Warframe Mobile Primary Weapon Tier List for March 2024

Choose the best Primary Weapon in Warframe!

Warframe Mobile was developed by Digital Extremes, that offers an exhilarating sci-fi action experience. With extensive gameplay hours under my belt and experience across various platforms, I’m confident in assisting you with selecting some top-tier Weapons to wield. This Warframe Mobile Primary Weapon Tier List provides recommendations for potent armaments to employ.

Initially confirmed in July 2021, the game introduced Crossplay and Cross-save functionalities. Significant milestones followed, including a collaboration with PUBG Mobile in March 2022, internal cross-play testing from July 2022, and the global iOS beta launch in December 2022. Pre-registration for iOS commenced in August 2023, accompanied by an Android closed beta in the same year. Make sure to explore beginner guides, controller support guide, and Warframe tier lists, and take advantage of redeemable promo codes for exclusive in-game perks and freebies.

Warframe Mobile Primary Weapon Tier List for March 2024: Best Primary Weapons Ranked

To simplify, I have categorized the weapons into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system makes it easier to grasp the capabilities of each primary weapon, providing players with a solid starting point.

TierPrimary Weapon
Strong (S)Acceltra Prime, Proboscis Cernos,
Tenet Arca Plasmor, Felarx,
Phenmor, Cedo, Phantasma Prime,
Rubico Prime, Kuva Bramma,
Kuva Zarr, Fulmin Prime,
Bubonico, Ignis Wraith, Trumna
Good (A)Boltor Prime, Perigale, Tigris Prime,
Synapse, Stahlta, Zenith, Soma Prime,
Exergis, Prisma Lenz, Corinth Prime,
Supra Vandal, Shedu, Fulmin, Dread,
Kuva Hek, Opticor Vandal, Kuva Chakkhurr,
Kuva Tonkor, Amprex, Arca Plasmor,
Vectis Prime, Kuva Ogris, Gotva Prime,
Scourge Prime, Kuva Kohm, Astilla Prime,
Aeolak, Tenora Prime, Phantasma,
Latron Prime, Tenet Tetra, Tenet Flux Rifle,
Kuva Quartakk, Cinta, Boar Prime, Strun Prime, Lenz, Torid, Baza Prime, Tenet Ferrox,
Tenet Envoy, Tenet Flux Rifle,
Vaykor Hek, Arca Plasmor
Average (B)Kuva Hind, Kuva Karak, Nagantaka Prime,
Quellor, Basmu, Sybaris Prime, Ambassador, Sporothrix, Cernos Prime, Rauta,
Lanka, Steflos, Phage, Afentis,
Telos Boltor, Battacor,
Zhuge Prime, Prisma Grakata, Panthera Prime, Komorex, Sancti Tigris, Kuva Drakgoon,
Burston Prime, Corinth, Mutalist Cernos,
Glaxion Vandal, Kohm, Strun Wraith,
Stradavar Prime, Daikyu, Prisma Gorgon,
Rakta Cernos, Convectrix, Prisma Grinlok,
Paris Prime, Quanta Vandal, Astilla,
Hek, Opticor, Ferrox,
Braton Prime, Dex Sybaris, Synoid Simulor,
Sobek, Secura Penta, Zarr,
Rubico, Ignis, Vectis,
Tenora, Vulkar Wraith, Scourge,
Baza, Snipetron Vandal, Alternox,
Hema, Miter, Nagantaka,
Latron Wraith, Braton Vandal, Soma,
Karak Wraith, Tonkor, Tigris,
Argonak, Buzlok, Ogris,
Gorgon Wraith, Attica, Grakata, Mutalist Quanta, Prisma Tetra, Supra, Carmine Penta, Quartakk, Drakgoon, Dera Vandal, Boltor, Zhuge, Stradavar, Paracyst, Sybaris, Tiberon,
Simulor, Javlok, Cernos,
Flux Rifle, Panthera, Glaxion,
Veldt, Karak, Harpak, Grinlok,
Snipetron, Penta, MK1-Braton,
Paris, MK1-Strun, Vulkar,
Quanta, MK1-Paris, Latron,
Boar, Strun, Braton,
Gorgon, Burston, Tetra, Hind, Dera

Using our experience in the game, I have devised a tier list that classifies Primary Weapons based on their overall effectiveness. Specifically designed for newcomers, this tier list is intended to assist you in selecting and mastering primary weapons that best suit your gameplay style.

Best Meta Primary Weapons in Warframe Mobile for March 2024

Our tier list highlights the top-tier Primary Weapons in each category, as demonstrated in the table above. With a wide array of weapons at your disposal, you have numerous choices to explore. Each Primary weapon possesses distinctive characteristics, providing players with a broad spectrum of options.

The game accommodates various playstyles, making this list a matter of individual preference. Weapon effectiveness can differ based on a player’s preferred approach, meaning that what one player finds valuable, another may not prioritize.

S-Tier Primary Weapon – Acceltra Prime

The Acceltra Prime earns its place in the S-tier due to its significant upgrades over its predecessor, sacrificing fire rate for substantially higher base damage, triple status chance, and slightly improved critical stats.

Warframe Mobile Acceltra Prime
Image via Digital Extremes

Its rockets boast a minimum arming distance, ensuring safety in close-quarters combat, a feature I found particularly useful during intense battles. This enhanced version of the Acceltra offers a potent combination of damage and utility, making it a formidable choice for any mission.

S-Tier Primary Weapon – Proboscis Cernos

The Proboscis Cernos earns its S-tier designation for its enhanced crowd control abilities and high base damage, making it an excellent choice for Specters and missions requiring crowd management. Its unique ability to pull enemies towards its zone of impact before unleashing a devastating Viral explosion proved invaluable in controlling enemy movements and neutralizing threats efficiently.

Warframe Mobile Proboscis Cernos
Image via Digital Extremes

My encounters with the Proboscis Cernos highlighted its effectiveness in controlling the battlefield and turning the tide of engagements in our favor.

S-Tier Primary Weapon – Tenet Arca Plasmor

The Tenet Arca Plasmor secures its S-tier status with its exceptional performance as a shotgun, boasting improvements in damage, critical stats, and status chance. Its ability to ricochet shots off surfaces enhances its versatility in combat scenarios, a feature I found invaluable when navigating complex environments.

Warframe Mobile Tenet Arca Plasmor
Image via Digital Extremes

Despite its slightly slower fire rate and reload speed, the increased damage output and extended damage falloff range make the Tenet Arca Plasmor a reliable and powerful weapon.

S-Tier Primary Weapon – Felarx

As an Incarnon ceremonial shotgun, the Felarx stands out in the S-tier with its unique transformation mechanic, rewarding players with high-damage semi-auto pistols upon achieving enough headshots. Its versatility allows it to excel in various combat situations, particularly in high-level endurance runs where burst damage potential is crucial.

Warframe Mobile Felarx
Image via Digital Extremes

My experience with the Felarx revealed its effectiveness in both its fully automatic and transformed states, making it a standout choice among primary weapons.

S-Tier Primary Weapon – Phantasma Prime

Finally, the Phantasma Prime distinguishes itself in the S-tier with its superior damage output, critical stats, and increased beam range, offering unparalleled versatility and firepower. Its fast reload speed and lack of damage fall-off further solidify its position as a top-tier choice for primary weapons.

Warframe Mobile Phantasma Prime
Image via Digital Extremes

My exploration of its capabilities revealed its unmatched performance in various combat scenarios, making it an indispensable tool for tackling challenging missions with confidence.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Primary Weapon Tier List in Warframe Mobile offers a helpful guide for players looking to maximize their combat effectiveness. Whether you prefer heavy-hitting shotguns or versatile beam weapons, there’s something for every playstyle.

Remember, each weapon has it’s strengths and weaknesses, so experiment to find what works best for you. With this tier list as your guide, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any mission and emerge victorious in the world of Warframe Mobile.

Did you find this Warframe Mobile Primary Weapon Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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