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With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

With Heroes in an Idle RPG game where the player has to collect Mythical, Legendary, and Historically famous characters to form team and battle against monsters, players, and complete missions. Even if you are offline, the heroes would be fighting and collecting awesome rewards through auto-battle mode. The game is very well designed and is fair to its description of being an ideal RPG game. Like any other game in this genre, With Heroes has a lot of characters and game modes to play with. But it is so random that many players find it difficult to get into the game. Here is a With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide to better understand the game.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Knowing the Game dashboard

When the game starts, the player may get confused due to the presence of a lot of features. ‘With Heroes’ has an interesting dashboard and the player can access all the different gameplay modes from the dashboard itself.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
With Heroes Dashboard

The dashboard will rotate, when the player swipes the screen from right to left or vice versa. Because of this, the player can access the different gameplays and unique features the game offers. It also shows the required level which the player needs to be at to unlock that particular gameplay mode.

The player can also access almost everything by tapping the Menu option on the top right of the screen. It provides access to everything from battle modes to shop, ranking, and everything.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Battle modes in the game

The primary gameplay of With Heroes is to battle with a team of heroes against the monsters and the other players in the game. There are actually different Battle modes in With Heroes.

1. Dungeon

This is the only battle mode where Auto battle mode is available. The player has to clear the dungeons and then set the stage for Auto Battle. Even when the player isn’t online, the game plays and accumulate rewards for 8 hours. The rewards can then be claimed by tapping the Claim Reward button.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Auto Claim Rewards in Dungeon mode

2. Portal

The player battles with enemies dominating various portals. The difficulty increases with each level and helps the player in determining the growth of the characters. The portal rewards resources needed to level up and evolve heroes.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Portal Mode

3. Mines

Mines has five different modes for the five different types of heroes. It also has five different difficulty levels. In mines, the player battles for collecting fragments that are required for evolving heroes. Mines can be played 2 times per day, so it is important for every player to play the available 2 times daily.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Mines Mode

4. Arena

Here, the player battles with other players in the game. To battle in Arena, tickets are required. Free tickets are renewed every hour and are stacked up to a maximum of 3. The ranking is decided by Rating Points. Rating Points increases or decreases based on the battle result. The player can choose the player to attack from the main list. The list is based on the ranking of the player. The player also has to set defense to defend against other player’s attacks (don’t forget to upgrade your defense regularly).

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Arena Dashboard with available players to Attack

5. Bounty

The player can select and hunt down 4 Bounty Missions. Each bounty mission has 10 stages with different difficulty levels. The Heroes selected for each bounty mission remain the same for the entire 10 stages and after each battle, the remaining HP and SP of the Heroes will be carried over to the next stage. However, the player can buff the Heroes or restore their Heroes using potions before entering a stage. If you fail to clear the stage, you would not be allowed to proceed any further. The mode will reset every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Bounty Mode

6. Guild Boss

Every week, you can fight corrupted heroes with guild members. Also, up to four guilds can team up to defeat the boss. Guild Boss is weak against certain heroes, so using those heroes would deal high damage to the boss. Rewards can be claimed by all guild members upon defeating the boss and are given based on the damage ranking.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Guild Boss with Difficulty levels

7. Exploration

This mode allows you to play with your guildmates to explore unknown territories. You have to battle the monster that appears to conquer the tiles. There are bonus areas in the exploration territory that rewards Bonus Chests, Mystery Chests, etc.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Exploration mode: Defeating a particular monster for 5 times, will unlock the tile

8. Guild War

A maximum of five guilds is matched up against each other for a simultaneous battle. A guild has a total of 9 fortresses and the Main Castle that are guarded by up to 5 guild members. The main castle can be attacked by defeating one of the fortresses.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Opponent’s Main castle and fortresses in Guild War

Though there are so many battle modes and if you just want to farm and battle in your free time, then dungeon is the best choice. The higher the dungeon level cleared, the better the options for autoplay.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Team Formation

Next up in the With Heroes-IDLE RPG beginner’s guide is how to form a team in the game. There are 5 different factions of heroes with different roles. Teams can be formed using different lines up. Different formation works in different battle scenarios.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Making Teams

Team Buff can be formed using certain types of heroes in the team. For more details on the team buff, tap on the right corner of the screen while forming a team.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Few Team Buffs Details

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Upgrading Hero Equipment and Equipping Cards

Go into the Hero tab, and equipment options to view and upgrade equipment. Upgrading equipment would increase Hero combat power dramatically. Cards bring extra bonuses to the hero skills. So equip cards based on hero skills.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Equipment Upgrading Menu

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Gold and Karma

These are important assets that are used to the level of Heroes and Equipment. These can be earned by fighting different battle modes. You can farm and level up selected heroes. Try to choose those heroes who can form a Team Buff.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Upgrading your skill in Guild Hall

A skill tree is available in the Guild to upgrade the skill of different hero types. Regularly allocate the skills as per the heroes you are using. Skill points are earned from the Guild War mode.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Skill Tree available in Guild

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Black Market

Here, you can sell the chest that is not required for chips. And then buy those chests that give better rewards. Below we have shown how can you do that.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Black Market: Selling Chest (left) Buying Chest (right)

With Heroes-IDLE RPG: Altar

Here, you can swipe the hero shards that you don’t require with souls. These souls can be used to summon legendary hero shards. Below we have shown how to purify to get the souls and how to summon the shards using the souls.

With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide
Altar: Purify to get souls (left) Summon shards using souls (right)

That is all about the With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide.

Did you find our With Heroes-IDLE RPG Beginner’s Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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