the top 5 standings. 

4. IJN Settsu 

IJN Settsu is counted as a great ship in this game. This massive ship comes along with 340 to 1060 crew units. This ship also has a speed of 39km/h.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

Just like other top ships, this ship also has a Turning time of 35s and also comes along with a Cannons dps value of 4410dps

5. HMS Invincible 

Last, but not the least, the game has HMS Invincible which is yet another massive and powerful ship players can witness over the game. This ship has a crew capacity unit of 333.5 to 1184.5.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

The ship also has a speed of 45km/h which is the highest among all the top ships. It also has a Turning Time of 25.2s and a Cannon dps value of 4364dps

Final Thoughts 

War Thunder Mobile is a marvelous online multiplayer game and thus on the court of battleships, this game has one of the best sets of ships players can ever witness in the game. Thus, go through the detailed War Thunder Ships Tier List and know about the best of them to witness in War Thunder Mobile so that every amateur can figure them out, unlock and then use them to become a beast of the ocean.

Did you find this War Thunder Mobile Ships Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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