War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips 

Experience the ultimate battles!

War Thunder Mobile is an outstanding multiplayer action game where the players matchmake in a 5v5 domination-type match where one team has to hold onto a particular location. The game comes up with unique tanks and battleships which the players can thus choose and start playing the matches. Stay tuned with this War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide piece till the end to get the best set of tips and tricks. 

War Thunder Mobile also brings a lot of exciting features that ultimately enhance the rate of interest of the players towards the game.  Thus, let us go in-depth and know more about the game in detail.

Gameplay Overview 

War Thunder Mobile follows up a very basic and easy set of gameplay mechanics for the players. Players have to control their tank or battleship with the help of a joystick provided on the left side of the screen. Then, the players get a shoot and an ADS button, which are on the right side of the screen.

The players need to open the ADS and then wait for the ADS cursor to turn green from red. Once the cursor is green, players have to then tap on the shoot button, and thus with a single shot, players can finish off their opponent’s tank or battleship. The Tank matches occur in a 5v5 format. 

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In the match, players need to capture a certain location assigned over the map. Players need to stay inside the circle and dominate the location. On the other hand, players when they select the Ship mode for playing, can then use the arrows present on the left side of the screen. There are four arrows; up, down, right, and left. The Up arrow helps in giving power to the ship and thus helps it in moving forward. The Down arrow helps lower the power in the engine and then slow down the battleship.

Both the Right and Left arrows are used to move the ship in the respective directions. Players get to see 4 buttons on the right side of the screen. These four buttons are, Binocular, 2 Bullet Fires, and Missile. Each one of the weapons has a cooldown time of around 2 seconds. Players have to focus on the opponent’s battleship and then shoot at them. The Battleship match occurs in a 5v5 format. 

War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide
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The game comes with some limited features and various options as well including the note of tanks and battleships. Players can thus unlock them through certain ways which will be further discussed in this piece. Players get to see a few resources as well in the game which has some limited aspects to work on such as unlocking tanks and battleships, also players can upgrade and unlock stickers for their stickers. 

Introducing the Basics of War Thunder Mobile 

The Game Mode 

To Battle is the main section where the players can thus tap on it and play a certain match. Players can get matchmade with random players and can also invite their friends and play along with them. Players will randomly get matched in a 5v5 battle where the players have to capture the location and thus fight against their opponents to win the round. Players can earn a lot of in-game currencies and resources such as Eagle and Lions which are some of the most beneficiary resources players can witness in the game. 


The Upgrade section is the place where players can easily upgrade their tanks and battleships to make them more powerful than before. The procedure of upgrading them is very easy and it requires some Eagles to upgrade. Thus follow up the below-mentioned steps to upgrade your tank or battleship easily.

  • Open War Thunder Mobile and tap on the Upgrade option present on the left side of the screen. 
  • Select the tank/battleship as per your interest.
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  • Tap on the Boost button present at the bottom left corner of the pop-up screen. 
  • Check for the amount of Eagle required and confirm it.

By following these easy steps players can upgrade their tanks or battleship and become more powerful on the battlefield.

Types of in-game Armed Forces 

This section helps players change the vehicle that they want to use during their match. Players get to tap on either Tank or Ships and then they can select a certain vehicle to fight against other players through online matchmaking. 

1. Tanks 

War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide
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The Tanks section is the area where players can check out all the Tanks the game is certainly providing to all players. Players can check out all the locked and unlocked tanks over this section and also get the option to upgrade from here. Players have to just go to the Tanks section and tap on the upgrade button. It will redirect them to the upgrade page and thus they can follow the same steps as mentioned above. 

2. Ships

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The Ships section is as same as the Tanks section. Here players can check out all the locked and unlocked ships and thus players can even upgrade them through this section as well. The way to do so is mentioned above, kindly follow it as it has the same easy steps. 

War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Aim is the key to victory 

The aim is one of the main factors in taking down all the enemies players will face over the matches. While using tanks, wait for the crosshair to turn green and then shoot the launcher to take down the enemy tank in one shot. The same case for the ships as well, settle down the crosshair properly so that the opponent’s ship is taken down in one shot. 

2. Upgrade your Vehicle regularly

Players need to use the eagles properly and keep upgrading their tanks and ships on a regular basis. This will help the players to come up with some strong vehicles and thus players can win matches easily and earn lots of rewards as well. 

3. Keep collecting the Daily Rewards 

War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide
Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

As beginners, players will witness a Daily Rewards section in the game and thus they will receive amazing gifts through chests which the players will certainly receive chests for 14 days. Try to collect them so that you do not miss the best set of resources. 

4. Unlock more powerful vehicles 

Players need to save Lions and use them to buy out some of the strongest tanks and ships which will give them a huge benefit to the players. Unlocking powerful vehicles will increase the chances of victory for the players which will be very beneficiary for themselves only. 

5. Play with complete Precision

Precision is the key to victory, players need to shoot with precision and move their vehicles properly so that the pliers do not get knocked off and be saved. Players have to try to play safe at the beginning and then shoot down their enemies to claim victory. 

Final Thoughts

War Thunder Mobile is one of the great online multiplayer games that has kept its foot in the mobile gaming industry. Players get a few features in the game, but they are quite interesting to enhance the interest of the players towards the game. Thus, follow up on this detailed War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide and the tips to flourish well from the beginning.

That’s all from us for the War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our War Thunder Mobile Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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