Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Guide: How to unlock, Rewards, and more

Conquer the evolved map and challenges!

Warcraft Rumble is crafted by Blizzard Entertainment as an action strategy game in the Warcraft universe. Engage in dynamic arena battles, where warriors deploy powerful spells and weapons. Focus on progressing through campaign levels, collecting Sigils, and upgrading Minis and decks. Upon conquering enough maps and accumulating enough Sigils, you will unlock the Heroic Campaign for a more challenging experience. This Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign guide helps you access and conquer Heroic Campaigns, ensuring you enjoy well-deserved victories.

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What is Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble

The Heroic Campaign is a game feature that raises the difficulty of the campaign zones you’ve previously finished and introduces new conditions for completing its maps. Once you unlock Heroic Campaigns, all the maps you’ve cleared before are permanently transformed into Heroic Campaign Maps. This means you can’t use the same methods as before to complete these maps.

Warcraft Rumble Leader
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Heroic Campaign isn’t just about Sigils as it also gives you rewards for completing Heroic Missions. You get valuable items like free Leaders and Troops, boosting your arsenal for the harder battles ahead. To succeed in the Heroic Campaign, it’s important to practice and invest in all five Factions, creating a well-rounded strategy for Warcraft Rumble’s advanced gameplay.

How to unlock Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble

To unlock the Heroic Campaign in the game, you must collect 50 Sigils. Once achieved, the Heroic Campaign feature becomes accessible, enabling you to gather additional Sigils beyond what the normal campaign provides.

Warcraft Rumble Sigils
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This advanced phase introduces heightened difficulty levels and new completion conditions for previously cleared maps, offering players a challenging and rewarding extension to their Warcraft Rumble experience.

Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Tips and Tricks

The Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble introduces a higher level of difficulty to previously cleared campaign zones. After collecting 50 Sigils, unlocking Heroic Campaigns brings about a permanent transformation of all cleared maps into Heroic Campaign Maps.

1. Increased overall difficulty

One notable change in the Heroic Campaign is the substantial increase in difficulty. All enemies in Heroic Campaign Maps see a difficulty spike of 10 additional levels, challenging players to grind and level up their Minis to progress through the heightened challenges.

Warcraft Rumble Gameplay
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For instance, a tutorial level like Goldtooth, originally at level 1, becomes level 11 in the Heroic Campaign, reflecting the overall difficulty boost.

2. New Challenges

Heroic Campaigns make things tougher and introduce new tactics and features for bosses and enemies on each map. This adds a dynamic element of surprise, reshaping the strategies needed for success. For example, in The Dockmaster Campaign Map, a Mini that used to throw one barrel now throws two barrels in its Heroic version.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Lair
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This makes the Heroic campaign more challenging as this increased complexity requires players to adapt and underscores the strategic depth needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the Heroic Campaign.

3. Map Changes

Heroic Missions not only make things harder but also introduce new and riskier tricks in maps and boss fights. Each map and boss now brings challenges that need players to come up with smart strategies, adding an extra layer of chaos to the game.

Warcraft Rumble maps
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For example, in familiar battles, things might go in unexpected ways. King Mukla’s bananas in Stranglethorn Vale now lower the level of units they hit, and Jaina Proudmoore’s Blizzard areas in Dustwallow Marsh have doubled in number.

4. Completing a Heroic Map

Completing a Heroic Mission involves a strategic approach. Each Heroic area presents five seemingly empty slots, resembling shields, for each mission. To fully clear a Heroic Mission, players must defeat that level with a leader from each of the five different Factions.

Upon completing the mission with a specific Faction, the corresponding shield slot becomes active, indicating that the level has been beaten with a deck from that Faction. Once a player completes the mission five times, once per each Faction, all five slots become active, marking the full completion of that mission.

Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Rewards

Although challenging, Heroic Missions come with rewarding incentives. Conquering them yields various benefits. Upon initial completion of a level with any single Faction, you receive an Experience Tome tailored to that Faction.

Warcraft Rumble Tomes
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Experience Tomes x5
  • Gold x200
  • Sigil x1
  • Upgrade Core x1

This allows you to amass up to five Experience Tomes per mission, significantly enhancing your experience gain and facilitating the leveling up of both Troops and Leaders. Here is a breakdown for each reward that can be obtained from Heroic Campaign:

1. Sigils

Completing a Heroic Campaign Map earns you a Sigil reward, a crucial element given that the standard campaign provides 75 Sigils upon completion. By finishing a Heroic Campaign Map, you not only overcome challenges but also accumulate additional Sigils, surpassing the initial 75 offered in the normal campaign.

2. Tomes

Another rewarding aspect is the unlocking of tomes by completing Heroic Campaign Maps using a single family leader. This means that for every leader used in conquering a map, you have the opportunity to earn up to five times. The tomes were acquired to enhance the experience of troops belonging to the same family as the leader utilized in map completion.

3. Gold

Upon completing a Heroic Campaign Map using all five family leaders, a gold reward awaits. The exact amount granted for conquering a Heroic Campaign Map totals 200 Gold. This additional resource provides players with valuable currency for various in-game activities and upgrades.

4. Upgrade Cores Achievement

An achievement unlocked after completing an area with all five Heroic Campaign Maps beaten is the acquisition of Upgrade Cores. These Upgrade Cores serve a practical purpose as they can elevate Mini’s rarity in the game. This means that successfully conquering Heroic Campaign Maps not only offers immediate rewards but also contributes to the long-term enhancement of your Minis.

Final Thoughts

In summary, tackling the Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble may be tough, but the rewards make it worthwhile. Completing Heroic Missions not only boosts your experience with valuable Tomes but also earns you Gold, Sigils, and Upgrade Cores. These rewards are crucial for leveling up your Troops and Leaders, unlocking new areas, and improving the rarity of your Minis. So, while the challenges are there, the gains in power and progress are worth the effort.

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