Wordle: List of 50 best Starting Words you can use to make the perfect guess

Use these starter words and be a Wordle mastermind!

Wordle has been trending in the gaming industry for the past two months. Seeing its growing popularity, the American Media Giant, New York Times has recently acquired the game. It is a free-to-play daily word game where players need to guess a new five-letter word each day within 6 available tries. In this guide, we are going to suggest the top best 50 starting words that players can use in Wordle.

About Wordle

Similar to the New York Times daily crossword puzzle, Wordle is a one-word-a-day game. It is the best way to keep you occupied during free time or refresh yourself early in the morning before a hectic day that follows. The best part of it is you do not have to download any application for playing this word game. You can easily play the game by visiting the official website of Power Language.

Though the game did not receive much hype and attention initially, the numbers have sky-rocketed since Josh Wardle added the share option which allowed users to flex their thinking and guessing skills on social media.

Sharing the result allows others to see the player’s daily statistics in the form of block emojis so as not to spoil the game for anyone. We want all players to play the game optimally and reach the daily target word in a lesser number of tries.

Best Starting Words to use in Wordle

Choosing a good starter word is important for maximizing your chances of reaching the correct word and simultaneously reducing the number of tries required to reach there. The colors of the letter tiles change once you input a word. If it turns grey, the letter does not appear in the target word.

While the color yellow indicates that the letter appears in the word but in some other slot, a green tile indicates the correct letter in the correct position. Hence, for an optimized route to the target word, one needs to ensure that there are yellow and green letter tiles in the very first word that he guesses. If you get all grey tiles on the first try, it would significantly reduce your chances of cracking the actual word.

Wordle Least Tries
Image via Wordle

Here are our top 50 starter words suggestion for you:

  1. ADIEU
  2. ACUTE
  3. ARISE
  4. AUDIO 
  5. AHEAD
  6. ALLOW
  7. ARGUE
  8. BREAK
  9. BRIEF
  10. BAKER
  11. COLOR
  12. COUNT
  13. CLAIM
  14. DELAY
  15. DOING
  16. DREAM
  17. DRESS
  18. ELDER
  19. EIGHT
  20. EQUAL
  21. EXACT
  22. FAITH
  23. FINAL
  24. FRAME
  25. FIELD
  26. GRADE
  27. GRANT
  28. GLOBE
  29. HUMOR
  30. HEART
  31. HOUSE
  32. IDEAS
  33. INDEX
  34. INPUT
  35. JUDGE
  36. LIVES
  37. MAGIC
  38. MAJOR
  39. NOISE
  40. ORDER
  41. PIECE
  42. QUITE
  43. REACT
  44. SOARE
  45. SOUND
  46. TEAMS
  47. THOSE
  48. WATER
  49. WASTE
  50. YOUNG

Additionally, if you do an in-depth analysis on letter frequencies in five-letter words, you will find out that vowels appear in almost all of the simplified words that one can imagine, with the letter E & A making the most number of appearances. Hence, while choosing the Starting word, one must keep in mind that the word that he chooses must have at least 2-3 vowels along with at least one of the most commonly used consonants(B, D, H, L, M, N, R, S, T). 

Though just a word-guessing game, flexing accurate guesses is fun and that is all that we crave at the end of the day.  As long as access to this game is kept free, it will be successful in holding on to all the love and positive reviews from players.

What are your opinions on our list of best starting words for Wordle? What is your go-to word for playing Wordle? Do let us know in the comments below!

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