Warframe Mobile Secondary Weapon Tier list

Choose the best Secondary Weapon in Warframe!

With extensive gameplay experience across various platforms, I’m well-prepared to guide you through the exciting sci-fi action of Warframe Mobile, developed by Digital Extremes. In this Warframe Mobile Secondary Weapon Tier List, I’ll offer clear recommendations for powerful secondary weapons to consider.

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Warframe Mobile Secondary Weapon Tier List for March 2024: Best Secondary Weapons Ranked

I’ve organized the weapons into three tiers for simplicity: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This categorization system helps players understand the capabilities of each secondary weapon more easily, giving them a solid foundation to start from.

TierSecondary Weapon
Strong (S)Laetum, Kuva Nukor,
Epitaph, Sporelacer, Tenet
Cycron, Akarius Prime, Pyrana Prime,
Tenet Plinx, Knell Prime, Kuva Brakk,
Grimoire, Catchmoon, Tombfinger,
Aksomati Prime, Vermisplicer,
Catabolyst, Gaze, Hystrix Prime, Akjagara Prime
Good (A)Ocucor, Tenet Diplos, Tenet Detron,
Dual Toxocyst, Rattleguts, Euphona Prime,
Kuva Twin Stubbas, Tenet Spirex,
Akstiletto Prime, Sepulcrum, Athodai,
Kompressa, Aegrit, Zakti Prime,
Atomos, Akarius, Pandero Prime,
Zylok Prime, Twin Grakatas, Staticor,
Zymos, Lex Prime, Synoid Gammacor,
Magnus Prime, Mara Detron,
Prisma Twin Gremlins, Cyanex, Akvasto Prime,
Sicarus Prime, Velox, Kuva Seer, Twin Kohmak,
Akbolto Prime, Aklex Prime, Afuris Prime,
Lato Vandal, Spira Prime, Vaykor Marelok,
Vasto Prime, Pandero, Lato Prime, Pox,
Arca Scisco, Prisma Angstrum, Hystrix,
Dex Furis, Spectra Vandal, Kuva Kraken,
Hikou Prime, Akbronco Prime, Twin Rogga,
Azima, Ballistica Prime, Quatz,
Knell, Secura Dual Cestra, Nukor,
Tysis, Pyrana, Aksomati, Sonicor,
Zakti, Despair, Sancti Castanas
Average (B)Kulstar, Bronco Prime,
Plinx, Akmagnus, Rakta Ballistica,
Zylok, Furis, Akzani, Embolist,
Telos Akbolto, Fusilai, Kohmak,
Akstiletto, Cycron, Brakk, Stubba,
Marelok, Aklex, Acrid, Akjagara, Stug,
Dual Cestra, Akvasto, Twin Vipers Wraith,
Gammacor, Detron, Spira, Magnus,
Hikou, Lex, Afuris, Twin Gremlins,
Vasto, Angstrum, Viper Wraith,
Akbolto, Talons, Cestra, Spectra,
Kunai, Seer, Castanas, MK1-Kunai,
Lato, Sicarus, Kraken, Akbronco,
Bolto, Bronco, Ballistica, MK1-Furis,
Aklato, Twin Vipers, Viper

I’ve crafted this tier list by categorizing Secondary Weapons according to their overall effectiveness. Tailored for beginners, this tier list aims to aid you in choosing and honing secondary weapons that align with your preferred gameplay style.

Best Meta Secondary Weapons in Warframe Mobile for March 2024

Our tier list showcases the top-tier Secondary Weapons in each category, as illustrated in the table provided. With a diverse selection of weapons available, players have a multitude of options to explore. Each Secondary weapon boasts unique characteristics, offering players a wide range of choices.

The game caters to various playstyles, making this list a matter of personal preference. Weapon effectiveness may vary depending on a player’s preferred approach, indicating that what one player deems valuable, another may not prioritize.

S-Tier Secondary Weapon – Laetum

The Laetum has truly become my go-to weapon for its exceptional damage and adaptability in combat situations. Its unique ability to transform into a fully automatic rifle after landing precise headshots makes it feel like I have two powerful weapons at my disposal.

Warframe Mobile Laetum
Image via Digital Extremes

Whether I’m facing off against a single formidable foe or dealing with waves of enemies, the Laetum consistently proves its effectiveness, earning its place as a staple in my arsenal.

S-Tier Secondary Weapon – Kuva Nukor

When it comes to dealing with crowds of enemies, there’s nothing quite like the Kuva Nukor. Its rapid application of status effects, especially with the Microwave proc, has been a lifesaver in countless chaotic battles.

Warframe Mobile Kuva Nukor
Image via Digital Extremes

Witnessing the enemy’s chain reactions from its powerful beams not only turns the tide of combat but also provides a satisfying visual spectacle. With the Kuva Nukor in hand, I feel confident in my ability to control the battlefield and emerge victorious against overwhelming odds.

S-Tier Secondary Weapon – Epitaph

The Epitaph has quickly become one of my favorite secondary weapons for its sheer firepower and versatility. Its charged shots deliver a satisfying punch, particularly when paired with Sevagoth’s additional headshot damage.

Warframe Mobile Epitaph
Image via Digital Extremes

Whether I’m focusing on spreading status effects across a wide area or delivering devastating critical hits to priority targets, the Epitaph’s flexibility allows me to adapt to any situation with ease. Armed with the Epitaph, I feel empowered to tackle even the most challenging foes head-on. Knowing that its formidable capabilities have my back is good.

S-Tier Secondary Weapon – Sporelacer

When facing tightly packed groups of enemies, the Sporelacer has proven to be an invaluable asset in my arsenal. Its unique firing mechanism, combined with its ability to split into smaller bomblets upon impact is good. It also ensures devastating area-of-effect damage that few weapons can match.

Warframe Mobile Sporelacer
Image via Digital Extremes

I’ve come to rely on the Sporelacer’s reliable performance time and time again, trusting in its ability to clear out swarms of foes with precision and efficiency.

S-Tier Secondary Weapon – Tenet Cycron

With the Tenet Cycron, I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for crowd control tactics. Its ability to hit multiple targets with its refracting energy disc has turned the tide of countless battles in my favor. Enhanced critical and status chances further amplify its effectiveness, ensuring that every shot counts against even the toughest adversaries.

Warframe Mobile Tenet Cycron
Image via Digital Extremes

Whether I’m holding the line against overwhelming hordes or strategically thinning out enemy ranks, the Tenet Cycron has become an indispensable tool in my arsenal. This earns its place as a top-tier secondary weapon.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the Warframe Mobile Secondary Weapon Tier List helps newcomers choose the best weapons. It sorts them into groups based on how good they are. From the strong Laetum to the crowd-control Kuva Nukor, each weapon has its own strengths. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this list is a useful tool to pick the right weapons for your battles in Warframe Mobile.

Did you find this Warframe Mobile Secondary Weapon Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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