WWE Mayhem Beginners Guide and Tips

Your complete roadmap to being a regular ring-champion!

WWE Mayhem is a mobile arcade game with frantic action that is undoubtedly the most amazing WrestleMania in WWE history. Users are prompted to select from a roster of WWE Superstars that is constantly expanding in this popular wrestling title from Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd. In this WWE Mayhem beginners guide, we are going to take you through the in-game currency system and the various Game Modes that are available to explore. We are going to additionally share some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

Understanding the in-game Resources

Taking about currencies, the primary in-game currencies offered by the game are Gold bar and Cash. Apart from that, you also have secondary currencies like Hustle, Respect, and Mayhem Mics that can be earned from special events, challenges, and game modes. Let us find know what they bring to your table:

ResourcesUtilityHow to earn them
Gold BarsAlmost all in-game transactions including:
1. Exchanging Exclusive Items from Lootcases
2. Exchanging Revive Kits.
3. Exchanging Health Kits.
4. Exchanging various other booster Items like XP Boost, Health Boost, Attack Boost, Revival items from the in-game Shop section.
1. Daily Login Rewards
2. From Timed Events.
3. From the Lootcases earned in Story Mode.
4. In-Exchange for Cash from the in-game Shop Section.
Cash Mainly used with level-ups to upgrade your Superstars.1. Daily Login Rewards
2. From Timed Events.
3. From the Lootcases earned in Story Mode
4. From Lootcases exchangeable with Gold bars.
HustlePurchasing Exclusive Superstars that are on Hustle Offer from the in-game Shop section.Earned by competing against alliances in the Alliance Mode.
RespectCan be used to purchase Esteem Lootcase from the Shop section that may contain either a Superstar, Gold Bars, or even Cash depending on your luck.Can be only Earned by playing the Versus-mode.

Introducing the Game Modes

WWE Mayhem brings four different Game Modes for Players to enjoy and earn exclusive rewards. While these game modes reward users heavily, most of the Player vs Player modes can be unlocked only after reaching a certain level. Let us decode the Game Modes on offer in the segment that follows next in our WWE Mayhem Beginners Guide:

1. Story Mode

Just as the name suggests, Story Mode comes with different phases or chapters in the life of your Superstar. If you want to set your hands with the in-game mechanics in WWE Mayhem, the Story Mode Chapters are the best thing to complete. Apparently, it is the only Mode that won’t be locked when you log in for the first time. The Story Mode consists of 3 chapters:

  • The Rising Star
  • The Unstoppable Force
  • Takeover Mayhem
WWE Mayhem Story Mode
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

Each chapter comes with stories of one or more Superstars and each Superstar story consists of 5 Episodes. Completing each episode rewards you with the following rewards:

  • Lootcases comprising of 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, or 4-Star Superstars (The more episodes you unlock, the higher the star rating of the signable superstars).
  • Gold Bars
  • Cash
  • Level Up Items

On the other hand, completing the chapters reward you with Premium Lootcases and Level-up items.

Endless Tour

As a special segment to the Story mode, we have the Endless Tour Mode. As the name suggests,m it allows users to go on an Endless Tour with their WWE superstars and Manager across three difficulty levels: Beginner, Normal, and Superstars. Make sure that you are keeping your best superstars in the lineup. e will decode the Superstar Classes in a later section. Each episode in the Endless Tours earns you:

  • Lootcases consisting of WWE Superstars of a specific Star Rating.
  • Gold Bars.
  • Cash.
  • Level-Up Items
  • Health Kits.

2. The Versus Mode

Versus is unlocked once you advance and earn enough XP to level up to 3. You can find an online opponent from anywhere in the world through PvP or Versus. Playing and winning PvP Rivals/Defense or PvP Tag Team will advance you up the ranks.

You can gain money and loot case keys by playing all three modes. The likelihood of winning a Superstar with a greater star level rises thanks to the Versus loot case. In addition to all of these, you earn Respect from The Versus Mode which is a special in-game currency for buying Esteem Lootcases from the in-game Shop section.

3. Events

When you reach XP level 4, you can go on a thrilling voyage to the WWE Universe.

  • Event access begins at level 4.
  • The ongoing events of Raw and Smackdown occasionally make an appearance in the game.
  • Events will assist you in establishing your position on the leaderboard and helping you win exclusive loot cases that promise fantastic Superstars and rewards.

4. Alliance

  • Alliance is a special Game Mode where you can battle against your Friends.
  • It is one of the most important modes where you compete against other Alliances.
  • The Alliance Game mode unlocks at Level 5.
WWE Mayhem Hustle Offers
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios
  • It earns you a special in-game currency called Hustle that can be used to sign Superstars on offer from the Hustle section of the in-game Shop menu.

Mastering the Superstar Classes

Each of your Superstars necessarily represents a specific Class. In simple terms, class determines the traits possessed by your Superstar. Before handpicking your superstars for playing in the PVP modes, you must first identify which ones are characteristically stronger from your roster. Taking about Superstar classes can be broadly classified into six types:

1. Brawler (Represented by Fist Symbol)

  • Superstars that conduct takedowns and mounted punches in the ring are known as brawlers.
  • With their impromptu maneuvers and moves, they make the game extremely chaotic and interesting.
  • In WWE Mayhem, Dean Ambrose and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the most sought-after brawlers.
  • Effective against: Wildcard Superstars

2. Wildcard (Represented by Fire Symbol)

  • Superstars who are effortlessly unpredictable and show off an unconventional gimmick, persona, and fighting style fall under the class – Wildcard.
  • Effective against: Technician

3. Technician(Represented by Mind Symbol)

  • Superstars in this category are typically referred to as amateurs and are skilled at performing athletic-style exploits in the ring.
  • They use various grapple holds and are typically skilled at submissions. They frequently also execute tricks from the top rope, like as suicide dives.
  • Effective against: Powerhouse Superstars

4. Powerhouse (Represented by Dumbell Symbol)

  • The tough, not-so-good dudes in WWE Mayhem perform Powerhouse.
  • The best heavyweights are superstars with enormous frames who use physical might to execute maneuvers that need lifting up their opponents during the fight.
  • Effective against: High Flyer

5. High Flyer (Represented by Wings Symbol)

  • The High Flyer Superstars are renowned for their risky acrobatics, aerial maneuvers, and use of ropes. They are quite likely to be WWE’s “faces” or self-described “good guys.”
  • Unlike their competitors, who rely on physical force, these Superstars execute very intricate and stunning maneuvers.
  • Effective Against: Showman

6. Showman (Represented by Microphone Symbol)

  • Showman Superstars genuinely depend on the audience and fulfill their needs.
  • Amazing showmanship by these Superstars occasionally crosses the line towards ostentation. As a result of these Superstars’ incredible talent and impressive resumes, fans and the crowd enjoy watching their matches.
  • Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and The Rock are a few well-known Superstars who fit into this category.
  • Effective against: Brawlers

Explaining the Fighting Moves in WWE Mayhem

By fighting moves, we mean the basic Attacking and Defensive (Guard) move that is there in your armory. Let us know how to launch or initiate these moves with the in-game mechanics available:

1. Light Attack

The simplest yet the most effective of all attacks. To launch a light attack, one needs to just tap on their opponent. The majority of the time, you should employ this to immediately strike your adversary. Light assaults happen quickly, and because you tap quickly, you can develop special energy more quickly. When you execute this fighting maneuver, you will receive 2 or 3 more strikes.

2. Block

Another move that one needs to use more often and in the initial phases of the game. To block an attack from an opponent, one simply needs to tap and hold the left edge of the screen. When you block blows, your adversary becomes fatigued for a brief period of time, allowing you plenty of opportunity to counterattack with their special move.

3. Strong Attack

A move that you must refrain from launching frequently. However, it can be a useful addition to your armory if calculatively used. Swipe right on your screen. for harder attacks, It takes a few seconds to perfection, thereby allowing your opponent plenty of opportunity to launch a counterattack. The HP of your opponent will be depleted considerably more quickly, though, if you manage to execute a powerful assault in time. It all comes down to timing, and if you do it correctly, you can succeed.

WWE Mayhem Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our bonus tips in our WWE Mayhem beginners guide for players to get a hang of how to use their resources wisely, upgrade and level up their superstars and choose the best strategy in PVP matchmaking. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Resource Management

Resource Management is an important aspect from any game’s point of view. Especially in a game like WWE Mayhem where there are a variety of resources to handle, players need to be extra calculative when it comes to collecting their resources and managing the same.

  • Refrain from spending level-up resources on your one-star superstars. Leveling items are a pretty scarce resource in WWE Mayhem and you will have to do a hell lot of grind to get a hold of them. However, this is easier said than done since you will have only one-star wrestlers.
  • You need to utilize them in the Story Mode initially to level up and get your hands on new wrestlers and modes. So, level them up only till the point it can be done without investing class-specific resources. There is absolutely no use wasting your class-specific resources on wrestlers who are rated below two stars.
WWE Mayhem Daily Login Rewards
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios
  • The game provides ample resources as login rewards weekly. So, make sure you are logging in each day of the week so as not to miss out on these resources.

2. Look to cash on the Versus mode for better exposure and Rewards

As we have discussed earlier, Versus mode is an online Player Versus Player tag team or 1V1 game mode where you are matched against users online. Since it is an online mode, it’s more competitive. More competition is directly proportional to greater exposure and more rewards.

Besides having match rewards, the Player versus Player Tag team event additionally rewards users with bonus rewards on completing certain milestones or even as they go up the leaderboards. These milestones reward users with loads of Gold Bars, Cash, weights, and 2-star Lootcase Keys that can earn them their dream superstars, level them up and get other exchangeable items from the in-game Shop section. Hence, make sure you are unlocking this mode as soon as possible and capitalizing on it.

3. Play Events to grow strategically

Playing Events is like checking two boxes at the same time. The Event mode serves as a preparatory mode in assisting as you look to establish your position on the leaderboard. Before switching over to higher difficulty modes, we suggest you get your hands on the Events provided they are available at that juncture.

Besides ticking that preparatory box, events also guarantee you a huge chunk of rewards in the form of loot cases and level-up items. The repetitive nature of these events ensures that you can get back the exact level-up items every time you play. So, make sure to capitalize on this section so as to stack up ample Level-up resources.

4. Pair up a Strong Attack with two consecutive Light Attacks

Previously, we have talked about two kinds of offensive moves that are there in your armory. Using a combination of Light and Strong Attacks can somewhat negate the risks associated with launching a Strong Attack. When you launch a Strong Attack, your opponent will dash forward in a quest to distance themselves from you.

WWE Mayhem Combo Attack
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

If you pair up a Strong Attack with two consecutive Light Attacks, you are denying your opponent that scope thereby leaving him overwhelmed. Similarly, in the vice versa scenario when there is an incoming attack from your opponent, perform two Light Attacks followed by a Strong attack. Combining up your attacks makes them an overpowered tool.

5. Heavily rely on Guarding as a weapon in the initial seasons

Attacks that are blocked add a little amount of damage to your wrestler’s HP level thereby bringing that down a bit. However, one must continue to use the Block tool until they block a Strong or Special Attack from the opponent. This would stun your opponent and earn you those extra seconds to go for an Offensive move or even a Special move if the HP meter of your opponent drastically goes down.

6. Master the art of Parrying

Even though the Block move is a highly powered move in WWE Mayhem, parrying can be even more effective in bringing down the meter of your opponent. Parrying can thereby get you extra time to fire at your opponent with an offensive move than blocking. Even though Blocking would suffice in the initial seasons, we suggest you master the art of parrying simultaneously, by trying it in the offline modes and then use it sometimes in place of blocking immediately before going for an Offensive action.

7. Know when to use a Special Move

If you notice your game screen carefully, there is a Special Move meter that is displayed during the match for you and your opponent both. If your opponent is overwhelmed by your combo moves or blocks his Special Move meter goes down.

Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

Charge in with your special move only when the Special Move meter of your opponent is down or your meter level reads higher than him/her. This would completely rule out any chances of receiving a Special Attack in return and guarantee a win for you.

8. Use Health kits when the HP level of your wrestler drops

The HP level that your wrestler loses from the attacks sustained in a particular game, is not restored automatically. To play him/her in the next game, you must either bench him/her or refill his HP level. Failing to do so does not allow you to use your Superstar at its full potential.

WWE Mayhem Health Kits
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

Health Kits must be used in this scenario, to restore their HP levels. However, as we iterated earlier, resources are limited. If your wrestler has sustained a negligible drop in his/her HP level, it won’t have a massive impact on your next game. Feed him/her Health kits only when the HP level drops to 50% or below.

9. Pick Superstars based on their Class Strength

WWE Mayhem Superstar Class
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

We have already discussed Superstar Classes in an earlier section. If you go through that section carefully, you will realize that each Class of superstars is effective against some other class. If you pick a Superstar with a stronger class than your opponent, your Superstar would be entitled to receiving a boost in his/her stats in this scenario and vice versa. Hence, make sure you are picking Superstars based on their Class Strength.

10. Pick Complementing players in the Story Mode games

WWE Mayhem Superstar Synergy
Image via Reliance Entertainment Studios

To give your team a competitive advantage in story-mode battles, you must assign each member to the appropriate class and develop team synergy. Go to Superstars, tap a character, and then tap on Synergy in the bottom-left corner of the screen to find out which character best complements each member of your squad.

Final Thoughts

WWE Mayhem has all the elements in it to be a paradise for every WWE fan out there. Starting from a splendid roster of WWE superstars to choose from to weekly WWE RAW, NXT, and SmackDown Live challenges and even the Road to Wrestlemania campaign, the developers have left no stone unturned.

The simple touch and swipe controls just like any other brawler, makes this an even smoother experience for WWE fans. Overall, this game is a must-try if you are a wrestling fan. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our WWE Mayhem beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the WWE Mayhem Beginners Guide! Did you find our WWE Mayhem Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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